Anija Ordo (Tershin)
Anija UT
Avatar: Charlize Theron
Anija Ordo (Qenadius)
Also known as
Anij'ika, Anji
Coronet, Corellia
Kyrimorut, Mandalore
Mandalorian Naval Officer
Former Mand'alor
None currently
Mac O'Shenanigans
Human (Corellian)
150 lbs.
Body type
Eye color
Hair color
Skin color
Family members
Sol Tershin
Significant other
Halon Ordo (Deceased)
Edythe Gseran (Deceased)
Mac O' Shenanigans (adoptive Brother)
Kane E. Smart (adoptive Brother)
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Cal'mina Ordo
Michelle Ordo
Other family


((Some of the work here is based on original TGC RPs, or reworks. The majority is based in the Tal'dine timeline. For those of you who wish to dispute my claim to even being a previous Mand'alor on TGC, talk to Kane or others who know me. The RP's have been lost, and I left TGC, so have no record. ))

Early LifeEdit

49 ABY - 7/19/49 - Daughter of Halon Ordo and Edythe Gseran, Callista is born on Corellia. Edythe contacts the Jedi Order resigning her rank.

53 ABY (4) - Halon and Edythe get wind of the SWORD directive and leave Callista in the hands of caretakers and flee Corellia in order to spare her life. They resettle on Nar Shaadaa. It is not a long resettlement however as Sky gets wind of their departure and follows them to Nar Shaadaa. Sky fulfills his duty and kills both Edythe and Halon. No word is sent back to Corellia or Mandalore.

54 ABY (5) -

  • Callista Gseran-Ordo runs away from her caretakers and spends 10 months on the streets. She meets Mand'alor Ordo on an aborted attempt to steal supplies. Mand'alor Ordo decides to adopt her and take her back to Mandalore with him. She spends the next 5 years learning the Mandalorian way of life.(Beginning events of Many Masks)
  • Anija meets a young Mac O'Shenanigans, who trains her in Mandalorian fighting techniques as Giarc is getting on in age.

61 ABY (12) - Anija Ordo is sent by her father to Ossus to train with the Jedi. In the interim, Delborimus, a Jedi Master by the name of Mical D'aron and Mand'alor Ordo form the Syndicate, a secret organization to look into SWORD's actions.

Life as a Mercenary and Training on Ossus Edit

63 ABY (14) - Anija goes on her first mission - to track down and apprehend the Sith that have infiltrated the Pearl of Kalori along with the other pirates. She fails, and one of the pirates, a Morgan Blackthorn saves her life. (Pirates and Pearls)

64 ABY (15) -

  • Mac O'Shenanigans is confirmed as Alor of Clan Gaecel'ic (A New Alor)
  • Anija continues her training under Master Dabri'meem. On a mission to Dromuund Kaas, Anija encounters Xander Starkiller and undergoes the test to receive the Mark of Skill. She returns to Ossus and continues to train and search for information on her parents, Halon and Edythe. (Devil's Way)
  • Anija takes a bounty on Strider Garon, but fails. (Hunting the Dishonored I)
  • One week later, Mac gives both of them scars across their upper arm - bisecting their tattoos. While receiving the cut, the person is not allowed to make a sound. This is Mac's way of giving both of them a second chance. A month later, Mac runs her through the Clan Gaecel'ic trials to regain her place in the clan.(Retribution)

65 ABY (16) -

  • Master Gavin Dabri'meem insists that she she maintains her connection to her heritage, and allows her to undertake another bounty on Strider Garon, who, according to her information, escaped custody. He infiltrates her ship, restraining her and forcing himself upon her as her men (and her father by holofeed) are forced to watch. (Hunting the Dishonored II)
  • On a mission to Corellia, Anija meets Jarrod Conner, who helps her steal a holojournal of her father's from the Temple there. He later helps her elude SWORD agents. (Trails to Val'halla)

66 ABY (17) - Anija's first encounter with Talon Sky. (The Meaning of Life I: To Each Their Own)

67 ABY (18) - Anija encounters Sky's son Alistor on a mission to recover stolen plans (The Meaning of Life II: To Catch a Thief)
[Awarded Distinguished Service Medal for her work in recovering the stolen plans for the Mando'ade.]

68 - 71 ABY (19-22) -

  • Anija completes her training on Ossus.
  • Participates in the defense of Corellia. Though the Sith and RE forces claim the world, Anija is instrumental in ensuring that convoys of refugees make it to safety. She is wounded when her fighter is struck, forcing her to eject to hard vacuum.

Meeting XanEdit

71 ABY (23) -

  • Anija Ordo, after 10 years on Ossus with the Jedi is Knighted and returns home to Mandalore. She is informed of her father's terminal illness and prepared to receive the Kyr'bes. (Final events of Many Masks)
  • Anija Ordo meets Xan Qenadius (Many Masks)
  • Mand'alor Giarc Ordo passes away peacefully at his farm on 8/28/71 ABY. Anija Ordo becomes Mand'alor. (Many Masks)

72 -75 ABY (24-26) - (Mand'alor's Fist)

  • Anija Ordo marries Xan Qenadius.
  • Anija and Xan recover the Rakim'gra'tau - the Super-Keldabe Giarc had been constructing in secret.

