Bane Nathos
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Bane Nathos
Sith Master
The Sanctuary of Zhar
Darth Noktu
Deceased at 74
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Home Planet
Taluah Arriba (Deceased) Rach Sullen
Tion Nathos
Aden Nathos
Keira Nathos
Logan Nathos
Benjamin Nathos
Jade Nathos
Damian Nathos
Tristan Nathos
Lucius Nathos
Bane Nathos Jr.

Description and PersonalityEdit

Bane stands 5'8" about 150lbs. He is a mobile fighter, prefering acrobatics and magic over brute force or strategizing. He is fiercly loyal to his family but suffers from many mental problems including a split personality that often plagues him. His eyes are naturally green but for a large portion of his life, they were red as he was given mechanical eyes to replace his when he lost them in battle. In his older years his hair had still not changed, some wonder if it were due to Sith Sorcery or the Zharian blood which ran through his veins making him not quite human.

Early YearsEdit

Bane Nathos, was born on a intergalactic starliner known as the "Rising Star". The ship was promptly attacked by a group of pirates known as the "Black Hand" headed by one known as Allistor Regaan, and the entire ship, passengers and crew were held for several weeks until their homeworlds negotiated for their release. They were finally released after a daring raid by a team of the Corellian Sector Force. Amid the raid, the "Black Hand" executed most of the hostages, leaving few survivors to be rescued but Bane was found and sent back to his homeworld of Chandrilla, where he was raised by his aunt and uncle.

Chandrilla was where Bane spent his childhood under the care of his aunt and uncle, knowing little of his family, or his past until at the age of eight, a Trandoshan Bounty Hunter found his home and killed his Aunt and Uncle. Torn by anger and grief the child Bane hunted down and killed the Bounty Hunter, finding him after a search that sent him across the galaxy. Eventually he found himself on the fourth moon of the planet Yavin where he was found by a Sith Master who went by the name of Ahnk.

The Sith BrotherhoodEdit

Ahnk Rashanagok, Sith Master and leader of the Sith Brotherhood, headquartered on Yavin IV, and leader and master of the Massassi people, became Bane's father figure. Others joined him at the temple that day including Skelosh Delaroche, Janus Paladin, and Mortok Valzen, and they became brothers, both in heart and mind. Raised together as Sith, the four went through their training together and served on many missions, such as the raid on the Rebel Munition dumps on Corellia, and attacking the Jedi Library on Coruscant. It was not until after they finished their training that Ahnk, assigned them to go after a specific target, this being the Sith Gangster, Jyanus.

The ganster was hard to find but eventually the four caught up with him on the world of Ord Mantell and confronted him and his guards. The event was a trap though and after Jyanus escaped by personal shuttle on the roof, thousands of droids and troopers swarmed the building, the Sith splitting apart to escape. A split which would last many years.

Bane having escaped the gangster, found himself on the a shuttle to the world of Bespin, when the Jedi attacked and seized him, taking him back to their temple on Coruscant for trial due to his actions against the Jedi.

Shackled and surrounded by Jedi Sentinals Bane stood before the Jedi Council and confessed to his crimes but even after he fully complied they refused mercy and ordered his execution for the betterment of the galaxy. As the Sentinals led Bane away he was suddenly rescued by a team led by DarkestSith6, Janus Paladin, Skelosh Delaroche, and other Sith Warriors. After blowing a hole through the wall of the temple, they ordered Bane to run and run he did, losing himself in the underworld of Coruscant until the Jedi stopped searching for him.

The Way of the JediEdit

Lost, weary, broken, Bane found himself on the world of Durgo where he met a smuggler by the name of Taluah Arriba. She took him in after a brutal bar fight that ended in Bane's body being left broken in the streets. After several weeks he healed yet stuck around, assisting her in her smuggling operation as a gunner and eventually co-pilot. The two fell in love, the calming presence of Taluah brought Bane to reject the dark side and adopt the light side of the force.

On a mission to Trandosha, the two discovered that Bane was really the son of King Tion of Zhar, a nearby world and that the Trandoshans had been hired long before by the government of Ghorman to assassinate him and destroy the monarchy. On that day Bane vowed vengeance on that world and Ghorman but first he had to return to Zhar and claim his crown.

The people of Zhar were awaiting him and welcomed them both proudly and amid the celebration, Bane and Taluah were married and formed The Sanctuary of Zhar, for the training of Jedi, and as a place of calm meditation for any that sought it.

