Template:Character Info PanelAkio Kahoshi was an officer in the Imperial Navy and was noted for his complete loyalty to the people and ideas important to him. Raised as an orphan from infancy, he never knew anything about his parents. To avoid the poverty orphans often found themselves once no longer a ward of the state Akio entered the Imperial Naval Academy. After graduating the young officer was taken under the wing of Admiral Delek Wrenter. His first year of service was a whirlwind that found him at many major battles, and found him the love of his life. After proving himself a competent officer, he was quickly promote up the ranks to Lieutenant Commander, and then to Captain. He now commands the Revenge-class Heavy Carrier Rancor as Flag Captain of Battle Group Vengeance

Childhood and Early LifeEdit

Questionable BirthEdit

Akio was born to the Jedi Nick Kahoshi and Sawa Hino, but he would not know of them. Soon after his birth Akio was given to an orphanage on Taris, and no record, including any record of their names, of his parents was given to the administrators of the orphanage. The true nature of his parents disappearance that would continue to remain a mystery.



Akio just before joining the Academy

The orphanage was the only life Akio knew growing up. As a younger child he was quite active and got along awhile the other children, and as a child he showed unusually quick reflexes, a trait that would benefit him greatly later in life. As he grew older Akio began to drift away from the other orphans. Orphans were adopted, new children arrived, only he seemed to be constant. He never learned exactly why, as people had expressed interest in adopting him, he would long suspect the orphanage was preventing it. As he reached his teenage years, Akio came to the realization that if he was not adopted it would mean leaving the orphanage once he reached the age of majority and having to fend for himself. He spent the rest of his adolescence in study, for him there was only one option in sight and that was to enter the Imperial Naval Academy. At the age of sixteen he succeeded.

Military CareerEdit

The AcademyEdit

Akio spent three years in the Academy, proving to be above average at most tasks though he excelled in a command environment. He was noted as having a personality that made people want to follow him. In the Academy he continued to display a general separation from the other midshipmen, despite getting along with almost all of them he never had someone he could call a friend. Here he trained in the basic skills: piloting, self defense, pistol marksmanship, that would server him for the rest of his career. He graduated in the top 20% of his class and was quickly moved into service.


First PostingEdit

Akio's first posting after graduation was aboard Admiral Delek's ship. The Admiral seemed to take a liking to the younger officer, even flying simulation combat missions with him. Akio would grow to respect the Admiral greatly during this time, though Delek's off command style often left Akio confused.

Ossus AffairEdit

Early in his career Akio was sent to Ossus during which he was asked to investigate a report of drunken behavior at a bar. Alongside two stormtroopers he visited the cantina in question and got involved in a completely unexpected turn of events. During this he would meet the then padawan kel dor Jedi Kaen, the cipher agent Lynk Derrus, the Imperial pilot Alyisa Mithel, and the civilian later turned Imperial Taima Kanisho. Kaen was believed to be in possession of the location of an advanced form of bacta, but refused to hand it over so the Empire could use it for its citizens. During Kaen's capture, the Jedi broke out killing one of Akio's stormtroopers. Kaen would forever be a murder in Akio's mind and the chase led across a great distance as the entire planet went after the lone Jedi.

Invasion of GeonosisEdit

The Battle of Geonosis was the first time Akio saw combat. He acted as the commander on a DX-9 stormtrooper transport, carrying the Sith Lord Darth Apparatus to the battlefield, and providing him with covering fire against General Nomad. When the zillo beast awoke during the battle, it was Akio's call that brough a Star Destroyer's fire down upon the creature. After the beast was down, Akio no longer played a significant role in the events.

Bakura Assignment Part 1: Secret CitizenEdit

Shortly After the Battle of Geonosis Akio was selected as part of a top secret assignment. While the details of the mission were not revealed until years later, Akio was constantly sent to Bakura to live as a citizen for a week or so at a time, his only instructions to make himself visible to security holocams but to otherwise keep a low profile. During his second such visit immediately after the Festival of Champions Akio began the immigration process to become a nationalized citizens of the planet.

Invasion of KashyyykEdit

Akio was assigned as the Boat Bay Officer of the Deck aboard the Mount Olympus. Unable to directly affect the battle, he had been horrified by the massacre of wookiees lead by the Sith.

Defense of BespinEdit

The Galactic Underworld had secretly begun raiding Tibanna gas facilities on Bespin, and Akio was assigned to lead an advanced scouting party to try and gain a handle on the situation before reinforcements arrived. While his team was acting as flight control from Cloud City. The terrorist attack on Bespin began with another raid that occurred simultaneously with Admiral Marok Tidian and his fleet's arrival in system. The situation quickly escalated with a planed crash of the Tibanna stock market, a deadly virus infecting most of the populace, and the death of the city's governor. Akio was ordered by Admiral Tidian to take control of the situation in Cloud City, and Akio did his best to calm the public and keep the virus contained. When the city began to fall, Akio ordered Imperial personnel to aid in the evacuation. The Sith Vaga Obscuria, along with Krishna, arrived during the evacuation and on Vaga's recommendation Akio lead his team and the two Sith to recover the physical memory devices for the city's security records. These records would later prove invaluable for the Empire's fingering suspected members of the Underworld's involvement.

