Th fidelis
Sith Master
Darth Fidelus
Human/ Mando
200 lbs
Eye Colour
Glowing Red
Hair Color
Home Planet
Deija Marzullo
Haril Zy
Duvon Bralor
Dominic Corona (adopted)
Lestat Marzullo


Death comes for us all, it is those who can look it in the eyes and laugh that are truelly alive.


Arumizy is short and well built. He wears a hooded trench coat that hides his face. His face was burned off during the battle of Fondor. Beneath the trench is a sleeveless black tunic, his arms are covered in bandages hiding his burns. His most remarkable and disturbing feature is his red glowing eyes. They can be compared to orbs of flame, these were the result of the hatred he felt in the burning wreckage that was his ship.


Fidelis is a complex individual, atleast to those who know him more then through battle. He is capable of great friendship, hate, honor and intelligence. Altough on the field of battle or anywhere he is quick to rush into combat. Prefering a duel of honor over talking out differences. But that does not always happen, he has a few jedi he considers as equals. These he can often be found drinking with peacefully. Do to his mando heritage he believes that honor does have its place amongst the sith. He has for the most part forsaken the use of the force in a saber duel. Unless his opponent is honorless then he will use it as he see fits. Often his force use is little more then increased speed, strength or agility. Fidelis cares little in the ways of wealth, power or conquest. He enjoys the simple thrill of combat and can often be seen serving as one of Archean Fel's Avatar commander, field commanders or even a nameless combatant in his conquest of the galaxy.


Fidelis is a member of the Bralor clan. His clan was whiped out a few dozen years ago. His father and mother were murdered before his very eyes which drove him to find the sith. He blamed the jedi for their deaths.

Now he has a very new and unique family. He claims his former master Archean Fel as his brother. He views Tiara and her lover Jacelyn as much family as Archean. These few people are privaliged enough to see a side he does not reveal. His weakness, his passion for cooking and his inner tormoil.


Fidelis never knew his father but knew he was a Mandolorian Merc that fell in love with his mother. His mother was a prostitute and hence had no quams about mating with him. After the birth his father died in a battle leaving his mother to raise him. When Fidelis saw a sith and jedi battle and was knocked unconscious he saw his mothers diced corpse. He blamed the jedi for her murder.


Fidelis has two children, a son and a daughter. Each an apprentice in the council. He sdopted these children because he saw something in them. In his daughter Alit a wild a feral child he saw the same strength and defiance he had once had. In Jack the will and spirit of a true warrior among Mando. He has grown fond of his children and will fight on their behalf and retreat if need be.

The Sith CouncilEdit

May the darkness guide your path to power and wealth. Or better yet to blood and death


Fidelis's trainning days among the sith were filled with countless hours of tutolage under Archean Fel. His master never caused him pain or denied him a truthful answer. His master had t him on missions to slay Republican senators, collect focus crystals and to generally fight jedi.

Fidelis decided early on to forsake the general array of the force. Rather instead he opted for constant saber drills and techniques. Archean added his own techniques into his trainning and taught him several skills a warrior should know. The ability to heal, the ability to throw and pull things with the force. Fidelis uses these abilities as needed but only under the most dire of circumstances.

Knight HoodEdit

When he was knighted he took on the name of Darth Fidelis. The name translates as Faithful, which is to mean that he is faithful to himself and his friends. He began to use two light sabers in combat. One is a blue saber which is his primary and the other a short bladed yellow saber. He as well began the first steps of his path in Biomechanics and created the first Harbringer. Design Julius, which betrayed him and fled to the jedi.

Combat HistoryEdit

There is only one thing i crave more then anything in the universe. That is not power, wealth or prestige. It is the simple thing known as war and battle.


The Harbringers are Fidelis's pride and joy. Created through genetic engineering and biomechanical implants these warriors are deadly in their own right. They are his rank and file, serving him and those he views as worthy enough to use them. He has around two thousand of these warriors. He gifted Darth Animus with 200 of his men to serve and protect the only family he has left. Here of late he has been trying to perfect Harbringerization of wookies and gammorean. He has had limited success with the wookies making fifty genetical brutes that rampage and destroy ally and foe alike if not strongly controlled. The gamorrean Harbringers are still a work in progress.


During the battle of Fondor Fidelis was shot out of the sky. Only through the force did he manage to survive the fiery crash. He arose with a new hatred and a new face. He is the Bloody Phoenix, the Abyssal Warrior, the Avenging Knight.


Here since the calling of clans Fidelis has taken an interest in the plight of his people. Altough his loyalty still lies with his fellow sith he aids his brothers when ever possible. He enjoys his interactions with Kane E Smart and the other Mando who wish to rebuild the Empire his people once had.

War And TributeEdit

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