Alexi Armonov
Alexi Armonov
198 lbs.
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Home Planet

Information: Edit

Name: Edit

Alexi Armonov

Species: Edit



Nar Shadaa







Eye colour:


Hair colour:

Dark Brown


Appearance: Edit

  • Tall and well muscled. He has a large scar running down his chest. He has a swagger to him that shows he's the best, and he knows it too. 

Weapons: Edit

  • Modified Heavy Blaster pistol (Hair trigger, mark III Achorn Beam enhancer).
  • Chace's Heavy repeating pistol (A very customized variant of the blaster pistol; it has a greatly increased rate of fire and lowered chance of hitting).
  • Fragmentation grenades
  • Pair modified Short Viroblades (Sharper edge)
  • Stun Baton.
  • Concussion Grenades. 
  •  Frag mines. 
  • . Ysalamiri.

Ship: Edit


Rank: Edit

  • Bounty Hunter

Specialized Training : Edit

  • Small arms marksmen. Grenades. Demolitions. Close Combat training. Non-lethal take downs.

Bio: Edit

Alexi was born on the streets of Nar Shadaa to Two Refugees. Not a high start by anyone’s standards. He was forced into labor when one of the local Hutt crime lords decided he needed more people in the sweat shops. This is the first 14 years of Alexi's life. In the sweatshops however he did grow significantly stronger and was street wise. Constant brawling among the youth helped him learn the rudimentary skills of fighting.

At age 15 Alexi took part in a rebellion against the Hutts. This was his first taste of real battle. And it wasn't a kind one. The Hutts brutally put down the rebellion using their thugs. Alexi even took three blaster bolts to the arm and legs and almost died, if it wasn't for the confusion. The thugs left Alexi for dead and moved on. 

Alexi woke up a few days later, in the care of a strange old lady. She was very nice and helped heal his wounds. He soon learned her name was Helen Dallon. He also learned that she was sick and dying. Inspired to do some good, Alexi snuck out one night and broke into a medical facility for the privileged. Once again he barely escaped from the authorities. But, he did manage to deliver the medicine to Helen. 

A beneficial relationship formed between the two. Helen taught Alexi to read and write, and Alexi acquired items for them. She never condoned his actions and was always telling him not to steal, not forcefully however. 

Unfortunately the drugs that Alexi stole wore off after a few months. She hid it from him, and Alexi did not find out that she was sick until much too late. She died one afternoon while Alexi was out getting their dinner. He came back to their abode, only to find her dead. He cried himself to sleep that night.

When he woke up he searched the room for anything useful. He found a heavy blaster in the cupboard on the wall. Then he covered Helen's body in her sheets and left the place forever. 

Alexi's life spiraled downward after that. At age 16 he joined one of the local bully gangs. He found that he was well suited for this kind of life, having grown up at the sweat shops. He soon became leader of the gang in his district at age 17. Soon after he was promoted a large gang war broke out between his gang, and a larger, better equipped one. It pretty much went the way these things often do, with Alexi's gang scattered or dead.

Alexi found himself stealing again, only now he wasn't quite as small as he once was. He found that he could no longer fit into the small crevices that he once did. 

Starving and with no where else to go, Alexi crawled back to the Hutts, who were only too happy to take him in. But they saw good potential in this youth. Instead of sending him back to the sweatshops, he was sent to become part of their personal security forces. There he found himself amongst many skilled associates. It was here he learned to shoot well and where he acquired his viroblades. At the age of 19, Alexi found himself once again a prominent member of Nar Shaada life.

Then he was sent to quell another sweat shop uprising. It was the same sweat shop that he had been originally from. He hated doing this. The last straw was when he saw his own parents killed. They had nothing to loose without their son and had joined the uprising. 

In anger, he killed the leader and several high ranking thugs. This, of course got a bounty on his head. Alexi went into hiding, and knew he had to get off the planet. 

He got his chance when the "daughter of the stars” landed in port. It was owned by the bounty hunter Chace Onderes. He snuck aboard and stowed away in the cargo hatch. It took off heading Towards Danchion Prime. After about a day Chace realized something was wrong. Someone was eating his food. He discovered Alexi and locked him into a cargo hatch. After a day, instead of killing him, Chace let Alexi out. Chace was getting old and felt he needed to pass on his knowledge. During the long trip, Chace taught Alexi some of the finer points of bounty hunting. The two formed a fast friendship. 

When they Danchion Prime Alexi Accompanied chace on his mission and helped him bring in his bounty. Their partner ship went on for several years, Alexi finally surpassing Chace in skill. Then, at the age of 63 Chace, was too slow on the blaster and got killed. Alexi Hunted down the killers and eliminated them all. But he had already lost his friend

Chace left everything to Alexi, including his ship. This was when Alexi made his return to Nar Shaada. He had been forgotten and easily made his way into the Hutt's personal body guards. After a year of waiting, he finally got the chance to strike. And strike he did. The blast leveled a whole city block.

This led to an illustrious Bounty hunting career. But, that would take way to long to tell here.

During the rebellion, Alexi supported the rebels. He helped smuggle supplies to several rebel outposts. He was actually present at the Empire's final defeat at Endor. He had made many friends in the New Republic. 

He took some bounties against former Imperials, including a dark Jedi by the name of Darth Gull. It did not end well. Alexi still has the scars. 

Angered, Alexi looked for a way to even the odds and get revenge. He found in the form of Ysalamiri.

When he next encountered Darth Gull, the result was the opposite of last time. 

Alexi is still a bounty hunter, and his skill and renown stand with those bounty hunters like Boba Fett. 

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