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“I will remain free.” -BWL-377 “Brawler”

A Droid made by unkown tech specialist in the Smuggler Moon of Nar Shaddaa to train Gladiators with fighting excersie. Killed his owner and freed himself of “slavery” and now seeks ways to keep himself free.



Brawler is the masterwork of a tech specialist in the smuggler moon of Nar Shaddaa. He was contracted to make a droid that would be able to train gladiators. He got good amount of resources to make this droid but he was under quite lot of stress being in the Smuggler Moon and all. After month of work the frame of BWL-377 was done. The tech specialist showed it to his contractors who but it to a test. Brawler that day killed three guards after going to kill mode instead of stun mode before he was shut down. Tech specialist was afraid they would take his life but the gladiator ring owner, a hutt, was amused and saw promise in the droid. Brawler was taken to the workbench again and after another five months he was pretty much done and taken back to the Hutt for another showdown. Brawler was able to keep his ground against five beginner gladiators.


Brawler lived over 50 years in the same job the owner changed a few times during that but nothing changed for Brawler. He just battled day after day, night after night. Slowly creating a kind of sentinence inside itself. At least on Droid standards it was sentinence. One night Brawler being on stand-by mode in the training hall heard two gladiators speaking of freedom. While listening Brawler got a thrive to free himself from this job. Not a standard month later Brawler killed his owner a lucky human with one swift strike of his fist. Him and the slave gladiators left the grounds. Brawler himself started hireing himself for the Hutts in order to protect himself from possible people who wanted to shackle him again and also for money to repair and maintance himself. Now he works for a faction called the Calactic Underworld



Brawler is really aggressive and likes to settle disputes with fists rather then words. As a droid he also has no idea of how a mortal mind works and thus has hard time understanding bluffs, lies, insuations and such.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Basic, Huttese, Rodian

Job Specialty/ SkillsEdit

Fist fightingEdit

Even tough not as skilled as mortal martial artist would be but thanks to great strenght and droid-like pin-point accuracy is maybe even deadlier then mortal would be.


By being a droid with advanced CPU he can solve mathematical problems in just moments.


Aggressive, Socially inadept and Straight Logical thought pattern

Assets and PossessionsEdit


Brawler as the name suggests wields it's massive arms as weapons. Both have numerous spikes and blades that inflict more devastating damage. Both hands outmost layer is made from Cortosis-Weave to combat Lightsabers. Brawler has a magnetic harpoon built inside his both arms for climbing needs. Both have about 4 meters of strong metal cord that can even support Brawlers huge mass.

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