"Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East. Powers of Air and Invention...hear me..."

Aria Santori-Decuir
Avatar: Mariangela Demurtas
Brisarias Hailie Santori-Decuir
Also known as
Nightsister Master
Temple Headmistress
Misty Falls Clan Mother
Kahne Porte
Adira Ventress
Noel Beck
Ryn Bacquin
Artemis Erosa
Ceryni Fiore
Alton Galalo
Athena Dianora
Ba'al Decuir
Single hilt (Purple)
Modified trophy taken from Spencer Jacobs
Leather braided whip with steel studs on the tips
Galactic Basic
5 foot and 5 inches
135 lbs.
Body type
Eye color
Hair color
Skin color
Lightsaber burn across abdomen
Lightsaber stab wound on chest
Ornate flower tattoo on upper right arm
Family members
Significant other
William Santori
Fiona Fama-Santori
Jaden Decuir(twin)
Anika Decuir(twin)
Azrael Decuir
Hailie Santori (Clone)
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Other family

A Nightsister's InformationEdit


Aria at age 17


Hair Color: Raven
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Bronze
Distinguishing Marks: Nostril piercing, ornate tattoo on upper right arm.

Hair Color: Raven
Eye Colour: Pale Grey or White
Skin Color: Sickly pale
Distinguishing Marks: Visible purple veins appear on her temples and cheekbones
Personality: Speaks with two voices in tandem. One is hers, the other is an almost deep growl voiced by extreme emotion.


Eternal Mate

  • Christian Decuir
Ian somerhalder in vd s 01 211

Christian Decuir

- Originally met unofficially years prior during their time as Jedi, the fateful encounter happened later during Aria's wedding to her former Master, Adira Ventress. As a result, she spent her wedding night with her new wife with Christian, resulting in a pregnancy, divorce from Adira, and mating to Christian.

Distanced Love

  • Adira Ventress

Adira Ventress

- Served first as Aria's Mentor into Darkness, teaching her how to embrace what she truly was and instilled the seeds of hate that would blossom not long after directed at her former Jedi life. Later in life, she became Aria's wife and subsequent first former spouse.

The Twins

  • Jaden Decuir

- Technically Aria and Christian's oldest child, barring the five minute interval between his birth and that of his twin, Anika. Said to be highly volatile and prone to sadistic tendencies in dealing with unruly slaves, or those unlucky enough to find themselves in his isolated underground bunker that he calls his "Funhouse".

  • Anika Decuir

- More often than not, Anika represents Jaden's conscience in several aspects of their lives. A devoted bookworm who spends time learning all that she can in stark contrast to her black leather-clad twin brother.

The Lone Wolf

  • Azrael Decuir

- Hers and Christian's youngest son, Azrael is considered to be the middle ground between Jaden and Anika.


  • Custom built lightsaber w/purple blade
Aria Lightsaber Main

Aria's Custom Hilt

  • Trophy shoto hilt taken from Spencer Jacobs
  • Leather whip w/ steel tips

Aria's Holocron

  • Holocron built during her Trial by Invocation. Inside lies knowledge passed down from crumbling tomes left from past Clan Mothers of Misty Falls, as well as many secrets that she imprinted as well. One of these secrets is the Codex to learning the closely guarded Ancient dialect. The device is fitted with several seperate locking mechanisms that must be activated in a certain order. Failure results in the same searing heat upon the offender's hands offered by the ceremonial blade that she watches over.

Training and SpecializationEdit


  • Kahne Porte (As a Jedi Padawan)
  • Adira Ventress (As a Nightsister)


Past and Present.

  • Noel Beck
  • Ryn Bacquin
  • Artemis Erosa
  • Ceryni Fiore
  • Alton Galalo
  • Athena Dianora
  • Ba'al Decuir
  • Ryn Bacquin
  • Artemis Erosa
  • Krishna Decuir
  • Zoe Marzullo

Force SpecialityEdit

Aeromancy - Air manipulation

Aeromancy OverviewEdit

Aria's FaithfulEdit


The Huntress



Aiding and following her orders to watch over all that she has are two individuals in particular. Vex, and her older brother Rune. Both were found when Aria was still fairly young living on the streets, and when Aria gave them purpose they both swore a lifedebt as their lives had been bought from a Trandoshan slaver.

Vex is in charge of flying Aria's vessel, the aptly named Huntress, and maintaining contact with her Mistress and everyone who needs her while she travels. As such, Vex rarely leaves Aria's side, save for when her Mistress commands her to do so. Aria often refers to the blonde as "My Little Vex" which some may assume that she and her Mistress' relationship goes deeper then is let on.



Rune's lot in life is that he is under standing orders to watch over his Mistress' children, though he has taken more of a fixation to guarding Jaden as he gets into trouble quite often. When he is not guarding his Mistress' children, he stays near her to watch for anyone who would cause a problem. For this personality, Vex often calls him their Mistress' guard dog.

Role Play ListingEdit

Establishment as a NightsisterEdit

Your Turn To FallEdit

  • In Darkness, We all Fall Eventually Still a Jedi Padawan, Aria travels with her adopted father, Kahne Porte, to Nar Shaddaa in an attempt to quiet the dark voices inside the young girl's mind. Fate leads them into the path of one Gabriel Volturi, who is a Nightbrother Knight. He twists Aria's mind, and she turns on her own father, and attacks him, then escapes with Gabriel to Necropolis and begins her life as a Nightsister, thus fulfilling her true destiny.