Battle of TatooineEdit

In retaliation for Bespin and other terrorist activities suspected to be linked to the Underworld, the Empire and Sith planned a joint operation of Tatooine. The memories of Bespin still fresh in his mind, Akio volunteered to pilot a fighter to help the undermanned Olympus Wing during the battle. He participated in the initial bombing run of Mos Espa and the ensuing space battle. During the space battle Akio downed at least enemy two fighters and rescued Brianna Vargus when she was swarmed by enemy fighters.

Trip to CsillaEdit

Word arrived to the Empire that the Underworld would be attempting to convinced the Chiss Ascendancy to join their cause. The Empire's own diplomatic mission had to be rushed into action, and Akio was grabbed to act as ambassador Trey Breten's aide and military advisor. Akio had been impressed by the other man's diplomatic skills, but all seemed like it would come to naught when an assassination brought discussions to a close. When it seemed unlikely negotiations would be possible, Breten unveiled a plan Akio hadn't known about. The fleet he'd known had been nearby warped in, even larger than he would have possibly suspected, and demanded Csilla's surrender. Akio was never sure how he got out of that situation alive.

Lieutenant CommanderEdit

Invasion of DacEdit

Due to his actions at Geonosis, Bespin, and Tatooine Akio was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in time for the invasion of Dac. The promotion was never officially listed, as part of the cover for the Bakura Assignment, but he still benefited from all the privileges and expected responsibilities of rank unofficially. During the battle Akio served as tactical officer aboard the Royal Avicus. He had been surprised during the battle when Admiral Wrenter asked Akio's advice during the battle. Due to poor planning, and Admiral Titian's fifth fleet not arriving in time, the battle was lost.


Bakura Assignment Part 2: Campaign for Prime MinisterEdit

After years of preparation Akio was finally told the reason for his continued trips to Bakura. The Sith and Empire were attempting a subtle takeover of Bakura through politics rather than outright invasion. Akio had been designated as a backup in case their primary candidate Enton Draco proved a failure. As it turned out Enton's failure proved monumental when he revealed he was a Sith and refused to change his stance. As such Akio was activated and he announced his running in the campaign. The campaign had been brutal, but in the end the damage done by Enton had soured the people toward the Sith and Empire who were known to be allies and Akio lost the race. During his concession speech Akio declared eventually he would run for Senate.



In many ways Akio is a man of extremes. His loyalty to the Empire and his devotion to the one woman he loves is complete and unshakable, this is both a strength and a weakness. Akio is inherently a good person, who wants what is best for people and sees the Empire as a means of ending the chaos. However his loyalty to the Empire and relationship with a Sith often causes him to be in situations where is beliefs become compromised. In addition Akio has trouble sharing his emotions with others, except those closest to him. This makes him often seem standoffish, but his calm mask continues even in the fiercest of battles allowing to lead others without revealing his own fears. Hard to anger, when he is pushed over the edge his anger is icy and dangerous. Those that lay in his cold gaze are condemned to receive their punishment in anyway Akio can make possible.

Despite his willingness to do any task as ordered and to risk his own life if necessary, Akio actually suffers from severe self-doubt. Despite his accomplishments, Akio is constantly questioning his own capacity to carry out future assignments. At the best of times he is unsure of himself, and as his worst Akio becomes self hating. His achievements in his military, political, and love lives help restore a sense of self-confidence, but failures often leave him even more in self-doubt and requires an external agent to redirect his anger for his own mental stability.

An odd quirk about Akio is his almost obsession with proper decorum when addressing people. He always calls superiors by their proper title, whether required or not. In what is possibly an extension to this, or caused by an event during his early life, Akio hates using nicknames of any sort. There are rare exceptions, but generally of given the option he will always use a person's full given name rather than a nickname,


Festival of ChampionsEdit

While acting as Flag Lieutenant to an Admiral of the Obsidian Fleet, Akio was able to attend the Festival of Champions on Alderaan. Shortly after Emperor DuSang's opening speech, the young man bumped, literally, into Krishna Decuir. He immediately developed a crush on the young woman, the kind of crush adolescent boys often develop when they see a cute girl, and offered to escort Krishna as an apology. As they spent time together is love quickly, almost surprisingly so, developed into love. Upon his discovery she was a Sith, and his acceptance of it, his feelings were cemented.

Vacation on CoruscantEdit

While they had been together on Alderaan, Akio had made a promise to visit Krishna on Coruscant. Many might have thought it just a passing gesture, but Akio always kept his promises and so when he arrived back from a trip to Bakura which had followed immediately after the Festival, Akio took leave and went to Coruscant. The relationship that had been formed on Alderaan was completed during his stay, with both expressing their love for each other. Krishna and Akio spent the week learning as much as they could about each other and discussing their future.

Meeting the FamilyEdit

One day, shortly after his promotion to Lieutenant Commander, he received an invitation from Krishna to visit her family on Dathomir. With only a little reluctance, Akio went. Being able to stay with Krishna in many ways was reliant upon gaining her families acceptance.

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