Character Profile
Avatar: Keira Knightley
Adrianna Fiore
Faction Rank
Jedi Master
The Jedi Order
Adrianna Mavin
Varies; 46
125 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Deidre Fiore
Yaran Somir
Ceryni Fiore
Il'Sirus Fiore
Ithiel Fiore
Malikar Fiore
Sevorah Monteverdi
Coren Starkiller
Leylah Ultron
Jatne Mavin
Alexander Ultron
Amelia Ultron
Nathaniel Ultron
Tara Ultron
Amalia Braska
Amalia Braska
Derakai Valgarus
Navaria Tarkin
Aura SunRider


Adrianna Mavin, born as Adrianna Ultron is a Jedi Master aligned with the Jedi Council located on Naboo. Born on Corellia as the daughter of Senator Alexandar Ultron and his wife Amelia with two full blooded siblings, Nathaniel and Tara Ultron.

During her lifetime, she's been a loyal member of the Order and by marrying the late Prince of Y'Sad, she became their Princess, a title which Adrianna holds to this very day.

She is the mother of ten children. Currently, Adrianna is the wife of Kir-al Mavin.


Born and raised a Senator's daughter on Corellia, Adrianna's life was filled with social gatherings and her mother trying to marry her off. Unbeknownst to her that her father had given up being a Jedi Master at the time to marry her mother and become the Senator of Corellia. Growing up with Leentje, Neav and Fable Revata whom lived next door to her as children, she and Leentje became best friends. Unfortunately at the tender age of 10 Adrianna's relationship with her father was cut short abruptly by his murder. Leaving her mother to raise her. Amelia Ultron's goal after Alexander's death was to have her daughter married to one of the other socialite's son's in order to keep her daughter as well off as she was; However, Adrianna had other plans in mind.

Becoming a JediEdit

At age 21, she took her ship The Tide to Naboo. Adrianna wanted to begin her training as a Jedi. Upon reaching the compound for The Jedi Council, she started out as a Padawan. It was then that she came to find that her father had hidden in a compartment of The Tide a lightsaber with a blue crystal, a set of Jedi robes and a holo explaining to her that he had once been a Jedi Master and he had hoped that she would one day choose the same path. He had foreseen his upcoming death and knew that one day his daughter would seek out a future with the Jedi. Alexander Ultron, Senator of Corellia took the initiative and placed the items into his ship, hid them well, leaving the ship to her so she would find them in the years to come. Knowing all of this, Adrianna continued on with her training until she met her life's goal to become a Jedi Master.

The Prince of Y'SadEdit

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