A New InitiateEdit

  • The Path To Decay A young 17 year old Aria Santori arrives on Necropolis following her fateful attack on her own father, Kahne Porte, on Nar Shaddaa. There she met and was corrupted by Nightbrother Knight Gabriel Volturi, and given the coordinates to this place and told to return home. Once in the Graveyard of Necropolis, Aria meets Adira Ventress, which will prove central to her life to come. After searching through a Tomb for an object, which turns out to be a small hand mirror, Aria reveals her intentions, and is taken as Adira's Apprentice to begin her life anew as a Nightsister following in her mother's footsteps.
  • Corruption of the Roots (Training) Following Adira further into the landscape of Necropolis, Aria arrives at an aged Arena where she demonstrates her basic powers with using and manipulating objects that she learned during her time as a Jedi, much to Adira's displeasure.
  • Trial by Fire: The Corrupted Fruit Several months after the first encounter with Adira, and many hours of training later, Aria awakes to find a note from Adira instructing her to travel to the Penumbra Temple. At first she assumes it is another test in her training, yet once she arrives, she is faced with the truth that today she had entered this Temple as an Apprentice, and would exit as a Knight, or as a corpse. Following the Trial's completion, Aria is formally Knighted by Adira after Aria fights her in her rage state, and surprisingly enough, carries their budding relationship into something more. A marriage proposal spoken in her native language.

Developmental StagesEdit

The Path To DecayEdit

  • Mind What You Have Learned, Save You It Can (SNRP) Reports of a "Fountain of Youth" spark up, and everyone who is anyone decends on Dagobah to find it. Here, Nightsister Apprentice Aria Santori travels with her Master, Adira Ventress to Dagobah. Their ship crashes, and after several brief scuffles, make it to the underground "Fountain", which is actually a Lake. Wanting the power for the Coven, Aria swims across the lake to the center, but almost dies by the power of the water, but is pulled to safety by Adira. After escaping in Sith Lord Mason England's shuttle, the pair retreat to the shower for "private time."
  • A Chance Encounter On Tatooine, Aria Santori, still an Apprentice, runs into Spencer Jacobs, Sith Apprentice. They talk to a length, and Aria tries to recruit Spencer into the Coven, but she declines and decides to return to the Sith, and to her mentor that she feels attached to.
  • Breathe Barely a week before her wedding, Aria gets a call from Spencer, and takes a ride to Naboo. They tell each other that no matter what, they will always be there for each other, and they tell each other they are in love with each other.
  • Tearing The Veil From Grace The day arrives when Aria marries her now former Master, but meets Christian Decuir after the ceremony and the two retreat to privacy and conceive twins.
  • Dusk on Necropolis Wandering Necropolis late at night, Aria finally draws the courage to speak to Christian about their night together. She tells him that she is 2 month's pregnant with twins, and that he is the father. She confesses that she is in love with him, and has been for years since their shared days among the Jedi Order, and removes her wedding band from Adira and drops it on the floor, and dedicates her life to loving him, and promises to leave Adira to be with the one she truly loves.
  • One More Drop of Blood Aria and Christian travel to Albion on their first trip together as a couple, to of all places, a family gathering between Marzullos and Decuirs located there.
  • On Your Toes, Jedi A very pregnant Aria leads her fellow High Council members and other Coven members to Naboo to ransack the Jedi Temple, located in Theed. Once inside, Aria meets back up with Spencer, and uses her as a distraction so the others can get in, but Spencer puts a lightsaber hilt to Aria's stomach and threatens the lives of both her, and both of the children she carries.
  • Aggressive Negotiations After giving birth months prior, Aria goes with the rest of the High Council members and the other members of the Coven to Abregado-rae under the guise of working for Gabriel's business of Hunter Technologies. Aria taunts a Tundei Councilman with a little cleavage to get new laws passed that will allow the Coven to infiltrate their Government, while Mikaela incites chaos to cause an uproar for the new laws to be required in the eyes of the Tundei Tribunal. (Aria's part done?)
  • Wait, you guys got wands? Aria comes face to face with Spencer and a fight breaks out. At the end, Aria snaps and releases a Force Scream, and becomes one with her inner Darkness, complete with pale skin, and dual voices when she speaks. Fought Spencer, and in her mind, killed her and took her weapon as a trophy of the act. Afterwards, Aria departed Dathomir for parts unknown after speaking with Santeria and Gabriel.

The Enigma Of LifeEdit

  • Darkness, My Bride (Invite) Following her departure of Dathomir, Aria retreats to Rattatak and releases a modified variant of the infamous Blue Shadow Virus, which she calls the Phoenix Strain. After two weeks, she commands Edus, the Pau'an researcher who created the Strain, to remove all traces of the Virus from Rattatak, and take it to an undisclosed location called simply, "The Vault". Meanwhile, she sent a message to her father so he may look upon what his daughter is capable of. For now, she stands at a large window in the Castle overlooking the ruined Capital. In the aftermath, Aria is stabbed in the heart by her own father leading to her demise - and later resurrection at the hands of the High Priestess herself.

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