Ruling Zhar distracted Bane for quite a while as many joined him on Zhar such as Spark Vallen, Korran Halycon, and the Noghri Ruhk. Bane and Taluah had their first children, a boy Aden, and a daughter Keira. Amid the training of his padawans and raising of his children, Bane was happy and it broke his heart when war came to Zhar as Ghorman, realizing that they had reorganized themselves struck hard and quick and with the aid of their Trandoshan allies attacked and destroyed one of the colonial ships orbiting Zhar of people returning to their homeworld.

War with GhormanEdit

Ghorman and Zhar warred for 10 years. Bane's oldest son Aden becoming one of the Zharian's most famed leaders and his younger brother Logan, an equally famous captain and leader of the army. The greatest victory of the Zharians was a daring raid led by Aden Nathos that led to the destruction and eventual conquest of the Trandoshan people under Zhar and the Nathos family. Meanwhile the Ghorman's sent a wave of explosive ships on a suicide mission to Zhar in an attack that rained fiery death upon the capital city, where Bane waited and watched. It was the events of that day that created a rift in Bane's mind, unlocking a voice or conscience that hadn't been released for a very long time that began to speak to him when he least wanted it and Darth Noktu became aware inside his mind. As the war dragged on, the rift in his mind grew wider and wider. Even amid victory on Trandosha, the engagement of his son Aden to a Zharian officer named Cae, victories on Zhar by Logan and the birth of another son Benjamin, Bane could find no peace and eventually disappeared into the night. As Aden and Logan led the people of Zhar to victory over Ghorman, Bane lurked in the shadows, tortured by one Darth Noktu.

Tragedy on DurgoEdit

One dark and stormy night, Taluah, Logan, and the youngest child, a baby, Ben, rested in their home when a mysterious figure announcing himself as Dark Noktu appeared. Taluah tried to defend her children but was struck down as with Logan and the child Ben before the dark figure fled when Janus Paladin and Skelosh Delarcohe burst in to defend them, arriving but minutes too late.

Giving chase to the figure, they cornered him in the wide open plains of that world, where after a brutal duel they found out that the figure was Bane himself, now totally mad, taken over by the conscience of this Darth Noktu, his Sith identity, who revealed his most evil deed. Unable to understand what he had done, Janusand Skelosh let him escape and went to find and protect Aden and Keira before their father found them.

Trapped and pursued by his own mind, Bane and Darth Noktu have a duel inside a cave where he had taken refuge from the storm and it ends with Darth Noktu stabbing Bane through the chest and leaves him beaten, battered, and bleeding in the darkness of the cave as lightning triggers a rockslide that blocked off the entrance to the cave, the dark figure pulling the cloak over his face and disappearing into the night.

Trandosha Enslaved and Retribution Against GhormanEdit

Blood ran in the streets of Trandosha as the Sith known as Darth Noktu slew the heads of the leading slave families and hired a massive army of the lizardlike mercanaries to do his bidding until he sat on the throne, the entire world bowing before him. From there he organized the world into a focused military force, still strong in the wake of the war that had left Zhar broken and shattered especially after the disappearancee Bane Nathos, the assassination of his eldest son Aden by the hands of the Sith known as Anubis, and the disappearance or murder of the rest of his family from Keira to Ben.

Trandosha strong prepared to attack Ghorman, whose war weary people begged for peace and terms with its government but got none. War never came though as both fleets began a stand off, organized by Darth Noktu but after the third day, a sudden power failure knocked out both fleets and when the lights turned back on the leaders of the Ghorman fleet were slain and one of their Carrack Cruisers had been autopiloted enroute to crash into the main government complex, killing the Prime Minister and most of his associates. This was later revealed to be the work of Noktu himself who returned to Trandosha in triumph where he left the throne in victory after hearing about the death of Aden and the disappearance of his daughter Keira who had married a Jedi now revealed Sith Korran Halycon.

It was also revealed that the war had been instigated by a group that declared themselves to be the ancient inhabitants of Zhar and the real rulers of that world. It was they that had worked the three worlds prejudices against each other and had caused the war and worked to destroy the Nathos family.

