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Arin was born the youngest of a prosperous family, but as the youngest of seven she didn't have a good future within the family. Instead, she dedicated herself to public service, entering the Nubian Special Materials Courier Corps as soon as she was old enough. Also known as the Sado-Masochist's Club, the job carried with it an extreme risk of interception. Arin was intercepted a total of eight times: with three instances of torture, and the last occurrance including a rape.

Because of this, Arin was retired from the Corps and transferred to public service. In this capacity she was an aide to the Nubian Council until such time as the planet decided to send a representative to the Galactic Senate. More than simply an ambassador to the Senate, Arin discovered that the materials she delivered named her as Nubia's representative.

Arin's career in the Republic Senate was difficult, and was marked with an early sabbatical and several scandalous episodes. Yet these were overlooked during a crisis election which resulted in Arin's appointment as Supreme Chancellor. While in that office Arin sought to pursue the ideals that she felt the Republic stood for: decisions through the democratic process and all people receiving equal rights under the law. This, however, had its own pitfalls, resulting in even more scandals involving the Sith. Because of these Arin retired from Senatorial service. She was further driven away from public life during an instance when she was kidnapped by Bellah the Hutt upon her return to Nubia. The Republic's response to the crisis was, at best, excessive. She eventually left the Inner systems entirely after assasinating a rogue Nubian who was seeking to blackmail the council.

With no other recourse, Arin entered the Galactic Underworld as a bounty hunter. Her career has not taken in any noteworthy successes, though she has sought to aid her peers as best as she can with all her talents. In time she backed away from those efforts, moving again into the shadows while developing a new opportunity. Developing a new financial opportunity, Arin founded the Chakrolis Resort on Tatooine. Planted in the middle of the Dune Sea, Chakrolis is remote and isolated. This has given Arin complete control over all ingress and egress, making the resort the perfect location for launching a new Underworld Syndicate with the intent of uniting separate outlaw elements into a common goal: mutual survival.

Appearance Edit

Arin's appearance is a function of her intent. When acting in a professional capacity Arin is immaculately dressed in white, with her hair neatly styled to follow the contours of her head. When expecting severe physical challenges, Arin prefers to wear her hunter's gear: a black bodysuit with a few scant tools. While always sufficiently groomed, Arin often bears a disheveled look of one who doesn't obsess about appearances.

Personality Edit

Although Arin tries to live a quiet and subdued life, this is often compromised by what she sees as the needs of others. She will involve herself in situations where a need is seen, worrying later whether or not her involvement was a good idea.

Loyal and strangely idealistic, Arin continues to fight for what she earnestly sees as the rights of others. Although she can be jaded, Arin will be the fiercest defender of others should she see the need.

Details Edit

Arin maintains a residence within the Polis Massa asteroid system, where she is establishing a collection of vehicles to serve her purposes. Current ships include: The Pawn: a Nubian N-2 fighter The White Rook: A YT-1300 freighter The Black Knight: A Sinear Advanced Systems Courier ship The Bishop: A Firespray-31.

Arin has collected a variety of droids over her travels. She is particular towards R4 astromechs and 3P0 protocol droids, though in her efforts to develop a syndicate she has obtained others. Her personal assistant is 'El', or BD-3011: a BD-3000 luxury droid slightly modified for clerical duties.

Arin can be a capable agent, and is well versed in weapons technologies. Her resources include a suit of Mandalorian armor acquired during a kidnap attempt.