Archaen master
Archaen Fel
Darth Animus
6' 2"
Approx. 180 lbs
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Home Planet
Melina Fel ( Deceased )
Kassandra Distortith ( adpt )
Barristar Fel ( Deceased )
Maize Wayne ( adpt )
Tiara Fel
Aurelia Wayne ( ad/deceased )
Kier Wayne ( adpt )
Ethan Wayne ( adpt )
Kassidy Wayne ( adpt )
Damian ( son )


Known as Darth Animus, Archaen was born to a poor family of Coruscant who ultimately was happy to be rid of him. Raised by the Jedi, Archaen was an ambitious student who constantly sought to excel in every effort. He particularly enjoyed lightsaber combat, a skill he honed to razor sharpness.

As time passed the Jedi masters grew worried about the boy and his ambition, and eventually decided to release him from the order rather than to have him move on as a Padiwan learner. His family refused to take him back in, and so he was transferred to a foster home. This did not sit well with Archaen, who was far too proud to be so treated even at the age of fifteen. In the dead of night he robbed the house of what credits he could find and exited into the depths of Coruscant.

It was quite possible that Archaen might have simply become another of Coruscant's unfortunate lower class had he not crossed paths with Darth Saevitia. The Sith Master felt compelled to take the young man in, and accepted him as her student. Rather than seeking to restrain him, Saevitia encouraged Archaen to fully express himself through the Dark Side. He drove himself through training, serving the Sith to the best of his abilities. Beyond learning the basics of the Force, Archaen additionally learned the healing arts. He eventually graduated and took on the name 'Darth Animus'.

In addition to becoming a Sith, Archaen also became an adopted addition to the Wayne family. Kassandra's love for Archaen was something he had never encountered in his life; so much so that for a long time he was at a loss to understand it. His loyalty to Kassandra, however, was unquestioned - the young Sith developed a complete devotion to his mistress that remains to the present.

His path beyond apprenticeship was a rocky one, which briefly derailed after going through the trials of the Seven. Having faced seven of the worst possible challenges conceivable at the time, Archaen found himself unable to cope with the memory. This caused him to travel to the Outer Rim in a vain search for a way to purge his memory. The effort created a disassociation that resulted in amnesia. Archaen returned to the colonized galaxy with no memory of his former self. What little he knew he used to create a new identity - "the Odessian".

As this new person he traveled to Corellia in disguise and with his face cloaked. There he found reminants of his former self, and a recording warning him of the consequences his past life may have in store for him. He also ended up back in training, this time under Darth Thanatos - Saevitia's husband. Back within the household of the Waynes Archaen was recognized and quickly taken in. The strong emotions his memories had for this family encouraged him to take rather drastic actions in an effort to solidify his broken psyche. Although nearly fatal, the act was successful and Archaen Fel was restored.

Since that time much has changed for the Sith Knight. He has discovered that his family history traces back to Emperor Fel the First, a lineage that ultimately granted him resources to pursue visions of one day ruling the galaxy. He has also become one of four caretakers of Ziost - a distinction that he shared with DarkSky Kerberos, Skellosh DeLaroche, and his sister Tiara.

Archaen previously resided on Ziost and Coruscant which he shared with his fiancee' Irridia Solensis as well as his sister Tiara, her lover Jacelyn Verdon, their adopted daughter Ishta, and an advanced clone of the child called Ishta White. The Fel Estate is part of a greater complex which houses a variety of arcane projects. The resources there are shared with Arumi Zy, a former student who graduated to become the Sith Knight Darth Fidelis.

Eventually deciding that Ziost was too remote to be an effective baseworld and in many ways too dark as a world to be suitable for a family, Archaen moved his primary residence to the resort world of Gyosha. His island home maintains a personal landing area and a full sensor net to protect his privacy while building up his influence both on the planet and through the galaxy.

During recent activities on Glee Anselmi, Archaen came into conflict with his adopted mother because of a conflict of interest. This has resulted in a break between the Fel and Wayne families. Whether this will turn into a more serious or permenent condition is yet to be determined. This challenge, however, paled in comparison to recent injuries suffered during a Sith internal conflict on Korriban. In an exchange with Darth Molior, Archaen was struck off of a cliff edge and slain. He was later revived, but the injuries to his body were severe. A full recovery, however, was eventually achieved through the use of full prostetic armor.

