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Birth Edit

Maximus was born on Corellia, to a strange circumstance. His mother, Sanji, had met another woman, a Witch by the name of Santeria, and Sanji had fallen in love. The two had done the dirty, and through Santeria's dark magics she had impregnated Sanji with a child. However, due to the nature of the dark magic, and the unholiness of it, Sanji's life was forfeit to bring Santeria's newest spawn into the world, and the Corellian woman gladly gave away her life for the woman she loved. Dying at birth, only able to name her son Maximus before her life ceased as his began.

Youngling Life Edit

After his mother's death, and Santeria's disappearance long before he was born, Max was left alone. Placed in the orphanage, he was soon found by the Jedi, taken in to the Temple as a Youngling to grow and eventually become a Jedi himself, already the Masters could sense the Force within the babe, and they did not want such a child to fall to the Dark Side, little did they know who his Mother was, and her being the reason for his strong connection with the Force. If they did, perhaps his life would have gone differently.

Growing up in the Temple was no easy life. There were constantly chores, and lessons, and schooling that Max endured, and he grew older, stronger, wiser because of it. However, as he grew, the other Younglings were chosen by Masters, taken away to become Padawans and then Knights, but Max was left in the Tempe, slowly being left alone until he was nearing adulthood and he resigned himself to never becoming a Jedi. Something was wrong with him he decided, he must have done something to displease the Masters of the Temple. This was all until he met Caleb, and Caleb took a chance on the man.

Padawan Life Edit

Max had met Caleb by what could have been considered pure chance. An old man asking for help carrying a large cask of ale back to his hut, and Max had complied, soon finding out that the old man was none other than Caleb Torran. The famed Blademaster of the Jedi Council. The man took a liking to Max, deeming him worthy of being his padawan, and began to train the young man in the ways of the Saber. Max was no Force master, he was not his mother, but the lightsaber became an extension of himself. Following in his Master's footsteps, learning the way of just a single lightsaber, Max grew as a Padawan.

Until Caleb left him for a mission, telling the young Padawan to stay at the Temple and continue his studies. Little did he know that it was a test, and that Caleb had wanted him to follow, but Max stayed. He stayed at the Temple, studying in the Archives, becoming a ghost just as he had before Caleb took him as a Padawan. Months passed, no word from Caleb was ever heard, and Max began to wonder if his Master would ever return.

Left Alone Edit

Becoming a Ghost at the Temple did not bother Max. He continued his training, studied in the Archives. After months passed, finally a note reached him from his Master. Telling him to come to Kashyykk. Leaving almost immediately, Max soon arrived on the planet, and began to search for his master. Unable to find him, he ran into two Sith that claimed to have already killed Caleb, and they attacked Max. He did not know it was a test by his Master, and the two Sith attacked Max. Caleb's other apprentice, Sean, soon betrayed Caleb and attempted to kill Max and Caleb, leaving Max to die in the Shadowlands of Kashyykk.

For close to a year, Max survived. In the Shadowlands, cut off from all society. He knew nothing going on with the galaxy, it did not matter. His master had died, the Sith had nearly killed him, and he was unable to honor his Master by defeating the men who killed him. He became one with the Shadowlands, one with the Force, and it was here that he began to lose himself. He needed no name in the Shadowlands, no one called to him.

Rogue Jedi Order Edit

Max became a legend on Kashyykk, a myth told by the Wookies of the planet. Left alone by the natives, Max lived in the Shadowlands, cut off from all society. Until his Master Caleb heard of the myth, and knew that the man behind it had to be his old Padawan. Searching for the man, Caleb found Max in the depths of the Shadowlands. Found his Padawan after he thought Max to be dead, and found that Max had not travelled from his Master's trainings. Still attempting to be the best Jedi he could, following the teachings Caleb had passed on to him.

Caleb knighted his Padawan then, bringing him into the Order of Rogue Jedi, a group of more militant Jedi who wanted to take the fight to the Sith, who wanted to make them answer for their crimes against humanity and the Force. And Caleb tasked Max with one mission. Ferreting out, and defeating the Dark Side. One goal, however impossible, Max embraced it. Travelling the galaxy, hunting Sith and bringing them in for trial when possible, or ridding the galaxy of their taint when necessary, Max soon fell out of contact with the Rogue Jedi. Never faltering in his mission, never straying from the path Caleb had given him.

The Jedi Council Edit

Max continued his mission of hunting Sith. So wrapped in his mission, Max became less of a person. He gave himself up to the Light of the Force, destroying his personal identity and name. Hiding his face at all times, and only speaking when absolutely needed, the man that was Max returned to civilization from his war on the Dark Side to see the Rogue Jedi Order gone. Returning to the Jedi Council, Max was here only shortly. His militaristic style of thinking, his complete nihilism of self, and devotion to his cause led Max to be ostracised by his brothers. 

Witches of DathomirEdit

Leaving the Jedi to their own machinations, the hooded knight returned to his crusade against the Dark Side, and in it, he met his mother. Santeria Decuir defeated her son in combat, breaking the man from his connection to the Light Side and she revealed the truth to him. In a manner of days, the man that was Max was corrupted. Realization of the truth unleashed the fury and rage of the Dark Side inside of him, and she took her son back to their home, to train him, mold him, and groom him to be a perfect Witch in her growing army of clans.

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