Ashlyn Draclau
Avatar: Eva Green
Ashlyn Eve Draclau
Also known as
Varies; 38
Warden Knight
Princess of Lao-Mon
Wardens of the Sky
Meric Nadun(While Sith)
Orange; double-blade
Body type
Eye color
Hair color
Skin color
Stomach about 3in long
Family members
Meric Nadun(ex)
Significant other
Sloane Saniss(ex)
Samael Draclau
Aleta Draclau
Madelia Nadun
Maeryn Nadun
Maddock Nadun
Apollo Draclau
Aden Draclau
Malice Draclau
Akima Sholnar
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Naphira Draclau
Sandrius Draclau
Neav Draclau
Daos Draclau
Skorn Draclau
Erinyes Draclau
Seth Draclau
Leylah Ultron
Syndell Draclau
Dragon Draclau
Demala Draclau
Adriana Draclau
Venge Draclau
Phoebe Draclau
Pyra Draclau
Christian Draclau
Zalera Marzullo
Laguna Marzullo
Kalia Vondiranach
Chloe Draclau
Cillian Draclau
Mars Marzullo
Andraes Vondiranach
Ezekiel Vondiranach
Alethea Vondiranach
Other family
Dante Decuir(Grandson)
Haden Storm(Grandson)
Hadleigh Storm(Granddaughter)
Kyrah Nadun(Granddaughter)


Ashlyn is a submissive person, but she has a tendency to not give a care what people say. She tends to not give up on what she wants. If she wants it, she finds some way to get it. She's loving and caring, and that tends to be her downfall. It can get her in major trouble as she is sometimes pretty forgiving.

Ashlyn has been able to stand up for herself better and she's slowly changing to be a stronger person. She's starting to find a new side to her now that Meric is gone and she doesn't feel like a complete slave to what he wants. She's learning she doesn't have to be a slave to people's wants.

Childhood/Teenage YearsEdit


Ashlyn Draclau; Age 11

As a Princess of Lao-Mon, she was treated very well and she didn't have much to worry about when it came to anything. She was happy as a child and she wasn't spoiled, but she didn't have it hard either like most did. She showed a care for everyone though, which her father looked at as a good personality trait to have if she were to ever become the Leader of Lao-Mon. He felt having a respect for human and wild life was a trait she would need in the future. Ashlyn grew up without a mother, and didn't even know who she was

Ashlyn Draclau; age 17

in the least. Her father said it was best she didn't know, but that didn't bother her much as she loved her father dearly and respected him. Her and her father always got along best, and she was loved all around family wise, even though she was brought about as a love child, or as some referred to her as a bastard child, but only those who didn't like her. She was loved by Malice as well and treated delicately. She had never really been exposed to the real nature of the galaxy until she was much older. When it was brought down on her hard and fast.

The RapeEdit

Ashlyn had innocently decided to land on Florrum, a planet that was pretty much deserted other than a few villages where she met a man named Meric Nadun, whom was destroying a village there. Though, the destroying the village part didn't bother her much. She didn't really care for many people outside her family, and what was the worth of the people on Florrum? It was what came to be when she got cocky about how her name protected her from others hurting her. As Meric was a little insane.

She then was "taught her lesson," as Meric ended up raping her and impregnating her with her daughter, Aleta Draclau , whom she raised by herself despite all her family's encouragement to rid the galaxy of her since she was the product of a rape.

I Can't Let Go Of This Dream...Edit


Meric Nadun; Her ex-husband

After many years of Meric and Ashlyn not talking to each other, Meric managed to find her again on Ord Mantell while she was reflecting on her life. Though Meric Nadun could only show that he was full of surprises. At first, he only proved he had been the same, threatening her and being his normal self to her, taking her as a slave to him and making her bend to his will...

But soon, it all changed, as Meric was realizing slowly that he was falling for Ashlyn and knowing that Ashlyn was connecting herself to him as well. Eventually he proposed to her, and then finding out she was pregnant again with his children, their triplets, Madelia, Maeryn, and Maddock.

My Heart Is Bleeding In Your Hand...Edit

But happiness for Ashlyn could only last so long... eventually Meric and Ashlyn came to differences of opinions as to what would happen during their marriage and Ashlyn couldn't deal with Meric's habits anymore, so they let their marriage go. It pained Ashlyn far more than Meric, as he was the only person she had ever loved, as that wasn't true for Meric, but Ashlyn is now looking forward, trying to move past her sadness of losing Meric. She tries to tell herself that looking past all the bad he had done to her had been a complete waste of her time, but so far, no matter how many times she has told herself that, she still has not been able to move on, but she still hopes over and over, one day she will find someone who can truly love her.

Redemtion At Arms ReachEdit

Her time with Kahne Porte... TO BE FILLED!

The PresentEdit

Presently Ashlyn has left Lao-Mon and decided to make her own life now


Ashlyn Draclau; present

that she has divorced Meric Nadun. She is presently a member of The Wardens of the Sky as a Knight. She also bore three more children to Meric(Madelia, Maeryn, and Maddock) and two more with Sloane Saniss(Apollo and Aden). As of right now, Ashlyn is trying to find her way in the galaxy and as abandoned her life as a Darksider. She was guided by Kahne Porte to the Lightside, but for months she had been debating leaving the Sith and joining amongst the Lightside, trying to see if that would help her in the end and get her past her sadness.

