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Alexiares Arcadius Decuir
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Witches of Dathomir
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Alexiares Arcadius Decuir is a Force Sensitive male, descended from two powerful and influential families. He was born on Dathomir to the matriarch of the Decuir family, High Priestess Santeria Decuir and the patriarch of the Starkiller family, Sith Lord Xander Starkiller. Protected and sheltered by his mother during his early years, the young boy would be watched over by his parents and was raised in a rather happy household.

Alexiares was raised on Dathomir by his mother and was made aware of his father's identity at a very early age. The young boy did not actually meet his father in person until he was 3 years old. When finally introduced to his father he reacted almost as if he had known him from the very beginning, a fact his father appeared grateful for.

As a member of such an important and vast family, a lot of expectation was placed on him to succeed. As he grew older he had more and more of a desire to prove himself to everyone, being the youngest of his siblings until his sister Raven came along. The older he got the more he desired for power and strength and in his mind he dreamed of a day he could achieve that goal and become the first Witch-King of Dathomir, a title he made up in his youth.

A short time after his parents joined together and were mated, his mother gave birth to twins, his little sisters Raven and Trinity. Ever since then Alexiares has devoted a lot of his time to protecting and watching over his sisters.



Alexiares was born Dathomir to High Priestess Santeria Decuir, a child conceived of the Nightmother and her slave Xander Starkiller. For the first years of his life he was kept relatively sheltered and didn't meet his father until he was around the age of 3 years old. As intelligent as the young boy was at such a young age, he took very quickly to his father and thought he barely knew the man he knew immediately he wanted the man around him more often. Even wanted him to be with his mother. Be a family.

Life of a BoyEdit

Though protected by his mother and father, Alexiares does have his chances to explore, either with one of his sisters when they attend to their duties or with a guardian that will take him out when his parents are busy with their work for the coven. On one such occasion, Alex met a young girl named Isis Draclau on a playground and the two became fast friends.

In their brief time, Alex showed Isis that he could manipulate the Force, at least a little and he also explained a bit about his culture, which lead his new friend to claim him, though they were only three years old and didn't know better. Despite being merely children, their relationship would only grow.


Even from a young age, Alexiares was taught to use the Force. His thirst for knowledge only grew though and his training began at an early age, earlier than most would expect their children to begin. One of the things he enjoyed the most was watching his father demonstrate the Force Lightning ability and from this came his desire to make the powers of the storm his own.

Along with his training in the lightsaber, his powers grew with age. He was bound and determined to live up to his parents expectations and to perhaps one day achieve that goal that he dreamed off when he was a child. It proved to be a driving force in his training schedule and by the time he reached his teenage years, little Alexiares grew big and strong, taller even than his father.

Growing PainsEdit

Roleplaying AwardsEdit


  • Witches of Dathomir - Nightbrother of the Month: July 2014

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