Atkime Yerkel
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Atkime Malika Yerkel
Also known as
Firrerreo Frighter
Princess of Firrerre
Ambassador of Firrerre
The United Federation
Aleister Grey
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Ice Blue
Hair color
Skin color
Family members
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Eros Yerkel
Lorryn Yerkel
Noire Vayne(half-sister)
Miyeke Yerkel
Sulacki Yerkel
Nolana Yerkel
Achoss Yerkel
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
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Atkime Yerkel (officially titled Princess Atkime Yerkel) is a Firrerreo female born on the planet Firrerre, daughter of Eros Yerkel and Lorryn Yerkel. Before she was born, her parents were forced to flee the world with her people after it was destroyed by the Yuzhan Vong, and grew up in space amongst the surviving clans of her people on a series of freighters in a large joined fleet.

Her family, the prominent Yerkel clan, took on the role of royalty upon masterminding a return to Firrerreo, and thus she became a princess of her people. Without anything to do on the freighters, and the luxury of belonging to such a major clan surrounding her, Atkime grew up idle and lazy, used to being spoiled and having to put absolutely no effort in to life. Now she has embraced her role as a princess to the extreme, enjoying the luxury and style that comes with such a title, but with very little understanding of the responsibilities.

She has little in the way of practical abilities, believing that any activity that requires even the slightest effort should not be performed by somebody of her station, but is well versed in royal etiquette across a broad range of cultures.

She currently resides on Firrerre with the rest of her clan, now the royal family of Firrerre.


Childhood and UpbringingEdit


Atkime; age 11

Born on the Firrerreo space fleet, Atkime’s childhood was one of idle luxury, with very little to do bar entertain herself. Her family were a prominent and respected clan, and she capitalised on that, taking on other members of her people who were less fortunate as handmaidens and bodyguards, and carving out a luxurious life for herself in one of the high class space cruisers. Left to her own devices for most of her childhood, with her older sister the key sibling, and more willing to become involved, she was more interested in keeping herself comfortable and her own beauty and looks.

Teenage YearsEdit

As she became a teenager, she had a growing reputation as the unofficial


Atkime Yerkel; age 16

‘Princess of the Firrerreo’ thanks to her somewhat stereotypical ‘princessy’ behaviour that developed out of her spoilt nature and her insistence on always being surrounded by handmaidens and guards. This grew even more well known as she became more and more of a snob, dismissive of those from lesser clans and not of influential birth, and although the nickname was something of an insult, Atkime was proud of it and what it implied about her. Although her fellow siblings were not too keen on her behaviour, and nor were her parents, she saw no reason to change, and was insistent on continuing to enjoy the life she had cut out for herself.


Atkime Yerkel; age 20


Obsessed with royalty and nobility, she grew up loving at first fairy tales, and then true stories of royal etiquette and princesses, to better style herself after one, long before she had ever received her official title.

Returning to FirrerreoEdit

Atkime had been one of the few of the Yerkel clan to oppose the return to their homeworld when her father had proposed it. Realising that it would be a long and difficult task, with much hard work and spell the end of her life of luxury, Atkime was violently opposed to the idea, horrified at the thought of physical labour and having to work for a living. Her father eventually won her around when the Yerkel clan were elected to lead the Firrerreo people and to take up the position of a newly crowned royal family. The chance for Atkime to become a real princess was one that she could not possibly pass up, and she joyfully accepted.

Her father, realising that despite Atkime’s short comings, she was well versed in etiquette and made for a good representative among the higher classes, gave her the position of ambassador, something that Atkime begrudgingly accepted, as she felt it seemed a little too much like ‘work’, for her to be proud of it. However, it is a job she continues to do when necessary, to help preserve her precious title.


A Proper PrincessEdit

“Unlike you, I can do my own things.”


“And that is why you cannot behave correctly, Miyeke. A princess should not have to do her own things.” – Miyeke and Atkime Yerkel debating the merits of being royalty.

Embracing the role completely with open arms, Atkime took her life of idle luxury to a whole new level. Now refusing so much as to style her hair herself, she fashioned herself after the most stereotypical princesses of yore, expecting to be waited on at all times by her growing army of handmaidens and to literally never have to lift a finger for herself. She possessed an army of stylists to dress her, style her hair, do her make-up, choose scents for her and select her jewellery, cooks that would prepare food for her, speeder drivers and pilots so that she would never have to transport herself anywhere, and more.

She believed herself to be a true example of what everybody wished a real princess to be, and still believes in her heart that her people look up to her and admire her for it.

Breaking from TraditionEdit

More interested in royal traditions of other cultures and times past than the traditions of the Firrerreo, Atkime does not share her


people’s dislike of telling other’s her name. In fact, she believes her name should be widely spread and well known, to further her influence and knowledge of her as a princess. To this extent, she even has her royal bodyguard announce her arrival before entering a room, complete at all times with her full title.

She also always does her best to hide her specie’s shifting skin tone. She does not find it flattering or elegant, and the amount of make-up she dons as a princess means that to change her skin tone would make her look strange at all. She prides herself on always maintaining her coppery skin (growing up in space has left her pale for a Firrerreo, and thus she looks little more than a tanned human, rather than having truly golden skin) no matter what emotions run through her blood.


Atkime has little in the way of practical skills, but her personal strength is in her ability to play the perfect high class princess, and knowing exactly how to behave etiquette wise with other upper class members of society. She is graceful and elegant in all situations, and even amongst the lower classes that she reviles, unless she is confiding in those she trusts, such as her family, she will play the role of the sweet and innocent princess, as she loves to be admired.


Her total lack of ability to perform even the simplest task for herself means that if Atkime is isolated from her handmaidens she is practically helpless to do as much as dress herself, let alone to survive in any kind of dangerous situation.

Her snobbery can at times, when frustrated, show through and expose her true personality, which in turn earns her the dislike of others, sometimes dangerous individuals.

She is vain to an extreme degree, terrified of being seen in anything but her most formal attire, and bulimic at times, terrified of putting weight on. This method of keeping slim, as well as her very small diet leaves her with little energy and physical strength also.


Miyeke YerkelEdit

“I’m not like you, and damn proud of it!” - Miyeke to Atkime


Miyeke Yerkel

Atkime and Miyeke do not see eye to eye thanks to Atkime’s love of idle luxury and her insistant on doing everything as a princess would do, and Miyeke’s more practical approach and belief in trying to help save her people. Despite that, the two are sisters, and Atkime feels a loyal bond to Miyeke, stemming from her believe that a royal family is a particularly special thing.

Noire VayneEdit

“Atkime .... I’m surprised you pulled yourself from vomiting from the toilet long enough to say hello.” – Noire Vayne


Noire Vayne

If Atkime and Miyeke do not see eye to eye, Noire and Atkime try not to even look at each other. Atkime considers Noire to not be a true family member, calling her ‘bastard born’ and she believes her father was far too generous in granting her the royal title of princess, which Atkime by rights believes should only belong to those of ‘pure blood’. In return, Noire completely sees through Atkime’s behaviour and recognises her as the lazy snob she really is, as well as being one of the few people to know her secret habits regarding her bulimia.

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