Alliance Intelligence was a branch of the military that had been cut off from the Alliance's command structure, answerable to only the director of intelligence, who in turn reported directly to the highest authorities in The Alliance to Restore the Republic.  Extremely capable these team members were authorized to act in the interests of the Alliance without orders from higher up the chain of command, when they were needed by a sector intelligence cell or Rebel outpost.  Some Intel Teams engaged in deep-cover missions, tapping into existing supply caches when necessary; just as often, they established their own network of supply caches, often as a prelude to establishing new Rebel cells in a new sector. Others roamed freely, doing that which they saw as needing doing. For the most part, the Alliance allowed this team to wreak havoc upon the Empire without supervision, though in the uncommon cases where contact needed to be made, the Alliance could rely on mail drops, contacts, and even personal ads to get messages to teams or agents in the field.

For almost a decade the intelligence branch was disabled and the rebellion relied on scattered Intel work to keep them informed.  Recently former commander of Rogue Squadron, Braiden Sky was offered the chance to re-establish the collected union of intelligence.  Braiden accepted the job though knew in his heart he would always be a Rogue.  He is now the acting director of intelligence and has re-organized the group into an elite group of recruits whose skills are off the ranges.  Together these trained agents handle missions best left off the books and go where no other branch of the rebellion dare go.  

Intelligence MantraEdit

From now on you'll have no identifying marks of any kind. You'll not stand out in any way. Your entire image is crafted to leave no lasting memory with anyone you encounter. You're a rumor, recognizable only as deja vu and dismissed just as quickly. You don't exist; you were never even born. Anonymity is your name. Silence your native tongue. You're no longer part of the System. You're above the System. Over it. Beyond it....

Personnel RosterEdit

Intel Agent 001: Director Braiden Sky : Codename: "Spook"

Intel Agent 002: Deputy Director Zatara Dantes : Codename: "Chant"

Intel Agent 003: Dash Winchester: Coename: "Tiger"

Intel Agent 004: Damian Gallia : Codename: "Merc"

Intel Agent 005: Ruby Blackheart : Codename: "Babbydoll"                                                                           

Intel Agent 006: Renard Mercier : Codename: "Fox"
Alliance Intelligence Officer

Alliance Intel Officer

Intel Agent 007: Jessalyn Cassidy : Codename: "Jay"

Intel Agent 008: Chloe Hinata: Codename "Watchtower "

Intel Agent 009: Charlie Crews: Codename: "Keen"

Intel Agent 010: Aiden McGrath: Codename: "Hawkeye"

Intel Agent 011: Aliana Terran: Codename: "Rainmaker"

Intel Agent 012: Dakota Shyvler: Codename: (waiting on response)

Intel Agent 013: Kaile Vera: Codename: "Wraith"

Intel Agent 014: Sara Kitten: Codename: "Kitty"

Intel Agent 014: Maelion Liates:  Codename: "Terminatrix"

Intel Agent 015: Kelsee Larson: Codename: "Shiek"

Intel Agent 015: Judd Hunter: Codename: "Outlaw"

Intel Agent 016: Ace Kitts: Codename: "Weezer"

Glossary of Intelligence Jargon/SlangEdit

Blind Jump —Establishing an Intelligence network on a new planet.

Busted Vacc Suit—Blown cover.


Father—Alliance Intelligence.


Inactive—A former agent who is no longer wanted or is considered to be too volatile to be of any further use.[1][2]


Lullaby—Suicide pill.

Mother—Case officer.

Noxious; Smelly—Imperial security.

Orphan—The disbandment of an intelligence network leaving an agent orphaned.

Pacify—To Kill.

Poison—Imperial Intelligence.

Toxic—Infiltration by Imperial Intelligence.

23er—A very competent agent (derived from the fact that an agent's chance of completing 20 field assignments without being killed or captured is 23%).

Vaccinate—To remove any known Imperial agent.

Vacuum—Deep undercover.

Amphibians (also Amphibs, Fish): Aquatic Wilderness Fighters, of which were comprised of amphibian species such as Mon Calamari and Quarren.

