“Death it seems, is too easy.” —Anesia Jy'Vun, Sith Master

Anesia was a member of three memorable dark groups: Regnum in Potestas, Sine Occasu and The Sith Empire. She is also one of the founding members of The Sith Council (newest version) when The Dark Sith Order and Sine Occasu combined their forces. Both her name and face are renowned galaxy wide. The cursed Sith Master is known for her narcissistic attitude, manipulative ploys for power and her nefarious behavior galaxy wide.

Personae MemoirEdit

Full Name: Anesia Navia Jy'Vun
Alliance: Dark
Allies: Regnum in Potestas, Sine Occasu: Sith Brotherhood, The Sith Empire and The Sith Council.
Residence: Munto Codru, Castle Black (current)
Properties: Coruscant, Zeltros, Naboo, Ruusan, Korriban, Rhen Var, Vendaxa, Dathomir, Cerea, Bastion and Nar Shaddaa.
Contacts: Jerimiah or Macayela Black
Spouse/Companion: Remy Gray (estranged)

Lady Anesia, mommy dearest, mother of darkness, Darth Ferrius, succubus, witch, Ms. Masochist, the dream queen, mistress, the deceiver, and the council’s vanity.


Anesia is very hot and cold; bipolar and multi-personality disorders. She is a very bold and charming woman. The very way she acts is virtually elegant and hard to dismiss. The key to her personality, as it varies, is manipulative. She has her disorders, but when wanting to, can control it rather easily- giving way to various personas. As both Sith and mostly Zeltron, emotion plays a big part; she loves and hates rather easily.

Character Traits:

Loyal (to the dark; though some would see it as being a slave to it), abusive, relentless, beautiful, vain, powerful, inquisitive, knowledgeable, exotic, deceptive, capable, fashionable, sadomasochistic, controlling, and calculating.

Anesia has the obvious characteristics of a Sith (and then some). She is mostly known for using her beauty to get ahead, manipulating men and women from all corners/alliances across the galaxy. The woman is as cruel as they come, she not only enslaves men, women and children, but tortures, experiments and sells them.


Hair: Black
Eyes: Violet (naturally brown)
Skin: Pale olive or unusually tan.
Distinguishing Marks: Corset piercing, nose piercing and various sith tattooing from shoulders to lower back.
Attire: Robes in various colors and lengths, corset dresses and leather.
Accessories: Four lightsabers, three single, one dual (Purple, red, white and black). Two daggers, numerous rings and necklaces. Intricate, thin silver and bronze cigarillo cases, gifts from Remy Gray.
Height: 1.778 m
Weight: 57.6 kg

Her small frame is usually accompanied with the softer side nature has given as far as colors go in a wardrobe. Even so, it is more dramatic with make-up, giving her "assets" the more obvious attention. Her harsh brown (or violet) eyes lined in dark hues and ran over in mostly nude, black and gold on her lids. Being as wanting as a person as she is, her mouth is the first to draw attention with heavy decadent lips. A mixture of bloodlines, Zeltron and Nagai, gave her a skin tone unmatchable; not red, nor white, but something along the lines of a creamy olive. High cheekbones and slender, slanted brows give the rest of her face it's beautiful completion. Robes, cloaks- the usual of Force-user attire was dually noted and used, along with extravagant dresses to which she wore normally. Long, black hair fell mid-back with chunks of a golden brown all through the curly, but most of the time straight and in sleek dos. She was thin, a little more than average height for a woman, but completely normal by her people's standards.


A touch of insanity, then some quotesEdit

Everyone and anything is a tool to this Sith Master and nothing other than. If it can be used, which all things can, then drain it or train it. The philosophy of a woman with power and the knowledge to utilize it.

“A poor man is usually hungry, as a wealthy woman is usually starved for companionship… everyone can give someone something. In that, you will receive something much more valuable. Dependency and trust. A ear, a voice, eyes… people take for granted so much.”

“Never give away what you cannot take back tenfold.”

The price of being a traitor is not met with a swift beheading, but rather taking what a person cherishes most and turning it against them piece by piece, little by little; so the torment never ends and justice goes on in the form of a life sentence. Death only relieves them.

“It will never be my intention to relieve a being of their sins; I serve only justice in the face of madness. Life is the price they pay. A life of wretchedness, poverty- a loveless life, for all that they once had is now mine.”

Anesia would have what most call a multi-personality disorder. On one hand, it could be considered a weakness and on the other hand a blessing. She had always been an avid pupil and the fact that two of her Masters were complete opposites played a fault in this affliction. There was Anesia who was persistent, dark and ever stretching the limits of the Darkside- a true Sith in definition, much like her second master, Reyven Samoth.

