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Akoma Nero
Also known as
Coronet, Corellia
Adept Pilot
Model 22T4 Service Revolver
DH-17 Blaster Rifle
RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor

"The Fair Jewel"

"The Esperanza"
185 lbs
Body type
Eye color
Hair color
Skin color
Electrical Burn - Neck
ISO Emblem - Right Bicep
Family members
Kassey Nero
Significant other
Michael and Mayli Nero
Teresa Raxel
Hope Nero (D)
Jessalyn Cassidy
Quinn Raxel (Half)

Evelyn Raxel (Full)
Ulysses Raxel (Half)
Zoe Raxel (Half)
Chase Raxel (Half)
Johnny Raxel (Twin)
Ace Volo (Half)
Mercy Raxel (Half)

Cage Raxel (Half)
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Other family

Who is Akoma Nero?Edit




Akoma's choice of gear is a perfect mix of Imperial and Rebel technologies. Having gone through Spec-Ops training on both sides, he had the opportunity to train with a vast array of weapons and vehicles.


Modified RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor - After leaving the Empire, this fighter became his ship of choice. It was small, and fast. It gave him the ability to get in and out of any situation he needed without attracting any attention. It's small footprint provided him flexibility in landing surfaces.

Akoma modified the structure of the A-Wing to provide a more spacious cockpit. Typically there is enough room for a pilot to sit upright in a stationary position. Akoma took some of the mechanical components and moved them to the outside of the ship, shielded them with casing, and modified the internal mechanics. In his line of work there was teh possibilty of having to spend weeks at a time living out of a fighter like that, and with the expanded cockpit he was able to lay straight out. These modifications afforded Akoma and Kassey the ability to share their first night together.



Akoma has two standard loadouts of equipment that he uses. One for run-and-gun missions while the other is for standard infiltration. Both are made up of similiar equipment. Both loadouts use the Imperial standard sidearm the 22T4 , modified with a larger clip. His mobile loadout consists of one in a hip holster and the other in a holster tied to his chest and a backpack filled with other gear and implements.

The major diffrence in his loadouts is his long rifle. The DH-17 Blaster Rifle . One of the first weapons he trained on with the rebellion and vastly superior to long rifles he had used with the Empire. Typically it stays slung across his back, while his sidearm is tucked at his side.


Smart - While he is overly innocent which at times makes him seem dense socially, he is very intelligent. He enjoys learning everything he can about any topic he can find, and has the ability to apply what he's learned to his current situations.

Gentle - One thing his mother and father instilled in him was a gentle spirit. Even with his violent careers, Akoma much prefers quiet, calm time. In the midst of a storm he can find the eye and stay in it's calm center. Even when hes emotionally worn down he can find the strength to keep his cool.....most of the time.

Determined - If Akoma puts his mind to something, nothing is going to keep him from it. If that's getting a colleague or loved one out of harms way, he'd die himself before giving up on their rescue.


His Temper - His most damaging weakness. Akoma can easily lose his temper and while it's lost he makes horrible decisions based on emotion rather than logic. Once his temper is set, it takes a good long while to get him calmed down.

Naivete - Akoma sees the world in idealized conditions. He knows how the world should run and assumes that it will. Whether that's assuming someone would tell the truth even though they could lie.

Kassey Daklin - Akoma would do anything for Kassey, and would do even more to get her out of trouble. His deep love for her is easily his most exploitable weakness.


We orphans we lament to the world: World, why have you taken our soft mothers from us And the fathers who say: My child, you are like me! We orphans are like no one in this world any more! O world, We accuse you! Nelly Sachs


Akoma Raxel was born in an Imperial hospital on the planet of Coruscant and before he was released from the hospital he had already become a ward of the state. His mother Theresa Raxel had dissapeared after the birth and left him alone with the hospital staff. He was transferred to one of the state orphanages and spent the first year of his life among hundreds of other orphans. In that year his growth and development was severely hampered and placed him behind the standard developmental curve. Thankfully, however, he wasn't to stay there for long.

One week before his first birthday, Michael and Mayli Nero entered the orphanage and adopted Akoma. They gave him their last name and he became Akoma Nero. They raised him like he was their own and it wasn't until he was a year away from entering the Imperial Academy, at seventeen, that they told him he was adopted. Akoma had made some choices that were leading him down a bad path. One of which was his high school sweetheart, Jen Cassidy. Michael saw the relationship as toxic, stepped in, and course corrected Akoma's direction. They broke up the night of their senior prom. After that night he entered Corellia University early and never saw her again.

Education Edit

Akoma attended Corellia University after graduating from secondary school in Coronet. He was attracted to their focused programs on Starship Engineering and Aeronautics, both careers that greatly interested him. He had barely made it through his first year of prerequisites when his past threatened to prevent him from obtaining a degree in either.

His short stint in the state orphanage caused him to have a develop a learning disorder. While in his school days he had chalked his bad grades up to a lack of concentration or care, now he realized that he was unable to do any better even if he had tried. Akoma was dyslexic. It took several hours of private tutoring to overcome the disability to the degree that he was able to function in a classroom.

After that hurdle he was able to finish his studies and obtain a dual major degree in Aeronautics and Mathematics. Graduating in the top 10% of his class.