Her twins with Sloane are now three and she doesn't talk much with her other children, all of them having lives outside of being around her or their father. She hopes maybe one day she can reconnect with them, but she has little hope of that now that she has chosen a different path. The only one she knows would reconnect with her is Maeryn, as he is a Jedi too. But for now, Ashlyn is keeping to herself for the most part. Wanting to find her way before she truly starts beginning her life in the open among people.

Her FamilyEdit

The DraclausEdit

Ashlyn and the Draclaus had always gotten along, as they really had nothing against her and the only time she was alienated was when she decided to keep the baby after she was raped. Her and her father are close and Ashlyn respects Malice as he is her grandfather and the ruler of Lao-Mon. Ashlyn has never had many troubles with the Draclau family.

Aleta DraclauEdit


Aleta Draclau; Her first born

Aleta and Ashlyn have never had a good relationship with each other, when Aleta was younger, they were okay, but as Aleta got older, and after Aleta met her father, she abandoned Ashlyn. Then things only got worse for them when Ashlyn chose to side with her father over Aleta and then Aleta promised that she'd never talk to her mother again.

But that all changed when Aleta found out she was pregnant with her son, Dante Decuir. She wanted to find her mother and discuss with her and hopefully get advice from her on what to do. Only to find out that her mother and father were getting together romantically. Which she was disgusted with at first, but eventually warmed up to. She wanted to be around her parents again, they were the only family she had other than Isaac, whom was only hers because she was dating him.

Taken by surprise again by Meric, he welcomed Aleta back as his daughter and offered to let her live with them but while she was pregnant, she needed to live on Dathomir with Isaac. Presently they are mending their relationship.

She is a Sith Knight


Dante Decuir; age 8

Dante DecuirEdit

Her grandchild whom she's never really spent a whole bunch of time with. The Decuirs tend to keep the Naduns/Draclaus away from Dante convinced that they're protecting him if they do so.

Ashlyn wishes to know her grandson better and hopefully when he gets older, he will find a way to be able to get to know the Draclau side of his family, as for right now, while young, he is wrapped around the Decuir's fingers and who they feel she should be around.

The son of Aleta Draclau and Ba'al Decuir

He's a Nightbrother Apprentice

The TripletsEdit

Madelia NadunEdit

Madelia Nadun; Age 17

Madelia and Ashlyn get along for the most part. It's a better relationship than what her and Aleta have relationship wise, but Madelia is more of a daddy's girl than she is a mommy's girl. So Ashlyn and Madelia rarely talk to each other. Other than maybe a bump in or two, or when Ashlyn is breaking up the fights between Aleta and Madelia... which is often enough when Aleta decides to visit home. Ashlyn likes to think if it keeps them civil, she doesn't really care. She likes the fact that she likes to spend time with her father seeing as Meric had never really gotten that bonding time with any of their children or his child from a different woman. So Ashlyn remains someone who can understand if they want to be closer.

She's a Sith Knight .


Maeryn Nadun

Maeryn NadunEdit

Maeryn was never close with any of the family since he was the most sane of all of them. He never dabbled too much in what his siblings or parents did. He was always more interested in learning further in the Force or doing serious things. Though, he eventually came to the decision that he wanted to be like his uncle, Adaris Nadun, and become a Jedi. This made both Meric and Ashlyn upset, but it was his choice, and they knew it.

He's a Jedi Knight

Maddock NadunEdit

Maddock Nadun

Maddock is more of a defender of the family than he is a socializer. Out of the triplets, Ashlyn is probably closest to Maddock, but mostly because they are both more into a sophisticated manner than anything else. Which he probably inherited from her. He didn't really get the insane mannerisms like his sister did, he was just more saddistic, which Ashlyn stayed away from because she didn't like the thought of being around people while they were being sadistic since half her life it felt like was consumed with torture. That was one of the few things the pull her away from being closer to Maddock than she is.

He's a Prophet Knight

Apollo and Aden DraclauEdit

Her twins with Sloane Saniss. Presently she is alone with them and doesn't have much contact with Sloane, but she doesn't care much if she does, she is just as happy being with them, as they are one of the few people still left in her life. She's happy no matter whether she has to raise them alone or not.

So far, they are still NPCs and have no side, as they are still really young.

Thread HistoryEdit


Destruction, Devestation, and Xenocide (She gets raped and becomes pregnant)(Incomplete)

A Drive Down Memory Lane(Aleta's birth)(Incomplete)

Daddy's Little Girl (Ashlyn tries to stop Aleta from going with her father)(Complete)

Shadow of a Soul (Draclau Family Reunion)(Discontinued)

Sometimes These Cuts Are Deeper Than They Seem (Meric and Ashlyn decide to be together)(Complete)

Anormaly on Leritor (Meric and Ashlyn go to Leritor)(Discontinued)

History Has a Tendency to Repeat Itself (Ashlyn is captured and tortured)(Complete)

The Pieces of Me(Past RP for Meric and Ashlyn)(Incomplete)

The Sides of Me and You (Meric and Ashlyn go through some drama)(Completed)

Kahne PorteEdit

Redemtion At Arms Reach(In progress)

Sith Related(Training/Takeovers/ect.)Edit

Love is a Battlefield(Ashlyn trains with Meric)(Completed)

Dark Assumtion (Ashlyn joins the Sith Civil War with Meric)(Completed)

Shadow of the Day: Takeover of Ossus(Complete)

Wardens of the Sky Related(Takeovers/Training/ect)Edit

Across The Space Lanes (Soon to enter...)


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