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“She's very... girly. A wonderful pilot... saved our lives, but a little dim. We've been friends for years, though... been through a lot... I owe her a lot." Kassey Daklin on Alis’heen’amey

Alis’heen’amey (core name: Sheena) is a three quarter Chiss one quarter human hybrid, daughter of Afr’heen’la’nah and Nar’heen’tir’fa, owners of the extensive Heen Mining Corporation. She grew up on Corellia, protected and surrounded by her father’s extensive wealth, until the age of fourteen where she began to learn to fly with a squadron of tutors and bodyguards provided to her. She is known throughout the galaxy as a socialite and something of a spoiled rich child, appearing in various fashion columns and gossip holozines, but generally regarded as something of a ditzy, vain and overly spoiled young woman.

Thanks to her upbringing, she not only has extensive experience in fashion and high society, but she is an excellent pilot, having flown with some of the best pilots in the galaxy. Sadly, her spoiled nature means that she is exceptionally incapable in other areas, physically known for being particularly weak, and for being useless with any kind of ground weapon, whether blaster or blade. She has very limited technical skills, and tends to rely on the aide of her astromech droid in that area.

Sheena currently is the head of Nova Starlight squadron, a mercenary squadron led by herself that she prides on only taking jobs of the needy and helpless. She previously served in the United Federation Military where she held the rank of ‘Commander’ upon resignation.


“And if you don't wear so much perfume, the people wouldn't make this face when they come near you." – Kassey Daklin

Sheena Make-up

Sheena, putting on make-up.

Extremely ‘girly’ in terms of stereotypical behaviour, Sheena has a reputation for being obsessed with cosmetics, in particular very strong perfume which she wears at almost all times. She tends to always dress with fashion in mind, no matter how impractical.

Excitable and adventurous, but also painfully naive. She’s lived her life under the protection of flanks of bodyguards and therefore has no understanding of real risk, but considers herself something of a thrill seeker (knowing that she’s safe the entire time). When placed in actual risk, or outside of her comfort zone, she's something of a wimp, however. She enjoys piloting more than anything else and often flies with her own personal escort squadron.

She’s enjoys the finer things in life, used to the best thanks to her rich family. She can be a little snobbish at times, failing to see the enjoyment or fun in anything that doesn’t fit in to her high class lifestyle, although she rarely judges people on this.

However, being raised with such expensive tastes, she is naturally quite vain, and tends to fuss somewhat about her appearance, which at times can clash with her flygirl nature. She will, for example, always stop to brush and style her hair after removing her helmet (and is good at coming up with ways to hide hair brushes and back up cosmetics on her uniform when she really shouldn’t be carrying any). In many ways, she behaves like a stereotypical 'girly girl', and certainly uses the tag to describe herself at times.

She’s also fond of stories of Rebel heroes, and as such is quite opposed to the Empire. She secretly dreams of becoming a famous starfighter pilot like Luke Skywalker or Wedge Antilles, apparently unaware of how differently they behaved from her.

She has a genuine good nature and heart, and always seeks to forgive people and help them where ever she can. She believes the galaxy could be a better place if everybody was simply nice to each other, and she fights to protect this ‘niceness’ where ever possible.

Ships and EquipmentEdit

X-83 Twintail Starfighter PrototypeEdit

Sheena's X-83 Small

Sheena's X-83 Twintail Prototype

Designed by Cora Passek at Sheena’s behest after the destruction of both her original E-Wing and her back-up X-Wing, the X-83 prototype was designed with money as no object to captalise on everything Sheena loved about her previous two craft. Differences from the standard X-83 that would later be put in to production include a slot for an actual astromech droid, rather than an onboard one and a modified cargo slot that carries a single seismic charge (as on all of Sheena’s fighters). After owning it for a short time, she painted the fighter bright pink, claiming it was as a calling sign so that she would be more easily recognised, although in truth, she has always desired a pink starfighter.

