Aleta Draclau
Avatar: Barbara Palvin
Aleta Serena Draclau
Also known as
Nightsister Knight
Disgraced Princess of Lao-Mon
Draclau Black Sheep
Lelila Marzullo(Knighted)
Mirien Valdier(Knighted)
One; double-sided blade; red
1/2 Human 1/2 Shi'dou
Body type
Eye color
Hair color
Skin color
Family members
The Draclau Family
The Nadun Family
The Decuir Family
Hannibal Storm
Significant other
Meric Nadun
Dante Decuir
Haden Storm
Hadleigh Storm
Kade Nadun(half brother)
Madelia Nadun(d.)
Maddock Nadun
Samael Draclau
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Neav Draclau
Daos Draclau
Erinyes Draclau
Seth Draclau
Dragon Draclau
Adrais Nadun
Venge Draclau
Phoebe Draclau
Christian Draclau
Zalera Marzullo
Laguna Marzullo
Kalia Vondiranach
Mars Marzullo
Andraes Vondiranach
Other family

Aleta Draclau is a power-loving, complicated Sith, yet her sadness still gets the better of her from the fact of why she was born and how she was made, even if she won't admit it to herself. She wasn't made the way most kids are made. Meric Nadun and Ashlyn Draclau did not love each other in any way. Aleta was made for a purpose, and that purpose made to come to be by Aleta's father, Meric. What is one to do when she has no purpose other than to destroy those around her?


Aleta has always been a complex girl. She was brought up in a Draclau home, so she was always taught to respect people who were her superiors, but she also inherited her mother's attitude. Just letting people have it if they seem like they deserve it.

Smart and intellegent, she was never behind anyone in smarts. She is never really happy. She got rid of the feeling of fear a long time ago. She thinkings it holds people back from their real goals. Though, Aleta as her life goes on, is becoming calmer, her patience goes slightly longer, but her sadness haunts her from her past.

Aleta doesn't take anyone's crap, and if she has something to say, she says it. She holds her ground and doesn't let go until there is no other hope. While she can be nice and polite to those she cares about, if you cross her in a bad way, she becomes your worst nightmare and a cold-blooded killer. Or worse, a merciless torturer. She believes in revenge and will use it against anyone who hurts her or someone she cares about.

Little QuirksEdit

The combination of the two blood lines she was given, give her strange characteristics, to say the least. Her anger can unleash a lot of power. If she gets too angry, the Force basically builds up inside of her and bad things happen around her. Things explode, people go all over the place, ect. It's like she can't control what comes out of her anger, which means she tries to avoid it as much as possible.


Aleta was not made because her parents loved each other. Aleta was concieved because of a brutal rape by Meric Nadun to Ashlyn Draclau on the planet of Florrum.

Had Ashlyn known she was going to meet Meric Nadun when she went exploring, she would have never left her home. But as Destiny would have it, they did. How twisted Destiny can be... It started out with them just talking about destroying Florrum, but soon took a turn for the worst for Ashlyn as she antagonized the wrong man.

She thought Meric wasn't insane enough to hurt her because she was a Draclau, but Meric was just the right crazy to do so. Taking her, raping her twice, torturing her, holding her there for two days, force concieving the baby, then leaving her for dead. Only on luck was she found by Malice and Phoebe Draclau. Soon after Malice erased Ashlyn's memory of the rape and Meric.



And then Meric said: I want her OUT! And Aleta Serena Draclau was born...

Ashlyn, being Shi'dou, her pregnancy only lasts five months, but she wouldn't even make it that far. Malice erased Ashlyn's memory of the rape and replaced it with just her thinking she had sex willingly and got pregnant, but little did Ashlyn know, on Kariek, Meric waited, waited for her. He sent a telepathic message, making her want to go to to Kariek to meet the father of her baby, because Malice erased that memory, too. She had no clue who he was.

