Armina Taleena
Avatar: Carly Rae Jepsen
Armina Alice Taleena
Also known as
Nar Shaddaa
Kacius Porte
Scyler Crow[Knighted]
Pink; two single-blade
Body type
Eye color
Ice Blue
Hair color
Dark Brown
Skin color
Whip marks from slavery
Robotic Parts
Her right fingers, wrist, and forearm covered with synthetic skin
Family members
Significant other
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Other family

Armina is a playful soul who escaped the life of slavery by chance and now is trying to fulfill being a Jedi. Her life long goal is to help people who have lives like she had. Freeing them and letting them be as free as they see fit.



Armina; present

Armina is a happy go lucky girl and she loves to mess around and have fun. She doesn't have many worries in the world and she's a little ditzy and clueless to some things, but it's mostly because she never had parents to teach her things normally taught. She loves being around people and she's very understanding and loveable. She wouldn't turn anyone away if they asked for help.

Armina adores everything about the galaxy and judges no one. Even though she was a slave her whole life, she never took on being bitter about it or crying too much about it. She has a weak moment or two, but she tries not to dwell in her past as she prefers to keep her past where it belongs. She's extremely bubbly and energetic for someone who suffered as long as she did. She finds that the best part of her that she was able to over come such troubles.


3-9 years oldEdit


Armina; young

Armina was merely three when she was kidnapped and sold into slavery. Her first years as a slave were simple as to begin with she was very young and her master understood that. So she would simply run errands or help fix things. If she did something wrong, she may have gotten slapped, but she was never severly beat like most slaves. Her master tended to look at her more as a daughter then a slave after a year or two. Ending up on them getting attached. Soon after she turned ten though, her master died and she had been sold to someone new...

10-14 years oldEdit

Armina had never experienced true slavery until she went to her next master. They were a Sith and she was nothing but a toy to them. She had never been forced into sex, but she was more of a torture slave. They'd purposefully give her things she couldn't do so they had a reason to beat her, not that that stopped them from beating her anyways, but she pulled past it as much as she could.


Armina; age 15

Staying positive was the only reason she was able to survive as she did. She hoped and hoped for freedom or being bought out by a better master, but she eventually escaped from her Sith master by pure luck when she was locked up but found a way to tear off the collar because it wasn't completely fastened right. So with that she crawled out and ran away! Only to get found and sold...

15-16 years oldEdit

Armina then went to a Hutt master. Though only lasting a year, she had to say it was the most painful of all her masters. Between the whippings and constant work he put her through, she was thoroughly not happy with it, even with her positive attitude.

Though the pain was short lasting(For the most part) As soon the Hutt master found out she was a Force user and decided that such things deserved death, so she was marked to be killed. But her powers were on her side then and she was able to escape and she ran off to the Jedi Academy to learn more.

Escaping the ChainsEdit


"Breaking" her chain to slavery

Armina was with her Hutt Master for a year before she was finally able to escape, and even then it was by pure chance, as she had only just realized she was Force sensitive(only knowing about it because of the fact her previous master had been) and her Hutt master decided to want to kill her over it.

As the people dragged her away and out of the vision of her master, she started screaming and kicking and suddenly they flew back without her doing anything. At first she was stunned, then she panicked and ran for the space port to try and smuggle herself onto someone's ship so she could get off Nar Shaddaa before she was back in slavery.

With that she ended up on Coruscant and wandered her way to the Jedi Temple there.


The JediEdit

Armina is a Jedi Knight, trained by Kacius Porte. At sixteen she shows much promise and spirit to move forward with her goals and she hopes that Kacius will be able to help her achieve everything she can do. She is extremely excited and can't wait to start helping people how she's always dreamt she could.

Matthias KonradEdit


Matthias Konrad

On the top of her list for the darkest months of her life. She suffered through an abusive relationship with him, him being the abuser. While she was with him, he was a Nightbrother Apprentice and took out all his anger and frustrations on her. Which included beating her and forcing her into bed with him. Armina being who she was, never did anything about it because she was scared and didn't want to get herself more hurt.

Eventually, one day after a bad beating, she ran into her Jedi Master, Kacius Porte, and he took notice to the bruising. Eventually he got the truth out of her and he assisted her to the med bay to get some of it healed, but that was just the beginning of that day for her... As while she was at the hospital, she found out she was pregnant.

She went home and contacted Matthias to come to her place as she was home then, and he came over, but she left out any detail of the fact she was pregnant. She didn't want him to know just yet, if at all.

Armina took notice to the many things wrong with him from doing his training and she insisted she healed Matthias, so with that, she knocked him out, and healed him almost completely, wearing herself out completely. When he awoke, he started to choke her and then beat her senseless, until she was almost dead... Killing the baby and almost killing her... If Kacius Porte hadn't come and found her.

It almost killed her on the inside to find out the baby was dead, but she believes in Destiny, and she tries to hold on to the fact that if destiny wanted it this way, it was supposed to be that way...

The affects of that day include the fact she had to get her uterus removed from her body entirely, so now she has little chance of being able to get that restored, which means she can't have her own kids, and when she crashed into the mirror, a big shard of glass went straight through the bone of her right arm, causing her to lose all the bone marrow and so they had to remove it and replace it with a mechanical arm from elbow to fingers. She also got synthetic skin, letting it look as normal as possible. She still can't completely control the arm, but she's desperately working on it.

No she has no contact with Matthias and never plans to see him ever again.

Scyler CrowEdit


Scyler Crow; Armina's significant other/Padawan

The BeginningEdit

Scyler's base instincts began to overcome him, and not knowing that Scyler was an Anzat, the female Jedi, Armina, was easily entranced to his mind powers. His proboscises extended and he began to feed on the young Jedi. However, this time, He was able to stop himself. It took every ounce of will and determination to stop. Years of training with his master had helped, he believed. He was able to pull away before he killed the young Jedi.

Before he left, he used the Force to make her forget was had just happened. This was easily done as he had fed on her very connection to the Force, extremely strengthening himself over her in the Force. He fled the scene, and others had discovered the young Jedi girl alone in a training room.


Assigned her first padwan, Armina had no clue what she was getting into when she met Scyler Crow. It was certainly no easy run at first, as he was trying to take the reigns on their Master-Padawan relationship, but then again, he wasn't too happy that the girl he had met not more than a year before, was now his master. Like it was some cruel joke from fate. Since when Armina and Scyler met, it wasn't the most traditional."

The NowEdit

Armina and Scyler broke up and now just remain friends.

The PresentEdit


Armina Taleena; Present

Armina is presently just enjoying herself and exploring everything she can. She still has some of her old tendencies that she had when she was a slave, like the paranoia of being hit for doing something wrong, or sometimes has nightmares of the past, but she tends to refrain from it all and push it off, focusing on her Jedi ways. She is trying to remain strong and fight through any emotional scars she had suffered from. The Jedi help her do that and being around friends as well.

Armina is doing her best to get out and become more known with people, making friends, not enemies, but she knows that being a Jedi comes with enemies like Sith.

Armina is still on her quest to figure out who her real parents are, it's an ongoing journey for her, but she is determined to one day, find them and find out how she ended up in slavery.

Personal ConnectionsEdit


  • Kacius Porte


Lovers(Past and Present)Edit

  • Matthias Konrad(Past)
  • Scyler Crow(Past)


  • Scyler Crow(Knighted)



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