75 ABY (27) -

76 ABY (28)

  • Anija reluctantly agrees to a VIP exchange program with the NIS. (Ice and Fire)
  • She spends 3 weeks with the NIS as their Ambassador on Lianna (Trial by Fate - CoH)
  • After returning from Lianna, Anija acquires a strill from Iria (Strill Pack)

Family - Lost and FoundEdit

77 ABY (29)

  • After several long years, Anija finally issues a challenge to Strider. A match to the death. (End of Nightmares)
  • Squeak, a Jensaarai Defender comes to Mandalore in pursuit of a bounty and finds more than she bargained for. (What Was Lost...... is Now Found)
  • The Mandalorians, with the assistance of the NR mobilize a strike against the Core World or Brentaal (The First Wave)
  • Xan and Anija respond to an outbreak of Alpha Red on Bandomeer. Xan dies from the virus before a cure is found. (Bandomeer)

80 ABY (32)

  • Three years have passed since Xan's death. Anija returns to her people and to service with the Mandalorian Navy with help from Mand'alor Kan Smart and others. (Family is More than Blood)
  • Mac and Ailyn insist that Anija attend the ball on Csilla. (Party on Csilla)
  • Anija's first deployment in three years - assisting in the takeover of Iego (Garden of Angels)
  • After 15 years, Anija encounters a man she long thought dead. (Ghost of a Forgotten Past)

A New Era BeginsEdit

81 ABY (33)

  • Anija runs across Sol Tershin in the Keldabe Kiss following the Iego deployment. (Ghost of Memories)
  • Along with several other women from the United Triumvirate, Anija travels to Coruscant for some leisure time. (Bodacious Babes of UT)
  • An interest in Iego's culture and architecture draws Anija back to the Diathim world. Little does she know things are about to become very interesting. (A Knife in the Dark (Iego Aftermath))
  • Reported sightings of a man Anija hasn't seen in years draw her to the Smuggler's Moon. (The Hand We're Dealt)
  • A return trip to Nar Shaddaa yields some background on Sol Tershin. (First Call)

Personal InfoEdit

Distinguishing MarksEdit

  • Clan Ordo Rite of Passage tattoo on the inside of her right wrist. 

Ordo trials1

  • Clan Ordo Trials tattoo down the middle of her back.
Ordo trial

  • Clan Gaecel'ic tattoo at the base of her neck.
Gaecel ic

  • Clan A'skimus Mark of Skill (Jaig eyes) along her left shoulder blade.
Mark of skill

Family InformationEdit


- Father: Halon Ordo (Deceased)
- Mother: Edythe Gseran (Deceased)
- Adoptive Father: Giarc Ordo (Deceased)


Adoptive Brother: Mac O'Shenanigans
Adoptive Brother: Kane E. Smart
Kane smart1


Sol Tershin
Sol Tershin

Other FamilyEdit

Sister-in-law: Petra "Squeak" Qenadius
Sister-in-law: Ailyn Kelborn
Niece: Michele Ordo
Cousin: Cal'mina Ordo
Calmina ordo

Military Commendations and MedalsEdit

Medal of Honor

Mando ribbon - honor

Mando medal - honor2

For distinguishing herself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of her life during the defense of Corellia.

Medal of Valor

Mando ribbon - valor

Mando medal - valor

For exhibiting extreme courage during the defense of Corellia.

Distinguished Service

Mando ribbon - service

Mando medal - service2

For actions above and beyond the call of duty. For the successful recovery of classified plans.

Mando'ade Cross

Mando ribbon - cross

Mando medal - cross

For wounds sustained in the course of duty while assisting in the evacuation and defense of Corellia.

Peace Keeper Medal

Mando ribbon - peacekeeper

Mando medal - peacekeeper

For outstanding service in the interest of peace and humanitarian aid.

Iego Campaign



For gallant service defending Iego during the internal strife.



Par'jila - HWK-290

Parjila HWK 290

Bralor - YV-666 Light Freighter

YV-666 Light freighter

Mandalorian Bes'ullik fighter



  • Beskad (Made by Giarc Ordo)

  • Lightsaber fashioned after an ancient beskad

Anija saber

  • 2 Mandalorian rippers
  • 1 WESTAR 34 blaster pistol


Many events are as you may remember them from TGC, some have been altered slightly, and some are entirely new (For the Tal timeline). There are links to all - or most - in the bio itself. Reading the bio should help clear up some confusion. If clarification is needed, just ask.

Indexed in order of occurrence, according to those stories that have occurred within the TGU and Tal'dine/CoH universe. Some are incomplete.

Roleplays from TGC and TGU that are NOT included in this history, are still archived for historical and posterity purposes.

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