Far too curious for her own good, Ashlyn snuck to her ship so she could go and meet with him. Only to be reminded of every second by Meric. Then as he tried to force Ashlyn into going into labor, he couldn't win. So he took matters into his own hands. Forcing Ashlyn down, he did his own makeshift C-Section and brought Aleta into this world. Aleta bore the Draclau name by Ashlyn's choice and premission from Malice. Ashlyn begged Malice because Ashlyn didn't want Aleta to look for her father, and knowing his last, she could do so. {C {C


Aleta; age 9

Life With the Draclau'sEdit

Life with the Draclau's was, to say the least, horrible for Aleta. She grew up completely unaware of who she was. She had no clue who her father was and only had her mother. All the other Draclau's hated her, for what at the time, Aleta had no clue. Her mother tried sheltering her. It seemed her mother was the only one who liked her, and Aleta was going crazy because of the life she was living. The words abomination, shame-infested rodent, bother, and waste of space, frequently were in the same sentences with her name when Draclau's spoke of her. She was trying hard to impress them, to make up for whatever she did, but it was no use. She would never be loved by the Draclau's. So she spent her life there, secluded, hated, and unwanted.

She had always believed her mother when she said that her father was dead. Her dreams telling her otherwise, but her mother told her those were just her hopes getting to her and entering her dreams. She did at one point jump into Ashlyn's nightmares while she was sleeping and saw Meric, but she didn't know Meric was her father at that time.

Soon Aleta decided to leave one day to go to Ord Mantell to try and escape, just for a litle while from the hell she called home, only to come to a new discovery...

The Meeting of Meric NadunEdit

"You are destined to be the strongest Force user the Galaxy has ever known..." -- Meric Nadun

Meric Nadun, father and psychopath

Aleta loved to visit Ord Mantell. It was a peaceful place and it was a beautiful planet. It was the one place Aleta could get away from the Draclau's and their never ending torment. She could think and be peaceful for once in her life. Though she didn't She was just walking on the beach, thinking to herself when she felt something so unusal. Like someone was following her... She turned around and saw Meric standing there, but at that moment she had no clue who he was. Meric at first tried to talk to her in riddles, slightly implying that he was her father. Though when Aleta was growing up, she was brought to think that she was dead by her mother. Oh was she lead on wrong. Meric was everything but dead. Finally, after accepting that Meric was her father, and some rough spots in between, Meric and her started talking normally, discovering little things about each other.

Though their time could not go uninterupted. Aleta's mother, Ashlyn, came waltzing in on them just as Meric was starting to get nice and setimental with Aleta, ruining everything of course. Though things took an unsuspected turn when Aleta attacked her mother for interupting her and Meric. Meric taking an interest in this sudden rage, he convinced Aleta to beat her mother senseless. He also started revealing to her things that were said during the conception of herself making her angrier and angrier at her mother. Eventually after beating her to the point she couldn't react, they left Ashlyn to be found.

After that Meric wanted Aleta to show him what she did when she drained people of blood and drank it. At first she hesitated, but he was a cannibal, so what was the big difference other than she didn't eat the flesh? So after capturing the people and demonstrating with one of the people, she gave one of them to him to eat. After that, he told her he'd be training her to become the Sith he knows she can.

Her FamilyEdit

Aleta never got much family when she was young or even when she got older, even if she desired more than anything to be accepted by her family, she could never win seeing as what her father did to her mother. At least in the Draclau's views. Though she could be saved... For the most part.

Meric NadunEdit


Meric Nadun; Her father

Aleta and Meric used to be close. Though, as her life went on and she started branching from what her father wanted for her, he was disappointed in her and wouldn't talk to her much anymore. Especially when she decided to date and stay with Isaac Decuir. As he not only hated the Witches, but also hated the Decuirs. Being the double hate against her, Aleta had to chose what she wanted. She never truly chose, but she didn't talk to her father either.