The Nova Starlight (aka. The Princess Luxury)Edit

A luxury liner star cruiser, designed for extravagant cruises around the galaxy, acquired by Alis’heen’amey after it was decommissioned and heavily modified in to a base for Nova Starlight squadron. Heavily modified by Cora Passek, it includes an entire hidden flight deck, and twenty four turbo laser cannons in swimming pool areas around the edge of the ship. The onboard computer has been replaced with the Sentient Humanoid Interaction Program, an AI Sheena scavenged from the wreck of Kassey Daklin’s ship, the Bright Jewel. The hyperdrive is fitted with a ‘randomiser’, able to calculate safe but random hyperspace routes in under a second to make tracking the ship almost impossible. It has reinforced deflectors and a reinforced reactor core to better withstand enemy fire, and a fake ID code as the Princess Luxury to hide its true nature.

Luxury Shuttle CraftEdit

Taken from the horde of shuttles on board the Nova Starlight, at times Sheena uses this luxury shuttlecraft. The ship itself is bright pink, unarmed, and has only two very small sublight engines. It lacks significantly in power, and was one of many themed shuttles designed only for extremely feminine (or ‘girly’) guests. The onboard air filtration system is scented with perfume, and the inside is decorated with a shiny pink plastic surface, and many dresses, all heavily stocked with cosmetics. The decking is coated in a furry pink surface and even the seat belts are furry and pink. Sheena uses this ship often to fly to planets as its bizarre and non-threatening identity means that most would never associate it with a mercenary squadron. However, due to the limited engine system, it can only be used on medium to small planets, as it is unable to break the atmosphere on larger worlds.

E-Wing StarfighterEdit


Sheena's E-Wing Starfighter

Destroyed on an unnamed swamp world by Kalinai Soluza, Sheena’s E-Wing starfighter was her most prized possession. She was given it for her fourteenth birthday by her father and learnt to fly in it, taking it in to nearly every major battle she fought up until its destruction. Modified to have stronger shields at the cost of blaster fire to keep Sheena safe, and with a modified cargo hold for a seismic charge as well as being able to carry an R9 or R10 class astromech, it was a very capable fighter in Sheena’s hands. Crippled over Ryloth, it was rebuilt and restored, but later destroyed beyond any hopes of repair.

X-Wing StarfighterEdit

Destroyed in the Battle of Hapes after the Sith Lord Disciple crippled it and Sheena then self destructed it to gain the advantage on the ground. A standard X-Wing Starfighter modified only with an additional cargo unit to store the seismic charge, as with all of Sheena’s fighters, used as a back-up as Sheena was interested in the Rebel Alliance and stories of their heroes, later on temporarily becoming her main fighter after the E-Wing’s destruction.

Chiss ClawcraftEdit

Shortly prior to her joining the Ascendancy, her father bought her a Chiss Clawcraft to practice in. She rarely uses it, but still owns it. Unmodified, she wanted to get used to the standard vessels.

The Destiny's StarEdit

A G9 Rigger that she acquired on Mandalore from the starship collection of Chaplain Meladi

The Destiny's Star

us when her starfighter was shot down and she was left without a ship. Reconstructed heavily and with most of its computer banks wiped, it however shows evidence of having been used during The Clone Wars on various undercover Republic missions, and is heavily modified as a result. Because of this, Sheena kept the vessel as a back-up, and occasionally used it when she needs to travel undercover. Although she is unaware, it is implied that the vessel is actually the Twilight, that once belonged to Anakin Skywalker before being destroyed on Mandalore, the world on which she recovered it, reconstructed, from.

Family History, Birth and Childhood

Sheena’s family were exceptional Chiss, having long ago left the Ascendancy to try and make their name in the galaxy. Many generations ago, Sheena’s ancestors saw a galaxy ripe for the picking for the right minded Chiss, and as they were not from any of the ruling families within the Chiss Ascendancy, they struck out in the galaxy instead in an attempt to make their mark.

It took generations, but her great grandfather, working as a simple miner, came up with a revolutionary mining tool that helped form the basis of the Heen Mining Corporation. Already by their time in the galaxy, mixing blood with humans due to a limit of Chiss available, the family had become somewhat corrupted, adopting the ‘Heen’ of their middle name rather than the traditional end part of their name as the family name carried forwards, and thus they named the mining corporation after this.

