Alexandra Russo
Alexandra Russo profile5
Avatar: Kate Beckinsale & Jaina Solo
Alexandra Kay Russo
Also known as
Callsign: Alleycat
Wherever Rogue Squadron is based.
Elite Rebel
Flight Commander
X-wing Starfighter w/R2-M7 "Rusty"
Human; Taanabian
125 lb.
Body type
Fit, toned
Eye color
Brandy brown
Hair color
Sun-kissed brown
Skin color
Appendectomy scar RLQ
Marital Status
Family members
Significant other
Han Russo (deceased)
Leia Russo (deceased)
Jacen Russo (deceased
Anakin Russo (deceased)
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Other family
Foster Father
Gus Ketch

"Courage is being scared to death, but strapping in anyways." Alex Russo


Alex's callsign is Alleycat because she's always scrounging around for stimcaf.



After retiring from the Alliance Starfighter Corps and breaking up with Mazen Darksun just days before their scheduled wedding due to a tragic misunderstanding, Alexandra went to work for the billionaire entrepreneur Nickoli Stark at Incom Corporation as a test pilot and aeronautical consultant for a short tenure.

Now, Alleycat is back flying with Rogue Squadron again as duty always calls to her.

Early LifeEdit

Russo family storytime

The Russo family enjoying family time together.

Alexandra Russo was born on the agricultural planet of Taanab and was raised on a hop farm in the beautiful and bountiful Landu Valley near the city of Pandath. Growing up on a farm was hard work to which Alex learned a strong work ethic early on in life. Taanab had come away from the Galactic War relatively untouched with a thriving ag industry paving the way for economic success for the planet and sector. Unfortunately, a notorious pirate gang in the sector wanted in on their prosperity and did seasonal raids during harvest time. Without much of a planetary defense force at the time, the farmers had little to stop them. During one of these such raids, the pirates destroyed her family's farm, taking all the 'liquid gold' as the hops were called and killing her family in the process. Alexandra was the only family member to survive the raid. With no place to live and no other family alive, the young teenager was forced to move to the city and find work. One of the jobs she'd taken was that of a janitor cleaning the hangars after hours at the spaceport in Pandath. A veteran pilot of
Alex's copper red R2-M7

Alex's very loyal and snarky copper red astromech droid R2-M7 "Rusty".

the war kept a private hangar there and noticed Alex's fascination with a Z-95 Headhunter he was refitting for a crop dusting business he was starting up. The Taanab native befriended her, offering to teach her about aeronautical mechanics and how to fly in exchange for working as a crop duster for him. The older pilot often shared with her his daring exploits during the war, which lit a fire in her belly to become a starfighter pilot herself. Shortly after her 18th birthday, Alex applied to the Flight Academy for pilot training and was accepted.

Upon finishing her initial pilot training, Alexandra chose to return to Taanab and enlist in the newly formed Taanab Air Defense Force (TADF). She flew with a squadron of T-65 X-Wings called the Yellow Aces commanded by none other than the veteran pilot that had befriended and inspired her to fly in the first place. Under Gus Ketch's guiding hand once again along with her hard work ethic and raw determination to be the best, Alexandra proved herself to be a top starfighter pilot for the Aces. When her commander heard there was openings in Rogue Squadron, he sent an application for consideration on the aspiring pilot's behalf. When Alex received a letter requesting an interview, she was totally surprised, elated and scared to death. Strapping in anyway, Alex took off to meet up with the Rebel Alliance seeking clear skies and chance in a million to fly with the best of the best.... Rogue Squadron.

Romantic and Family LifeEdit


Mazen Darksun is Alexandra's soul mate.

History - Version 1.0

Alexandra met Mazen Darksun, a new starfighter pilot recruited from Chandrila at Downtime on Bothawui and instantly knew there was something special between them with the little time they spent together, but duty and time got in their way of finding out just what. By the next time they saw each other again, Alexandra had been promoted to CO of Rogue Squadron, and Mazen had been picked to fill one of the Rogue's vacancies. Due to her being his superior, Alex didn't want to compromise her command so they remained just colleagues until a three-day pass while they were stationed on Dac changed it all.

