Awyr R'thun

Awyr's current incarnation

Awyr R'thun is an exiled Wookiee of Kashyyyk and is currently roaming the known universe as a mercenary and bounty hunter� in his ship, the Shadowland with Jaret Solari, who he has a lifedebt to. He generaly hates everything, and has a knack for always finding somthing to complain about, his favourites are Droids, loud noises, lack of payment and lack of food.


Awyr R'thun is a tall, dark-furred Wookiee, at 7'10" (2.38m) and 208lb (140kg), he stands about two heads above an average Wookiee, and weighs more too, though he has developed a slouch, bringing him down to about one head above an average Wookiee. His fur is a deep, dark brown, which is almost black in appearance. His left eye has been replaced with a blood-red implant, with wires sprouting from it running into his skull, his other eye is a stark contrast to his implant, being a bright, almost lime-green. His fangs are sharpened and yellowed, real Wookiee's don't brush their teeth. He is hardly ever seen without his battle-harness and weaponry (See below).


Born on Kashyyyk, Awyr spent much of his childhood in the Shadowlands, exploring and training himself. Around 12 years of age, he undertook his Hrrtayyk ceremony (A coming of age ceremony), where Awyr spent most of the time complaining to the elder leading it how useless his technique was.
Around the age of 30, Awyr's brother confronted him, and claimed that Awyr was spending too long in the Shadowlands, and neglecting his family, Awyr killed his brother on the spot, with his claws. For this act, he was deemed a mad-claw, and exiled from his family. He spent the next 200 or so years making a living however he could, sinking into a depresion, and hatred of everything. His current (Average) age is 267, though this can vary due to the fluid timeline of the forums. It has recently come to light that Awyr has a lifedebt to Jaret Solari, though this is not obvious in a few threads, suggesting the lifedebt has not yet been documented.


Ryyk blades

A possible rendition of Awyr's Ryyk blades

Awyr carries several different weapons with him at once, his favourites are his twin Ryyk blades, which he forged himself to have a serrated outer edge, and a clean inner edge, with a barbed hook at the top, both blades have also been given a cortsis weave recently, to prevent major Lightsaber damage. His second weapon is his modified Bowcaster, which has a scope, a burst setting and an increaced ammo clip, he also carries several ricochet rounds, just in case. His final "main weapon" are his claws, which he keeps as sharp as possible, he also carries several poisons, his favourite being Malakite themfar, which can be left to dry onto his claws, and still be effective, and kill just as fast in a few weeks. He also carries a variety of grenades.

During the prison break story, Awyr was seperated from his equipment, so improvised with a Stormtrooper chest plate and blaster rifle, and a couple of Vibroblades, which, being Awyr, he hated.

The ShadowlandEdit

Awyr's ship, the Shadowland, is a custom-built small freighter, with several, automatic Ion and Laser cannons, a Swoop
250px-Starlight-class light freighter

The Shadowland, a Starlight-class light freighter

bay two dorms anda med bay. Ironically, as Awyr doesn't have partners, and has all the piloting skills of a Kath hound, he has three droids to assist him, a pilot droid, a medical droid, and an astromech, which he "Lovingly" calls Scrap, Junk and Wreck respectivley. Wreck is a R4 series
Shadowland interior

The interior of the Shadowland.

Awyr bought off some Jawa on a trip to Tatooine, Scrap is a FEG series pilot droid, and Junk is a DD-13, formerly used by the Sith for cybernetic implants e.t.c. Due to Awyr's ineptitude with droids, they have gone a long time without a memory wipe, and have developed personalites, that Awyr has come to hate as much as the droid it's self.

Where Awyr got the Shadowland is unknown, it's assumed he stole it, but he religously denies these claims, saying he "Threatened the man to give him the ship, not same as stealing". The droids are another story. Wreck was bought, fair and square, for the upkeep of the ship, Scrap was stolen from a battleship, an re-programmed to fly the Shaowland just as effectivley, and Junk was stolen from the Empire, who (as of yet) haven't noticed. Wreck is the only one of the droids who did not undergo a memory wipe before entering Awyr's service.

Trivia e.t.cEdit

  • Awyr bears a close resemblence to Snoova, a fellow Wookiee bounty hunter, who is also missing an Eye (Though Snoova has lost his right one, not his left one) and also uses his claws as weapons. The similarities were not intended upon creation of Awyr.
  • Awyr seems to have shorter fur than most Wookiees, as you can see his scars through his fur.

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