By the time Sheena was born, the Heen Mining Corporation was one of the most powerful in the galaxy, and her father, an astute business man who had taken the corporation to new heights, found himself struggling with being a parent. His reaction was to spoil Sheena in every way. Whatever she wanted, she had, where ever she wanted to go, she went, and she grew up with every luxury at her finger tips. An only child, she didn’t allow her spoiled nature to entirely ruin her, and while she enjoyed the finer things in life and had very little understanding of people outside her rich social circle, she also was a good natured child, tinged by her own naivety, believing in seeing the good in everybody.

Despite loving her fashionista status, she was often bored, and watched ships flying in and out of Corellia every day. It was at that point she came to dream of flying. Requesting from her father she learn to fly, for her fourteenth birthday he bought her an E-Wing Starfighter, heavily modified to be entirely defensive, and a droid companion, R9-D9, an astromech for the flight mainly to aide her, but also programmed with defensive weapons and a protocol to keep her safe at all costs. He also recruited mercenary pilots from all over the galaxy to fly as her squadron, both to teach her and protect her at all costs, half instructors, half bodyguards, and Sheena was unleashed on the galaxy.

The Young Pilot

At first, Sheena’s piloting took something to be desired. Not used to having to do anything for herself, she struggled with having to actually apply her own skill. But despite her spoiled nature, she refused to give up, and slowly but surely began to learn various tricks from her fighter squadron. They taught her not only how to fly solo, but the etiquette of squadron flight, various tricks and manoeuvres, and took her on protected ‘adventures’ all over the galaxy.

Her E-Wing was continuously modified over that time with tricks she learnt from the squadron, although Sheena never did any of the technical work herself. One key modification was to allow for a seismic charge to be carried in the rear of the ship, as she learnt that deploying one could often give her an edge in simulated combat.

First Love

At the age of eighteen, Sheena began to spend more and more time with one of her bodyguards. To this day, she refuses to name him, but it’s known that she slept with him, and upon telling her father, full of joy and expecting him to praise their relationship, her father was so angry he banished the pilot from her fighter squadron entirely. The pilot vanished, and never saw Sheena again. Sheena, in despair, ran away from home and hid in the communication obscuring crystal swamps on Corellia.

Meeting a Scoundrel

"Thank you' so much, really are... like a great friend.” Kassey Daklin

Unfortunately, Sheena’s spoiled and ‘girly’ nature meant that she was poorly equipped to handle the swamp land, and she promptly

Sheena Stuck

Sheena stuck helplessly in the mud, as Kassey found her.

became stuck in the mud thanks to her high heels and general feeble physical strength. Utterly helpless in the swamp, her saviour came in the form of Kassey Daklin, a young scoundrel who had become lost after the pod race.

The two struck up a bizarre relationship, Kassey a hardened rogue and Sheena the spoiled socialite, and neither had truly encountered a person like the other before.  Despite cultural misunderstandings, Sheena had her eyes opened to a world she had never known existed, and after losing subsequent bets with Kassey that resulted in Sheena becoming stuck in the mud several more times, she agreed to pay Kassey and took her shoe shopping. At the end of their meeting, the two agreed to stay in contact and remain friends, and Sheena returned to her father to continue her life, now with a friend to remain in contact with.

The Eternal Vessiat – Joining the Triumvirate

“I'm glad that you would like training - there is always something new to learn - and as I continue to train Mistryl, I'm happy to offer suggestions, thoughts, training and advice to you both at every step, if Mistryl is alright with some new company?"

“"What kind of training? Nail polish 101?" - Mistryl Loronar mocks Alis’heen’amey after Commodiorus agrees to train her.

Sheena Black

Sheena in her Cadet uniform, wearing it open to disapproval.

Over the years, Sheena lost contact with Kassey Daklin, who stopped speaking to Sheena for her own reasons. Alone, and with only her socialite life style to keep her entertained, Sheena began to yearn for something more, to do some good in the galaxy. Her father forbid her from joining the Rebellion, but he was keen on the idea of her flying for the Chiss Ascendency, part of the then United Triumvirate. Sheena signed on enthusiastically, looking forward to finally flying for a cause. She was assigned to fly with the Chiss Squadron Typhoon Squadron, initially taking up the role of Typhoon 13, callsign ‘Princess’.