"Love. It can be a weakness, or the greatest power a man can have. It cannot be controlled and for this, I am quite satisfied that I have endured no such thing. Being a man or being in love."

That did not seem to fill her needs or further her quest for power and she turned to alchemy like Remy Gray, her first master. It goes on, for a long time she stuck to just the two, traveling across the galaxy to learn what she could, to practice what she may. Dathomir shed a whole new light upon the Sith Knight when she chanced upon it. So it was there the witches of Dathomir and the Nightsisters piqued her curiosity. They taught her their ways and so the alchemist became a witch for a time.

The knowledge it seemed, was too much, so on the verge of a mental breakdown, Anesia became three separate personas in one body. Then came the fourth…


It was dusk on Arbar when Anesia Jy’Vun was brought into the galaxy by a venomous archivist named Maryn Deliah Kovis, and valiant Jedi Knight Tavion Nas Jy’Vun. She was fair, even as a babe, dark ringlets crowned her head, perfectly pink lips, rosy cheeks and eyes such a rich brown they seemed black. The child born of wedlock weighed in at a mere six and a half pounds and stretched an even twenty-four inches long. During the months on infancy she showed an interest in learning and did so quickly.

Both parents (even though her father was barely around) were swift to learn that they had a force sensitive. At three months, Anesia was throwing things with out the use of her hands. There was no control, but the ability was still there. When she began to speak, she did so through telepathy until she was two years old. The people in the city had thought the archivist had born a mute. This was not so, it was just that Anesia, even that young, liked to play head games. Still, she was an active thing, ever inquisitive, always smiling. Her closest companions were her brother Davik, three years older and her mother. As a small child, those were all she had.

At three, the family had moved to Zeltros (her mother's native planet), then to Coruscant in the same year. Tavion Jy'Vun visited when he could, which was only every few months and only for a couple days at a time. The active parent in her life was her mother and she worked, so was barely around also. It was left to her brother who was seven years older to raise her during those times.

When she hit about five, her father began to come around more. Soon after quite a big change in her life, Anesia found herself in the company of him more than anyone else. She had attached herself to his hip every time he was around. It was not always; Tavion was gone more than he was home, though it was more than in past times. Still, the young girl cherished every second. She was essentially, a ‘Daddy’s girl’.

The older she got, the farther she grew from her mother. Anesia thought it because of the new addition to the family, and grew to be disobedient when her younger sister was around. Nothing she could do; good or bad, would get her mother’s attention. Over time, she got used to it and took more of a liking to school and extra-curricular activities to keep her mind off of the disappointment.

At the age of seven and a day where she happened to be visited by her father, they were found out by his Master before he had gained the title. Jedi Master Jerrico Koronos was his name. All of them were assured that not a single word would be ushered as long as the Council came first. That was what he told them while Tavion was there. The visits became few and farther between. Anesia was very close with her father, even with such short family time. He even trained her when possible, to use the Force and a lightsaber.

It had only been a couple weeks, a day shy actually when Jedi Master Koronos appeared before them again and her brother was sent off to work in the mines. Even as small as she was, Anesia knew something was awry. Maryn had stopped paying attention to her and settled it upon Jerrico instead. She was even instructed to never speak of it. It was blackmail. With her father absent, this man, her father's mentor had seemingly taken his place.

This went on for years. Her mother gone for days at a time with this man, leaving her to herself. Davik was off making his own life, so this left her alone. The longest she was gone at once, was six months. In that time, her father never visited either. That was when she was twelve. Jerrico paid visits though, making sure she had food. But that was all.

By now, Anesia understood that her mother was having an affair with the Jedi Master. She had betrayed her family. The small amount of love she ever had for her children had vanished. Maryn had even ignored her own daughter in a time when she needed her most. Where she lacked however, Jerrico picked up the slack. He gave her more attention than she wanted. This in effect, enraged her mother, causing jealousy. The man had continued her training with the Force. He was molding her.

At the age of fifteen, Jerrico Koronos had completely abandoned her mother's bed. Apparently he had a knack for younger girls. It was sick really. He was handsome, but negligent. He was a liar. This was what she portrayed as a Jedi and what they stood for. Which was disgusting and cruel. It scared her. She found herself lying too, just to get away from him. The fear was getting to be too much. Anesia's innocence had been taken, her life flipped upside down. The more angst and hatred she showed, the more driven it seemed to make the man.