After officially becoming a romantic couple, the two Rogues tried to hide it from HC, but it became harder to do as time went by and their feelings became evident to everyone after both were nearly killed on a mission to the Unknown Regions. They finally decided life was too short. The two Rogues planned to marry and retire from the Alliance to start a family on Darksun's homeworld of Chandrila. A few days before their scheduled wedding, a tragic misunderstanding happened. Alex called off the wedding and broke everything off with Mazen, never wanting to see him again after an incident on the night of his bachelor party. She returned to duty after a short time away, then life went back to normal though the experience had forever changed the Taanabian making her harder and colder; mostly as a protective mechanism.

HIstory continued - Version 2.0

Alex moved to Coruscant thereafter and took a job with Incom Corporation as a test pilot and aeronautical consultant. During this tenure, she tried everything to burn the memory of her old fiance from her mind and heart including dabbling in drugs; nearly dying from a OD of Andris in the process.

About a year later, Darksun came and begged her to come back to Rogue Squadron to help them out as he had
Lily pigtails-Mackenzie Foy

Lily "Sticks" Organa

taken the mantle of Rogue Leader. It wasn't easy for the two former lovers to work together, but they made it work. Then after Mazen's mother told them the truth of the what happened that fateful night before their nupitals were to happen, it allowed Alex to forgive Mazen, though forgetting would take more time. They slowly became friends again.... then lovers.

Shortly after Mazen and Alexandra reunited as a couple again, a ten-year old girl by the name of Lily Organa entered their lives. The young, brandy-eyed brunette, who easily could be mistaken for Alex's daughter, was noticed one day peering through the fence across the tarmac with awe and wonderment at the starfighters taking off and landing. Farmboy and Alleycat befriended the girl, who they gave the honorary callsign "Sticks" to as she liked to hang around Rogue Squadron's hangar and help out, hoping someday to be a Rogue herself. When the truth came out that she was an orphan and that Lily and her dog, Darley, were essentially living on their own with what little money that was left of her parents' estate having fallen through the cracks of the child welfare system, Mazen and Alex petitioned to get guardianship of her; starting the wheels in motion for the trio to become a real family.

A few months later, Mazen and Alexandra decided it was time to tie the know once and for all. In a private ceremony officiated by Jedi Master Spark Vallen, the two long-time loves married on Corellia. Lily Organa (and her dog, Darley), were officially adopted by the Darksuns. They continue to make their home on Alderaan, supporting the Rebel cause as a family now.

Personality TraitsEdit

+ Determined, driven to succeed. Could be called an over achiever. Sometimes a risk taker, if she really thinks it will make a difference in an outcome.

+ Playful, yet knows when to be serious. Uses humor to help deal with stress.

+ Addicted to caffeine and has a sweet tooth. Stimcaf with pastries is a favorite as well as chocolates.

+ Organized and neat. Could be called a neat freak, though the only thing she's really obsessive and compulsive about is the maintenance of her snubfighter and tools. It really rubs her the wrong way when someone borrows a tool without asking and returns it all gunked up.

+ Dislikes seafood with a passion. Is a meat and potaoes kind of gal.

+ This farmer's daughter can cook and sew as well as fix any small engine. Does crossword puzzles to starve off the space crazies while traveling in hyperspace for long stints in the small confines of her snubfighter's cockpit.


+ Pilot - Academy trained to fly X-wings, A-wings, B-wings and Y-wings. Also, Z-95 Headhunters and Alliance shuttles. Preferred snubfighter is a X-wing.

+ Mechanic - Competent aeronautical mechanic.

+ Hand to Hand Combat - Has had basic training at the Academy.

+ Weapons - Has had small arms training at the Academy.

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