Unfortunately, it turned out Sheena’s unique upbringing didn’t prepare her for military life at all. As a Vessiat (Cadet) in the Ascendancy, she proved incapable of even the most basic of military training. Failing every stage of her basic training, barring what was in a starfighter, time and time again, Sheena became something of a laughing stock amongst her fellow comrades, mocked and teased for her pathetic nature. Too weak and unfit to pass the basic training no matter how hard she tried, and a terrible shot with a blaster pistol, she seemed doomed to remain a Cadet for her entire military career.

Despite pro

Sheena Training

Sheena is criticised for arriving to training on board the Blue Sunrise in heavy make-up and wearing perfume

mising military actions in the Battle of Iego in which she shot down Twister, the then squadron leader of the Empire’s elite fighter squadron, she remained a cadet for quite some time, much to the annoyance of her commanding officers, due to her nature. She continued to wear heavy make-up, jewellery and perfume on duty despite being advised not to by her officers, and continued to behave in her stereotypical ‘girly’ fashion. Due to this, it seemed it was impossible for her to progress, until eventually her actions on Charros IV proved otherwise.

Proving Herself

“Well done lieutenant, you've earned that medal for your unshakeable resolve."Kane Smart rewards Alis’heen’amey after the Battle of Charros IV

The Horde attack on Charros IV left the United Federation short numbered and vulnerable. Unable to defend against the masses, they were quickly over run, and Sheena only had Typhoon Squadron alone to maintain air superiority. Despite overwhelming odds, Sheena battled a star dragon to a standstill, destroyed an entire squadron of droid fighters, blew up a communication’s tower just as enemy reinforcements were about to be called in and shot down the leader of Death Watch and his own reinforcements, preventing them from fully routing Federation forces and helping many soldiers get off the planet alive.

After the battle, despite heavy Federation losses, many soldiers and pilots were rewarded for bravery. Amongst them, Sheena for her accomplishments, and she was promoted to Lieutenant, a field promotion that allowed her to bypass the difficulties she was having with basic training, and she was ready to move on with her life.

Arrested for Treason

" Wait, what do you mean, we both know Kassey? Have you met this woman? Have you been colluding with a known criminal Lieutenant? I gave you a medal and praised you for services to the Federation! And all this time you've been helping her? So that's how she snuck onto Concordia? You've covered her entry every time! That's it Lieutenant, I'm sending this conversation to the commander of the Blue Sunrise! You are a traitor to the Federation.” – Kane Smart declares Alis’heen’mey a traitor and orders her arrest.

Shortly after the Battle of Charros IV, Sheena made contact with Kassey Daklin again through an accidental meeting, and the two agreed to try and remain as better friends. With her friendship renewed and her new officer position in the Federation, things were looking up for Sheena, when everything changed.

Kane Smart, under the influence of a con-artist and hypnosis expert, took Kassey prisoner and froze her in carbonite. Sheena made a desperate bid to stop him, realising his actions were in breach of Federation law, and when Kane found out that Sheena had a past relationship with Kassey, he declared her a traitor. Sheena was arrested on the spot and taken to Csilla where she would await trial.


A distraught, make-up free Sheena awaits her trial in prison on Csilla.

The story became a media sensation, the rich and spoiled socialite now a traitor, awaiting execution if found guilty. Many friends came to Sheena’s aide, including Keter and Coryth, two Jedi she’d made friends with in the past. Kassey was noticeably absent, but Sheena was still unaware of her fate after the events that led to her arrest.

The trial itself quickly became a farce as the Jedi intervened and arguments broke out, and Alistair Grey, the judge at the trial, realised that the evidence wasn’t sufficient given the scenario to hold a proper trial. He declared a mistrial, meaning that Sheena was released due to a technicality. Sheena was horrified by this, as she knew many would believe her guilty, and tried to argue for a full trial.

At that moment, Kane returned and declared her innocent, but in many ways, the damage was already done. For the next several months, she was branded a traitor by most of her colleagues, who made her life extremely difficult, painting messages on her door and starfighter and generally giving her abuse. It was this time she met and trained Alec’arn’nurudo, who later on went to achieve the rank of Grand Admiral, despite being introduced to the Ascendancy by Sheena.

The Battle of Ryloth

"Kass!!! Forget everything I said before!!! I NEED YOUR HELP Please, Kass, call off your space forces! I've lost shields, weapons, R9's GONE, my life support is out, my engines are failing! KASS! CALL THEM OFF, OR I AM GOING TO DIE!!!"- Alis’heen’amey makes a desperate plea to Kassey Daklin over Ryloth.