Eventually they reconnected, but only after finding out she was pregnant and he was there for her, despite all she had done. Most likely why she decided to start talking to him again. Meric had adjusted in a way Aleta liked.

More problems arose though when he decided to take Ashlyn in as his girlfriend then wife. Especially after she found out about the triplets. She felt like she was going to be replaced, and though she'd never admit it, she wanted her parents to herself.


Ashlyn Draclau; Her mother

Ashlyn DraclauEdit

Ashlyn and Aleta never truly got along with each other. Especially when she got older. Aleta and her mother hit many rough spots and it never ends with their war with each other. Even though Aleta claims to be okay with her mother, she could never truly forgive her for betraying her. Something Aleta secretly hopes she'd drop dead, but she was still around for her mother when she needed it because Ashlyn was the only family she had for most of her life, even if she completely disliked her.

Aleta didn't take the triplets well and fought with her mother the whole time, but now that they're around, she has nothing much to say to her or the three children. Nor was she happy about the marriage her mother did with her father. It didn't seem right to her.

The TripletsEdit

Madelia NadunEdit

Madelia and Aleta never got along. As, even though Aleta would never admit out loud, she is jealous of Madelia. She relates to their father far more than Aleta ever can and she hates it. She wants to kill her at some points, but at the same time, loves her as a sister should and would protect her from harm. But only if she absoultely needed to. But otherwise, she much rather just shove something down her throat to shut her up/kill her.

Maddock NadunEdit

She still isn't very close with Maddock, as they were opposites. Maddock and Aleta tend to get along, but not always as Aleta secretly wishes. Maddock was always far more concerned with his studies, so she never truly talked to Maddock much as he got older, but if anyone, she'd probably get along with Maddock the best.

The Rest of the DraclausEdit

There are a select few Draclaus Aleta is putting up with at the moment besides her mother. Otherwise, the rest of the Draclaus she hates with a passion as they hate her because she was the product of the rape of Ashlyn Draclau. So since Malice said she was an abomination, she was thrown away.

The Draclaus she gets along with:Edit

Her DeathEdit

When she was only nineteen years old, she had been killed by her cousin, Christian Draclau. He had tricked her to come to Necropolis under the impression she was seeing Isaac Decuir, her boyfriend at the time, but she was oh so wrong. With that trick he had also managed to trick his father into thinking he was on Zeltros, causing his trail to be lead there and plan post-poned long enough for him to manage to hurt Aleta, a lot, physically.

After she had accidently stabbed herself through the stomach with her lightsaber, she basically imboilzied herself from being able to fight Christian. He pulled the lightsaber out and she fell to the ground, then Christian taunted her a little and she tried to fight back but it was useless. She wanted to be able to fight back, but he had all ready weakened her by using her mistakes agaisnt her

Venge Draclau and Isaac realized what was going on and rushed to save her, but it was too late by then. As soon as they entered and started to beg for Christian to not kill Aleta, he cracked her neck and ran. Leaving Venge and Isaac to a dead Aleta and many tears.

Her ResurrectionEdit

Right after Aleta's death, Isaac contacted a Jedi Master that was Aleta's cousin, Phoebe Draclau. Asking if there was anything he could do to save her, because he had realized when she died that he had developed the feeling of love for her. Which he never thought possible, but he wanted Aleta alive again, so he turned to Phoebe to see if he could get her alive again

Six months after Aleta's death, Phoebe contacted Isaac once more and had found a way to resurrect Aleta in her old body if he really wanted her back. So with that, Phoebe and Isaac worked hard to get Aleta out of the depths of death and back to the living. After much work eventually, she was alive again.

The Present

As of right now, Aleta is proudly alligned with The Sith Council, in a happy relationship with her husband, Hannibal Storm, surviving her family as best she can, loving her children, Dante Decuir , Haden Storm, and Hadleigh Storm, and living her life on a day to day basis. Even with her enemies around and constantly hunting her.



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