Upon recovering from his injuries, Animus set the armor aside and began focused meditations within the Dark Side to increase his mastery of it. These efforts recently bore fruit, expanding Animus' abilities considerably. That, along with a recent conflict with the Sith Master Emryc, resulted in Animus' ascension as a Sith Master. This ascention was achieved at a cost, however, as the battle with Emryc released vast quantities of Force Engergy, leaving him paled with deep scars running up his face.

Returning to Ziost to recover, Animus found that his fiancee' had disappeared again, taking his son with her. Having lost patience with the erratic relationship, he broke off the engagement while re-acquainting himself with Phoebe Draclau. This lasted only briefly, however, as Phoebe proved far more interested in associations within the Empire than in any lasting relationship with Archaen.

Darth Animus had long perceived of a destiny in which he would have control of the galaxy. This destiny came to a head several years ago on the planet Mimban, once the Sith Master came into posession of all shards of the kaiburr crystal. Re-uniting the stone through a painful mix of light- and dark-side Force, he rebuilt the keystone of a planetary matrix. This matrix gave Animus access to complete omnicience and omnipotence through the Force.

His access to this, however, was exceedingly brief. Animus was immediately challenged by Jedi Master Bethany Kismet, While Animus posessed more than adequate power to repel the Jedi's efforts, doing so would have resulted in a lashing out of the Force which would've painfully slain Bethany - something Archaen Fel could not bring himself to do, as the Jedi healer forever maintained contact with a softer part of Archaen which the Sith was loathe to admit to. As a result Bethany was able to overcome Animus through this weakness and irrevokably destroy the Kaiburr crystal, which in turn closed off the possibility of ever regaining the power available through the Mimban crystal matrix.

After that failure, Archaen fell adrift. Without his destiny therewas no drive, and without that drive his ability to maintain his
interests faltered. Over-extended, Archaen's investments collapsed in upon themselves. His debts collected, foreclosing on assets and leaving him with little more than a Nu-class shuttle to live in. With the absence of his wife, the abandonment of his lover, and the fracturing of his family - Archaen fell adrift across the galaxy with only a small cluster of droids for companions. The Sith Master now wanders as he seeks purpose and a new goal to guide him.


Archaen tends to dress formally, and has a preference for longcoats and vests. His long hair is usually left loose, softening his presence to put others at ease. This, however, is a marked contrast to his pale skin and dark eyes which give him a morbid presence.


Archaen earnestly sees the power of the Sith as a way to improve the galaxy. Where possible, he seeks to be friendly and pleasant. Yet being a Sith means wielding lethal power, and serving the Sith means great rewards and great risks. Archaen will not hesitate to use the Dark Side to lethal effect if he considers an act justified.

General InformationEdit

While not generally cruel or sadistic, Archaen does not believe that the populace of the galaxy is capable of self-determination. The greed and petty bickering that goes on between social groups makes deterioration inevitable unless a strong hand is taken. However, as his own efforts towards providing leadership have resulted in ultimate failure, Archaen now turns his attention towards minimizing chaos by whatever means are needed rather than seeking a commanding role.

He is personally served by an LOM protocol droid, designation 5-RTS ( 'Artie' ). While other units may prove more effective or evenly balanced, Archaen preferred the wide-angle visual scans Artie is capable of, as well as the simple joy of hearing a steady human voice from an insectoid head.

Archaen is a capable pilot, able to capably guide anything from a Corellian freighter to an Eta-2 fighter through the tightest challenges. He is also an experienced lightsaber duelist, and has studied most forms of lightsaber combat to an adept level. He is capable of fighting two-handed and is typically armed with two lightsabers and two blasters.

Although once commanding a considerable force, Archaen had over-extended his resources considerably. Without attention they were lost, leaving the once-influential Master with a single Nu-class shuttle to his name while the ships he commanded returned to the posession of the Sith Council.