The United Federation moved in on Ryloth to smash the slave trade there, and Sheena led the space assault, now as Typhoon Leader, despite the tensions amongst her in the Chiss. It was felt that with her personal experience of the criminal element from her friendship with Kassey Daklin, she might be able to better guess her friend.

The battle was a disaster for Sheena. Despite a skilful contribution, including destroying the sentient AI Omni’s then-capital ship and production factory single handed, her fighter was crippled in the battle. Below, Kassey murdered three slaves to force the Federation to stop their assault, and Sheena was devastated. However, despite her irritation at her friend, her ship became so damaged, she had no choice but to turn and beg Kassey for help. R9-D9 was blown up over the planet, and her fighter was crippled.

Despite begging Kassey to call off her attack, she did no such thing. Sheena managed to crash land, wounded, her fighter crippled and her old droid friend dead. She survived, but she felt she had lost Kassey forever, who had left her to die and murdered three innocent people to protect a criminal syndicate. R9 was replaced by R10-D9, fitted with R9’s memories, but a much surlier personality.

The Path of Forgiveness

"Kass.... I want you to know.... I .... I don't blame you for what happened on Ryloth. It wasn't your fault.... was mine." Sheena blames herself for Kassey’s actions over Ryloth.

With Kassey missing, Sheena came to the realisation that her friend had lost her moral compass. She realised that having not been there for her, she had left Kassey to work out right from wrong herself, something she knew her friend couldn’t do. She forgave Kassey for her actions, blaming herself for not being there for her or guiding her enough, and set out to track her down.

The confrontation

Sheena Kass Talk

Kassey and Sheena talk in the cockpit of the Bright Jewel.

with Kassey was difficult. Despite her intention to forgive her, Sheena still blamed Kassey for the death of R9-D9, something that she knew her friend would never understand, given that she could only see him as a droid. However, in the end, the pair worked out their differences, and Kassey agreed to keep in weekly contact with Sheena from that point on. Sh eena felt that she could better help steer Kassey on the straight and narrow, and even made a million credit bet with her to go a year without harming anybody in an effort to help her.

Making Enemies

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, Blueberry, I know you were looking for an excuse to simply destroy me, but that won't do. However, there is one small detail you've overlooked....lightning does strike twice!"

"Only one problem, Captain Soluza, it takes more than a little lightning to stop a typhoon!"  Sith Lord Darth Fury and Captain Alis’heen’amey exchange quips as Sheena out-manoeuvres an ion cannon and cripples the Flying Pineapple.

Kalinai Soluza, a onetime pirate turned to the Dark Side and rechristened Darth Fury, lured Sheena in to a trap and kidnapped her, intending to torture her at an unknown location or ransom her back to her father. In doing so, she laid a trap for Sheena’s E-Wing and blew it apart entirely, destroying the ship she had owned since she was fourteen and leaving Sheena helpless.

Flying Pineapple Battle

Sheena leads Typhoon Squadron in her back-up X-Wing against the Flying Pineapple.

Although Sheena managed to escape, their rivalry wasn’t at an end. Kalinai’s next move was to kidnap many of her old Underworld contacts, including Kassey Daklin. Sansa Vale, the con-artist, found out, and sent a message to the United Federation, knowing that Sheena would intercept it. Sheena arrived with Typhoon Squadron in her back-up X-Wing and engaged Kalinai’s ship.

Despite multiple tricks, Sheena outwitted the Sith Lord and defeated her, crippling and eventually destroying her ship, furthering their rivalry.

Near Death Experience

"Kass, you trust me right?"

"Yes, yes, I trust you! I swear it!"

"Good, then sit in that chair and do exactly what I tell you!" - Alis’heen’amey and Kassey Daklin prior to Sheena’s hyperspace slingshot jump.

As part of their ongoing relationship, Kassey and Sheena spent more and more time together as friends. On one particular ‘girly night in’ that Kassey had offered Sheena for her enjoyment, a joke on Sheena’s part accidently awoke an old AI on Kassey’s dated ship. The Sentient Humanoid Interaction Program (S.H.I.P.) offered the pair many services as it took over control of the ship, but upon learning of Kassey’s criminal past, decided instead that she had to die for the good of the galaxy.

