Arabella Darkhold

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Roleplays 2013Edit

Bad Moon Rising - The introduction of Arabella Darkhold.

Training with Cameron Centurion

Training with Quietus

Training with Garith Darkhold - Garith takes on his daughter as apprentice

Additional Skills with Garith Darkhold - training in earth elements

Additional Skill with Blade Ice - Talking to the Dead

Unexpected Vacation - Arabella is stranded on a world that cuts her off from the force.

Knock Knock - Arabella meets with apprentices Muad Dib and Dresdin Astil as they roam through the caverns of the old temple and tombs of Dromund Kaas

Sith Pack - The Sith Pack meets to vacation on Spira- Arabella finds herself drawn to Dresdin.

The Tangled Web we Weave - The Sith Pack aides Atin's woman' Chloe Hinata

Darkness Returns - Arabella returns to the maw with Muad, the two bond over the dangers  presented by SHE. their emotions are twisted together.

Poker Party and Pubs - Arabella watched a game of Texas Holdem while Dresdin plays dealer

Half Moon Bay Festival - Arabella goes with Muad to the festival, again their emotions for one another well up.

more drink One more drink Muad, Dresdin, Leylah, Arabella, Gabe all turn up in the same bar.

Bloody Mary - Masquerade Ball - Arabella attends with Dresdin.

Bar Fight - Arabella wants to learn to fight, so Muad in his wisdom takes her and Dresdin out to a bar to..fight.

Defiling what was once sacred A restructuring of the Sith

Through the looking glass - Arabella receives an invite to dinner from a stranger. What she finds when she arrives, and what he tells her, makes her question herself, and her purpose.

This could be a problem What happens when a man inhabits a woman's body. (continuation of Face Off)

Stars of Balmorra - Arabella goes to Balmorra to scout new contacts and meets Grim Draclau, who tells her she may be the connection to Abeloth, and the Destroyer.

After Effects - Arabella without training in alchemy summons a creature which possesses her, only the skills of Muad and Dresdin keep her alive.

Corellian Connections - Dresdin asks Arabella to marry him, and she accepts. The Sith pack gathers for what could be their last time together.

Once more into the Fold Arabella seeks answers on Ruusan for her visions.

First of Many - TSC Apprentice Mission (Aiden Shadowstride)

Seasons of Love - Jake and Cynnamon's engagement party

Alderaan Vacation The Sith pack is on Alderaan, to relax but soon it is discovered Hawk Solo the one who sentenced Atin's wife to death is also on Alderaan.

Balmorra Connections - The Sith pack travels to Balmorra to make connections to help cement their power base.

Tatooine Mood Swings Arabella asks Muad to join her on Tatooine, she admits her feelings for him. Both torn and twisted by their emotions, and the people they are involved with. Muad kills Arabella to take from her the beast she had summoned from chaos on Alderaan weeks earlier. The one that nearly killed her.

Reflections - Arabella meets with Dresdin to talk whether to go forward. But was she completely honest in what she said, or did she lie again.

Resurrections - Arabella and Muad give in to their emotions for one another on Tatooine.

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