Black-hats (also shadows, shadowmen): Imperial Storm Commandos

Blaster magnet: SpecForce euphemism for an Imperial officer. Cold (also chilly, frosty): A reference to a trooper's ability to maintain calm under fire.[4]

Commando: A generic term often used by non-SpecForce personnel for SpecForce troopers.

Cool drop: An insertion into a relatively safe area typically by parasail or para-wing glider.

Drop (also paradrop): A landing by parasail. Troopers land in the DZ.

Drop zone (DZ): A pre-selected area where troopers are deployed.

Field promotion: Rank advancement given to troopers in the combat arena. Also a slang term for killed in action often after participation in a successful mission.

Ghosts: SpecForce Infiltrators.

Gunner: Term for SpecForce heavy weapons specialist. A trooper that uses an ISW.

Hardpoint (also strongpoint): A well-defended target and/or enemy fortification.

High drop: The deployment of troopers from orbit.

Hot drop: Landing in a dangerous area typically while under fire or an enemy-patrolled area.

ISW: Infantry Support Weapon.

KIA: Killed In Action.

KSA: Kinky Silver Armor. A term pick up from Special Ops agents referring to Radiation Zone Assault Troopers.

Landing zone (LZ): Trooper landing area.

Low drop: Deployment of troopers while in atmosphere.

Mindspook: A Special Ops agent with enhanced mental capabilities. Often a reference to Force-using agents.

Mud foot: A derogatory term for inexperienced Alliance infantry.

Nature lovers: Term for SpecForce Wilderness fighter.

OBC: Order of Battle Companies.

Plastic soldiers: Stormtroopers. Also toy soldiers, whitehats and snowmen

Pop gun: Compressed air slugthrower.

Puppetmen: Imperial special missions (ISM) troops. The term was derived from their acts of framing "Rebel terrorists" for atrocities.

Pyroman (also boomer): Demolitions expert.

Recovering Spook: A mission group agent attached to a SpecForce unit.

Rocket Jockey: Starfighter pilot.

Sand Banthas: SpecForce Desert Wilderness Fighters.

Scanner: Sensor specialist.

Scanner: Type of sensor.

Sec: Abbreviation of Sector, as in SecForce.

SecCom: Sector Command

SecForce: Sector Force

Shadowmen: Imperial Storm commandos

Shadows: Imperial Storm Commandos

Shadows: SpecForce Infiltrators.

Shuttling your dead: Refers to the SpecForce policy of recovering the bodies of fallen comrades before leaving an area.

Smokers: Smoke grenades

Snowmen: Stormtroopers.

Spec (also SpecTrooper): Special Forces Trooper.

SpecCom: Abbreviation of Special Forces Command.

SpecForce: Abbreviation of Alliance Special Forces.

SpecTech (also Tech): SpecForces Technician or technical services.

SpecOps: Alliance Special Operations

Special: A generic military term for unusual. Also used to describe anything odd or suspicious.

Special forces: Fighting units trained specifically to undertake particularly difficult missions. Also a branch of the Alliance military.

SpecTrooper: Alliance Special Forces Trooper.

Specter: A SpecForce trooper assigned to Special Operations.

Spook: An Alliance SpecOps Agent.

Spooky: SpecOps attitude or mission.

Superspook: Alliance free agent.

Tauntauns: SpecForce Arctic Wilderness Fighters.

TC: Task Force Commander

TFC: Task Force Companies.

TK: Sniper, from Telekinesis referring to the snipers ability to strike from distance.

Townies: SpecForce Urban Combat Specialists (UCS).

Toy soldiers: Stormtroopers.

TrekSpecs (also Trekker): SpecForce Pathfinders.

Troopies: Alliance regular soldiers, typically SecForce troopers.

UCS: SpecForce Urban Combat Specialists. Useless: Imperial Officers, especially ranking rear-echelon officers. Vacheads: SpecForce SpaceOps trooper.

Vapebait: SpecForce euphemism for an Imperial officer.

Whiskers: Accumulated experience, as in "has got long whiskers". Sometimes literal description as SpecTroop human males usually wear beards.

Whitehats: Stormtroopers.

Wookiees: SpecForce Forest Wilderness Fighters. Wraiths: SpecForce Infiltrators.

  • note: some of these words are also SpecForce words.

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