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Life's a Gamble. Try living and roll the dice. Auro Sebastian

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Childhood and Early LifeEdit

Background: Auro was the youngest of three boys. The eldest, Alec, was naturally a rebel and very close to his impressionable brothers who were four and six years younger. By the time Alec was twenty, he'd been into smuggling practically half of his life with his brothers learning and growing into similar men. As Alec got older and his brothers Evander and Auro grew into men all their own, he began leading the trio in smuggling acts across the galaxy. It is said that the trio even got involved with Hylo Visz, Talon Karrade and Cade Skywalker on seperate, but multiple occasions. The three were became popular names among the smuggling world known as the "Sebastion Three" throughout the underworld that employed them on a daily basis.

One day, the three brothers plotted a smuggling of ammunitions and weapons from and industry that Auro hadn't been informed of. Breaking into the large cargo vessel, Auro and his two brothers lead a group of smugglers from the underworld crime rings on a campaign of theft of weapons that the Rebellion was going to pay them for very well. Picking up a box on the ship, Auro looked down at the label and saw the name of the industry. It read, "Sebastian Arms Corp." Wide eyed, Auro dropped the box to his two brothers surprise. He'd found out who they were stealing from the past few weeks and as he looked at his two brothers, an Imperial Guard detail flooded the room and a standoff ensued. Grabbing Auro, Evander threw him into the docked ship as a few of the other smugglers from the crime rings retreated to the ship. As the others were fighting, the pilot got cold feet and left the rest of the smugglers to die or be arrested there. Those smugglers dead or in jail included his two brothers.


After losing touch with his brothers, Auro was left with nothing and no one, and very little money at his disposal to figure out his next step. Wanting nothing more than to find his brothers or at least gather some information as to where and how they ended up, Auro went to the closest planet to him at the time, that planet was Coruscant. There Auro submerged himself back into the smuggling world and found himself part of another crew in no time at all as some of them had heard of he and his two brother's exploits.Almost a year later, Auro had done well for himself, but without his brothers at his side he quickly lost interest in his robinhood like life as a smuggler and soon decided that his time had been fruitless. Using the money he had made, Auro went to his homeworld and bought an apartment in Coronet, as if it would help him feel like he had a home somewhere always though it was barren and hollow not holding anything of value or worth. After that, Auro put the rest of his money into the Coronet Intergalactic Trade Company and began working as a pilot for the Rebellion.The money was good, but up until he had a run in with a certain Rebellion General by the name of "Nomad", Auro hadn't really known where he was going to end up next. That single encounter, one in which Auro had taken Nomad for all he was worth, was the very same day that Nomad had taken Auro and convinced him to join the Rebellion as a Soldier and later served directly under him. At first, Auro had thought he had won, but it was later that Auro had found that Nomad had been the more cunning man that day.


Auro has a happy personality with a chipper attitude that can sometimes get under the skin of others. As he is a fan of rather strong drinks, Auro's typically good attitude can turn dark when it is allowed to get to a certain point, yet the as dark as it get's it remains unnervingly playful.


Shy in regards to those he does not know, but friendly and open once he gets to know someone better. Loves to nickname those he gets closer to as a way to extract the stress and/or seriousness of any situation.Cheerful and holding a smile for those happy or sad, angry or displeased with him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mortal and suseptable to anything and everything those that serve with him in the Rebellion are. However, Auro is force sensative like his father was, though he is anaware of the slight connection to the force that has guided him to the Rebellion.


Galactic Basic: Standard

Military Job Specialty/ Skills Edit

Pilot, Rebellion Soldier/Military, Rebel Military tactition


Combat Knife trainingVibroblade training

Martial ArtistEdit


Mortality, Beautiful Women, Gambling and Drinking

Assets and PossessionsEdit

An apartment in Coronet, Millions of credits invested in the Coronet Intergalactic Trade Corporation and the financial standings he allows the Rebellion to track for her service in the war.


Auro was once a smuggler before being talked into joining the Republic. In many ways, he never lost his roots as a smuggler. He even after he'd joined the Republic, Auro kept a Synthrope in rolled up in a device on his left forearm in case he needed it for emergencies. He also carried with him Adhesive grenades, Proton grenades and shock grenades which were issued to him by the Rebels after joining up. Though he liked carrying the reliable grenades, he would often rely on the grenades he'd grown most accustomed to while he was a smuggler and also used Flash-bangs and Stun grenades. He only carries three different grenades at any one time. His ranged weapons consisted of two Retribution carbines and pair of dual DC-15 blaster pistols. The Retribution Carbine was his weapon of choice as a smuggler as he prefered ranged combat to getting up close and dirty. In those days he used and old pair of D-44s, but the lighter weight and more compact design of the D-15s side arms were so muc more appealing to the man and so he scrapped the old guns and went with the new. Auro uses a DC-15A Blaster rifle for his long ranged sniping although it was origionally meant to be used as a mid to long ranged rifle and not a sniper at all. The range is good on the weapon and a perfectly capable sniper rifle when in the right hands. For shots over a mile, Auro will rely on the [ DC-15Ax sniper rifle ]


Purchased one X-wing fighter before joining the Rebellion. He does not and has not used it since purchase.

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