S.H.I.P. commandeered the Bright Jewel and set its course directly for the heart of a nearby star. Working together, Kassey and Sheena managed to disable S.H.I.P., but not in time to escape the gravity well of the star. Sheena took control of the ship, and at the last moment, managed to slingshot the vessel around the star, propelling them

Bright Jewel Sun

Sheena slingshots the Bright Jewel around a star.

in to hyperspace and safety.

Unfortunately, S.H.I.P. had removed the navi-computer logs from the Jewel, and Sheena was forced to navigate hyperspace via memory. While she managed to keep them both alive, she was unable to keep the ship from crashing, and when she dropped out of hyperspace, she was already in the atmosphere of Jabiim, although neither knew it at the time.

Crashing in the mud, the Bright Jewel began to sink, and the pair had to abandon it. Kassey had to call in her friendSeth Draclau to rescue the pair, both now stranded on Jabiim, with Sheena in particular as before struggling severely in the mud.

At some unknown point after this, Sheena returned to the crash site and rescued what she could of the Bright Jewel, removing the damaged S.H.I.P.’s processor from the wreckage for her own plans.

Nova Starlight – Leaving the Federation

“You were a serving military officer, it was your duty. Now you're a small time mercenary, big deal!” – Kane Smart is unimpressed by Sheena’s new career choices.

After the Battle of Hapes against the Sith, Sheena found her belief in the Federation’s purpose shattered. Seeing that it was impossible for a government to stand up against evil without in the process making themselves and those civilians living in their systems in to a target, she realised that it was time to use her skills and resources to strike out on her own.

She left the United Federation, resigning her commission, and set about forming a mercenary fighter squadron. A small team of pilots who could do good and defend those who needed it without putting innocents at risk. She got in contact with an old friend she had known when she had been a teenager, growing up with Kassey Daklin. Cora Passek, who amongst her other talents, was a ship designer. Working with her, she designed herself a new starfighter (her X-Wing having been destroyed on Hapes), actually a prototype of what would later become the X-83 Twintail Starfighter, and a new home base. Converting a decommissioned luxury liner, Sheena and Cora modified the vessel to have hidden turbo lasers, deflector shields, and converted an entire deck to hide fighter hanger bays. The idea being that the ship would never be suspected of hosting her fighter squadron, the perfect hidden base.

She named the squadron ‘Nova Starlight’, telling those who asked that she’d named it such as it sounded both positive and yet adventurous, but in actual fact, it had been named after her favourite perfume, also named ‘Nova Starlight’. The luxury liner’s official ID was also dubbed the Nova Starlight, but a fake ID code was implanted on the vessel, transmitted it as the Princess Luxury, to further the deception it was nothing but an ordinary luxury liner. With the technology assembled, she set out recruiting members. Her initial plan was to break in to the Empire’s holding facility for skilled imprisoned pilots, breaking out several to work with her, including her old friend Starbuck. She also recruited her own former military commander, La’ven’cpsala, when he tracked her down upon leaving the Empire.

Her Old Flame

"Hey, yeah, I remember Sheena. We used to... I was her bodyguard, and taught her some piloting skills way back when." – Noxu Za’tire

It was during this time on a trip to Coruscant that Sheena also met up with Noxu Za’tire, a mercenary and pilot. She immediately recognised him, speaking his name for the first time since she had dated him at aged eighteen. It was apparent that Noxu was the pilot and bodyguard she had fallen in love with.


Noxu Za'tire

Sheena found herself caught out, unable to work how best to discuss her issues regarding Noxu, given that she rarely dealt with such personal drama, and had been carrying her own sense of loss regarding him deep inside, the one topic she never talked about. She was further devastated to learn that Noxu seemed to have a reputation for sleeping around, and the realisation that the only true meaningful romantic relationship in her life may not have been something that Noxu had shared the same feelings for.

Regardless, the two worked together (along with Kassey Daklin) to escape a bombing on Coruscant, and she offered afterwards for him to work with her in Nova Starlight, respecting his skills, even though (or possibly because of the fact that) she still had her own personal issues to work through regarding his reappearance.

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