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"“…be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”"
-William Shakespeare.

Viung Lah, Boy ServantEdit

“You were born for great things, Viung - but I'm afraid war is not among them.”

Before assuming the name Artemis, Viung Lah and his father Viusk were just a family trying to make ends meet during the Invasion crisis. Viusk Lah was a subaltern - akin to a Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy - in the Warrior caste; what made things difficult for them was that Viusk was somewhat of a pacifist. Striving for years to train his mind towards peace, Viusk cared little for the growing pains of the Yuuzhan Vong's vaste armada and had already accepted extinction as a solution to the Yuuzhan Vong's exile from their own galaxy. Instead of training with the rest of the children, Viusk had Viung studying under several Shapers and Priests, learning the ways of the Gods instead of the Serpent. It was very early on that his father noticed he had a knack for battle, but ignored it altogether, denying him the freedom to practice with the rest of the Domain. This would have terrible consequences, for someone had taken a keen eye to Viung's abilities.

Subcommander Shedao Shai was looking forward to the Galactic invasion after news spread that they had found a galaxy to settle in. Rumors swept through the lower ranks that the Overlords were thinking of invading the occupying species, and that War would soon be upon the entire race. Shedao knew the Yuuzhan Vong needed every last man. Shedao knew they needed Viung Lah, who was now coming into his teens. Behind closed doors, Shedao Shai trained the young warrior, keeping their meetings hidden even from Viung's own father. When Viusk inevitably learned of their secret meetings, he assumed the worst - and attacked the Shai for bringing shame on his family. Before the fight had begun it was over - Shedao was no fool, and incapacitated Viusk infront of a crowd of onlookers. While the older Yuuzhan Vong Viusk kneeled in defeat, broken and battered, the Subcommander brought forth his own boy and handed him a coufee (dagger.) Patting Viung Lah on his shoulder, he spoke a simple phrase into the young boy's ear, a phrase that would haunt Viung Lah the rest of his known life.

"The son shall succeed the father, Viung. It is the God's will."

The unspeakable horror brought on by Shedao Shai that day would help guide Viung Lah down a path to darkness later in life.

A Warrior Risen.Edit

"I try not to remember that day. It was hard for all of us, to grab our loved ones, maybe a bite to eat, and get onboard that ship with your neighbors. Not knowing where you're going. Not knowing why they would attack helpless individuals. The refugees already onboard the Queen told us they did the same at Ord Mantell. The Vong weren't invading the planet; they were hunting the refugees." -Gyndine Refugee

All that's known or been revealed by Artemis of his time during the war was his stay on Gyndine. Having put down several insurrections from the villagers who had refused to abandon their planet, Viung Lah revealed his aptitude for leadership. Learning the location of the rebels main base of operations, Viung Lah personally led a troupe of Firebreathers and a battalion of Chazrach warriors to victory over the humans. Those who lived through the assault were placed on poles outside the capital city's walls to rot. This display of heartless tactical skill earned Viung Lah a place among the officers of the Warrior Caste; a shaping ceremony was held and Viung was promoted to Commander.

Working For A HuttEdit

(The following took place in Yahoo Chat Roleplay and precedes Artemis' TGC history.)
Smooka the Hutt, the largest spice dealer in the Outer Rim, was a respectable member of the Hutt's Council and a powerful adversary amongst the aliens of the Galaxy. During the fall of the Yuuzhan Vong and the end of the Invasion, spice sells skyrocketed and soon the galaxy's mercenaries found their way towards Tattooine, the planet in which Smooka operated from. During the end of the invasion, Viung Lah found himself exiled from the Yuuzhan Vong and shamed; he was to infiltrate Smooka's operations on Tattooine and destroy the Hutt, ending the flow of monetary relief the Hutt was providing most of the Galactic Alliance. While on the planet, Viung heard of his Domain's destruction and fall to shame. Holding on to his mission as his last attempt at salvation, Viung encountered a peculiar adversary while on his way to assassinate Smooka the Hutt.

Artemis Obauldi, a Nikto who claimed to be Mandalorian. Artemis' identity was completely hidden by his armor. During an intense battle that questioned Viung's nature and his conflict with the fall of the Yuuzhan Vong, Viung Lah slew this Artemis and took his armor. Hiding the Nikto and assuming his identity, Artemis found himself introduced to the Hutt. Instead of slaying him, Viung Lah - now known as Artemis - kneeled before the Hutt and claimed his allegiance. Though he knew the Hutt knew he wasn't the same Artemis that had previously worked for him, Smooka sensed something promising in this bounty hunter and accepted his offer.

Acquiring hunting skills and applying his own Yuuzhan Vong techniques, this was the era in which Artemis found himself to be one of the most feared Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy and a deadly right hand of Smooka the Hutt.

The Mantle of LeadershipEdit

"And now you sleep with your armor on? Paranoid, much?" -Seung Lah, Acolyte

Soon after becoming the reputable Artemis Obauldi, the estranged Bounty Hunter found himself unsatisfied with his current venue of power. It wasn't long before other Yuuzhan Vong flocked to him, feeling the same way.

The first of which was Seung Lah, an assassin of the Sith. He had found work the same way Artemis had, by going to those who saw profit in their service. Before too long, Artemis and Seung Lah found themselves immersed in a new following of Yuuzhan Vong, a following so large that they rivaled previous rogue groups in quantity alone. It was in this period of time that such a group of warriors was needed, especially when their leader found himself in league with the Band of Outlaws. They were the only ones to have taken him in. The only ones who understood what it felt like to be a renegade to the cause; although they feared him, and were wary of his faith and avenue of technology, they accepted him. It was a fairly untrusting world, but the Band needed Artemis. And Artemis needed them. Shortly after bringing the weight of his rogue group, the Acolytes, under BoO's banner they found themselves fighting for that very standard.

First, the Republic saw the Outlaws as a weak militia that needed to be put in it's rightful place. With the help of vigilante Mandalorians and the pirates of the Crimson Ferret's Revenge, what would've been an onlsaught quickly turned into a fair battle.

A battle that was fought and won under the leadership of a Yuuzhan Vong who was quickly learning his place in the world. His cunning and strategic superiority decisively ended the war, saving Tattooine and cementing his place amongst the Outlaws.

Rise of the Yuuzhan VongEdit

"Glory to the Yuuzhan Vong, Supreme Commander Artemis Obauldi. It pleases me immensely to see so many of our brethren working together once more." - Lideron Hale

The Knightfall AllianceEdit

"By the will of the Dread Lord, let it be so." -Grom Sinanak

The LegacyEdit

"You've met my brothers and sisters. Spent years collecting them. My question for you is.. ...what are you preparing for?" -Frost Shard, Artifact

-Artifact Collection
-Planet Xalti
-The Knightfall Blood Samples
-Artemis' Mutation.


-Professor Mengol's Experimentation.
-Finding River & Mikel.

The Countdown.Edit

-More to be said.

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