Character Profile
Avatar: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Aiden Jeremy Tann
Senior Agent
The Rebellion
Agent Tann
Mister Tann
200 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Jakob McGrath (Deceased)
Sara McGrath (Deceased)
RC 9051 Nomand

Aiden Tann (Born Aiden McGrath) is a human born on Corellia who once served the Galactic Empire as a Covert Ops sniper but defected to and is currently serving the Rebel Alliance as an Intelligence Operative. He is the only child of Jakob and Sarah McGrath, both of whom were killed by the Empire during his time in the Imperial Special Forces. His parents deaths was the key factor to his defection. He originally joined the Rebellion as a Covert Ops soldier, he was recruit to the Omega Squad of Special Forces. His squad participated in Battle for Mygeeto, which saw McGrath save Alliance Pilot Lana Ghirin and receive various wounds from a near by explosion.

He attended the Imperial Academy on Corellia and was taught how to fight. He attended Boot camp, O.C.S training, Special Forces training, Covert Ops training, Sniper training. His skills included Covert Ops, Demolitions, basic and advanced weapon use, command talent, military tactics and strategy, basic and advanced martial arts.

Humble BeginningsEdit

The only child of Imperial Senator Jason and Sarah McGrath. Raised on his home world of Corellia he was a smart intuitive little boy learning the guitar at a very young age but as he grew up he became a slacker. Though he didn't study much knowledge seemed to soak into him easily. He never failed but never met his academic potential. He usually found himself at odds with fellow classmate Lillian Renwald. If there was ever a student his exact opposite it was her. Aiden made a few friends here and there and fit into the underachiever crowd.

When he was 16 his friend Jin got into a fight with an older student who was in a military training program. The fight was one sided Aiden tried to help Jin but he came out almost as bad. Lillian Renwald found them Jin had died from blunt force trauma. Aiden told Lillian to help Jin, but there was nothing she could do for him. He owed her his life but he was unable to thank her for keeping him alive Jin's death weighed heavily on him.

Joining the MilitaryEdit

After his friends death, he joined the military program and straightened out. He vowed he would never let it happen to his friends ever again. He trained day and night passing the necessary course to get him out of high school. He immediately went into the Imperial Academy. He learned to handle normal pistols such as the DC-15s, assault rifles such as the E-11 rifle, and sniper rifles like the DC-15x. He was also known as a soldier who refused to wear armor claiming it inhibited his movement and his thought was the best armor was not being shot at. During his career he was awarded several awards, including the Corellian Bloodstripe 1st and second class for conspicuous gallantry from his own homeworld.


His parents were killed when he was 23 in a apparent riot. In actuality they were both gunned down by Imperial Snipers under the cover of a riot. Appalled by such an act when they had been loyal to the Empire. Aiden tracked down and killed each sniper the first he killed with his bare hands the second he killed in a duel of sniper vs. sniper. Rather then submit to Imperial captivity, he left the Empire for good never to return.

Joining the RebellionEdit

Using his skills he was able to track down a Rebel Base. There he met General Nomad and made his intentions of joining the Rebellion clear.

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