Work with the EmpireEdit

Akoma was recruited by the Empire his final year of Graduate school. They had seen the potential for greatness and began grooming him to follow in his parents footsteps. After his graduation he went through the Imperial Academy and came out with a orders to train with the Imperial Special Operations Branch.

During his career with the ISO, Akoma took part in several campaigns. Most of which were sanctioned missions but some where black listed. One in particular was a bombing run on an insurgent settlement. Akoma was pulled from pilot and put on duty as the weapons technician. During the run he spotted civillians in the bombs path and tried to dissuade his commander from completing the mission. He was unsuccesful and was forced in releasing the payload. Once back at base he packed his things and left the Empire.

Joining the RebellionEdit

After leaving the Empire, Akoma went in search of anyone who would help him bring the Empire to justice. He found that on a mobile Rebel facility disguised as a brothel. LisSah Mao, intercepted his fighter and invited him aboard. After a brief interrogation she recruited him into the Rebel Special Operations force and submitted him for Rebel training.

His career with the Rebellion was short and colorful. He spent the majority of his time recieving specialized training in several areas and never recieved an actual assignment. After several incidents that were deemed highly suspicious he was let go from Active Duty. Even after all suspicious events were explained and his name cleared, the Rebellion moved to exploit Akoma. They sought to use the nanites in his blood to turn him into a supersoldier against the Empire. Akoma, however, had not exchanged one tyrant for another, and so he took his own leave from the Rebellion.

Free AgencyEdit

Currently, Akoma is a freelance pilot. His sole goal is to take down the empire, one by one. He has no boss, no set allegiences, no clock to punch or reports to file. Akoma is free to deal justice how he sees fit.

Family Edit

If you don't believe in ghosts, you've never been to a family reunion.
-Ashleigh Brilliant

Teresa RaxelEdit

Teresa was Akoma's birth mother. A simple Coruscanti prostitute. She had 5 children before Akoma and his twin brother Johnny, including his full blooded sister Evelyn. After Akoma and Johnny she had three more. Soon after giving birth to her youngest son she contracted a rapidly aggressive STD that killed her within a year. She gave all her children up except for Mercy and Cage. Akoma and Luther were adopted while the rest struggled either within or outside the state system.

Akoma never met Teresa but did extensive research on her after learning he had been adopted. She had already passed away.


Jamison Daklin (Akoma Kardia)Edit

Jamison Daklin AKA Akoma Kardia is Akoma Nero's birth father. Brother to Jason Daklin, Jamison was a common hustler who frequently smuggled illegal goods in and out of Coruscant. On one such trip he visited Teresa Raxel under the alias Akoma Kardia. She worked the same sector he relaxed in and after that night, Jamison became a father. Teresa gave birth to Evelyn Raxel. Jamison was not informed of the birth, even when he visited her again five years later. On that trip, Akoma and Johnny were conceived. It wasn't until Teresa got sick that she contacted him and told him he was a father.

Jamison spent a good deal of his time on Tatooinne. Some of which was with his brother Jason, Jason's wife Ami, and their daughter Kassey. Everytime they would visit he would spend the entire time with them and before long, Jamison and Ami had begun a secret relationship. It was this relationship that prompted his contacting of Evelyn, Akoma, and Johnny. The relationship ended when Ami was murdered by Imperial Agents, and Jamison has never fully recovered from the pain.

Jamison currently resides on Coruscant where he can conduct his buisness in peace.

Michael and Mayli

Michael and Mayli NeroEdit

Michael and Mayli Nero were Akoma's adoptive parents. Both worked for the empire Akoma's entire childhood out of the planet Corellia. They were unable to have children of their own and so adopted Akoma from the state facilities. They loved him and cared for him and were great parents. Both instilled in him the concepts of honor, integrety, and romantic love.

Their work with the empire was never fully disclosed to Akoma. It wasn't until he returned to his childhood home that he found their underground operations center. They were Imperial Bounty Hunters. Not bounty hunters sanctioned by the Empire, they were paid employees with obscene budgets for aprehending Class I targets. Jason Daklin was their final target.

After their death they left their entire estate to their son. He had followed in their footsteps and was a spec-ops pilot for the Empire.


Cage RaxelEdit

Cage is Akoma's youngest brother and most infamous of the Raxels. Cage is also the only sibling that Akoma has met. Cage spent the most time, of all the Raxel children, with Teresa and therefore knows the most about her.

Akoma met Cage through his wife, then fiance, Kassey Daklin. Daklin had worked on several jobs with the criminal. On one particular mission she let slip that she was engaged to Akoma Nero and Cage filled her in on their connection. After that, Kassey set up their meeting and the three of them enjoyed a dinner at Le Moulin, a favorite restaurant of Akoma's. Since then Cage and Akoma have become great friends and spend time together often.

Jen and Jessalyn CassidyEdit

Kassey - Akoma's Fair JewelEdit

First MeetingEdit

First Date - Coronet and Le MoulinEdit

The Neimoidian JobEdit

The Kreegan CollisionEdit

The Honoghr IncidentEdit

The NanitesEdit

The Veil Drawn BackEdit

Coruscant - The Darkest DayEdit


Coronet - Piecing Things BacktogetherEdit

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