When she was sixteen she fell ill and into a coma. The truth of it was, Anesia had been impregnated and then put into a coma. She never knew she was pregnant and that she had a daughter. After it was 'presumed' safe, the archivist's daughter was awoken, appearing just as she had before.

As if it was not enough that the Jedi Master took her virginity, gave her a child she did not know about, and tore her family apart -he continued to hover like a storm cloud. The abuse never stopped, it only became more savage. Anesia had no escape and not even her mother would help. There was love lost there between mother and daughter. Hate gleamed in Maryn's eyes, jealousy in her heart.

Nothing compared to when her Father had found his mentor in his daughter's bed when he returned early from his duties on the Council. It was quite clear to him what had happened. Though there was a flicker of something in his eyes that hurt her. She imagined it was trust. He expected her to come to him and she would have, had she been brave enough.

There is only so much a person can take; even a controlled, trained Jedi Master apparently.

The battle was long between them. It seemed to last for hours. Anesia had tried to help, but her father would have nothing of it.

He lost and she watched as he was gutted from behind- as blood poured from his belly. She was scared, shocked, repulsed, sad, angry. Anesia did the only logical thing a teenager would do; she attacked the other Jedi. Jerrico only laughed and sent her flying and landing in a heap of fractured bones, bruised and battered.

Still, even after her Father's death and her mother 'owed' nothing to this man, she kept him around.

Anesia became obedient, smarter and trained under her Father's murderer. It was a sick thing, but the young woman had her reasons. Revenge.

All of that came with a price. That price was her body whenever he wished it. It made bile climb up her throat and her stomach knot. She had to do it, she decided. For her father, if not for herself. But never ever for her mother.

Jedi Master Warren Jerrico had been gone for a solid month. Abstinence for thirty days.

When he called, she would come. Drunk, aroused- it was exactly how she wanted him. Anesia had him worked up, sweaty and then finally, spent. He was sitting on a stool, instructing her in slurs to dance. So, she did. She danced all the way around him until it was time.

Anesia Jy'Vun slew her father's murder with a crisp, quick slice of his neck. He was still alive when she severed off his manhood. She wanted him to feel it while he bled to death. That in itself did not take long.

A murderer now, she fled, not having the heart to kill her own mother. Anesia searched now for answers and aid to punish the Jedi for what they had done or not done. Her father was dead, her mother a whore, her siblings disappeared and Jerrico dead by her own hands.

She could not possibly go back, not with out facing a certain death, that would be in no doubt dealt with by the Jedi Council.

This was when she went to Ruusan, based on a few myths and found them to be true. Anesia became an Apprentice to Sith Master Remy Gray of Regnum in Potestas at the age of seventeen.

"Peace is a lie; there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me." —Darth Bane, Dark Lord of the Sith

Known Associates (Past or present)Edit

Korran Halcyon, Reyven Samoth, Remy Gray, Vascious Relens, Rach Sullen, Sophie Maurow, Darth Monnik, Caleb Torran, Kassandra Distorith, Maize Wayne, Aden Lothiar, Kathryn Langley, Emryc, Skip Lone, Lord Immortus, Saelia Santori, Steph Zenima, Jerimiah Black, Macayela Black, Bane Nathos, Domos Virago, Darth Sidian, Alexia Preston, Mikel Goff, Artemis Obauldi, C’orringath Ventraas, Mason England, Malice Draclau, Darth Necromis, Jake Leventa, Talon Hinata, Vega Vanderveld, Razielle Vanderveld, Zan Kyoru.


Remy Gray
Reyven Samoth

Training and StudiesEdit

Lightsaber Combat (adding specifics later)
Alchemy (adding specifics later)
Sith Sorcery and Necromancy (adding specifics later)
Dathomirian Witchcraft (adding specifics later)

Sith KnightEdit

Coming soon.


Trained Edit

Kathryn Langley
Darth Necros
Zan Kyoru
Alicia Owens
Aden Lothiar/Darth Grimm (incomplete)
Jerimiah Black (NPC)
Macayela Black (NPC)
Alexia Preston (honing skills; not an actual apprentice)
Benedict Eden (current)

Knighted Edit

Kathryn Langley
Zan Kyoru
Darth Necros

Sith MasterEdit

Coming soon.


Anesia's current residence is on Munto Codru, where she is under the guise of a political adviser. However, a trip to Naboo has put her in a rather 'risky risqué' situation with her former Master, Remy Gray.


The beginning of the series: [| Chaos Control]

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