Rach SullenEdit

Torn about the death of his family and devoured by guilt, Bane, now Darth Noktu, traveled the galaxy, surviving off petty crime, womanizing, especially Twi'leks, and indulging in drink. On one of these self pity fests, he met a pink haired Jedi Rach Sullen and her cousin Emily Hinata. The trio hit it off and after a few drinks they were dancing and eventually Bane ended up in the sack with Rach, unbeknowst to him, impregnating her with twins, Damien and Lucius. After the one night, Bane made a quick escape, so that he would not be disocvered having associated and slept with Jedi and returned to the Sith Order openly appearing as Bane Nathos again.

He crossed paths with Rach again on Tatooine when he captured her and Jedi Kyle Solo, as part of a scheme to destroy the Boonta Eve classic Arena and amid the carnage the resulted in deaths not only in the arena but the deaths of the survivors when they hit the spaceport, she revealed to Bane that she was pregnant with his children.

That event perhaps prevented even more death on Tatooine as Bane shocked by the news fled again into reclusion not showing himself in public until the impending birth of his children where he stayed by Rach's side as Damien and Lucius were born and never left her side, eventually marrying her, turning her to the darkside and having three more children, Jade, Tristan, and Bane Jr with her.

The Sithly HauntingEdit

After the birth of Jade, Bane began to have nightmarish visions of his last child Ben, whom he had slain that fateful night on Durgo. The images and dreams became more real until one day amid in a daze he swore he ran into his son Logan, whom also had been slain that night. The visions drove Bane mad and he went on a quest to find if his son were really alive and ended up facing again the ancient Zharians that had tortured him and his family during the war, losing his eyes in battle but regaining them again when he found out his son, Ben, was not really his son but a clone made to draw him into a trap. This resulted in the death of many ancient zharians and the removal of the eyes of the leader to replace Bane's missing eyes. The whereabouts of Logan if he were real or not are still unknown.

Apocalypse of BloodEdit

Continuing after the remainder of the Ancient Zharians, Bane comes face to face with Korran, who had married his daughter then after betraying his trust and revealing that he was really a Sith was responsible for her death. Bane and Korran face off in the spice mines of kessel Bane is left for dead after the mine collapses on him, Korran only escaping.

To Hell and BackEdit

Years later, an explosion ripped apart a building on the Jedi world of Naboo. The culprit a naked, and bleeding Bane Nathos, who just watched as the flames spread across Theed, the Jedi unprepared for the attack he was not even aware he was carrying out. Eventually found and rescued by his daughter, now an adult woman and Jedi Knight, Jade Nathos, he was taken to be healed by the Jedi Master Bethany Kismet herself who even volunteered to be taken prisoner when Sith Masters such as Malice Draclau came to the rescue of the long lost Sith Lord.

Bane was taken to Ruusan where he was reunited with his wife, Rach Sullen, who had never quite gotten over his death, though his children, now ruling Zhar and Trandosha, had long since moved on. It was revealed that he had been held captive in hell for 15 years, hell not being the fiery place that Bane had seen but in reality a laboratory where Janus Paladin had been tampering with Bane in an effort to get revenge for his always shifting alliances and the destruction of the once strong Sith Brotherhood.

Janus had formulated a plan to mess with the Nathos clan once and for all, cloning both Bane and with the aid of the Bane clone, Rach in an effort to create another Nathos child for him to train himself. At one of the galaxy wide balls, he unleashed his plan and the Bane clone seduced Rach and the Rach clone seduced Bane. Having seen through the ruse, Rach destroyed the Bane clone and moved to attack the Rach one that had just had sex with Bane and was trying to flee. Amid the battle and destruction, the clone escaped but Janus, injured disappeared leaving Bane and Rach, the real ones together. After this event it was discovered that Rach was pregnant, whether it was the clone's child of Bane's was in question until it was confirmed that it was indeed the child of Bane, whom he saw as a chance of redemption, the horrors of his family's close relations with death, confirmed when Tristan slew his brother Damien and Lucius disappeared, and he named him Bane Nathos Jr.

Bane Jr and the Crimson OrderEdit

Bane Jr, grew close to his mother and sister Jade until Bane eventually took him with him across the galaxy, the two becoming close especially as they began investigating a new order, a cult focused on the destruction of the Jedi and Sith. Seeing it as a challenge, Bane and his son went to their main world of Bothawui, to destroy the order. But they were discovered and after an intense firefight where Bane Jr. was injured, Bane,unwilling to lose another child, surrendered himself to save his son. Hell rained down on Bothawui when Rach found out, having received word via the force from Bane himself as he was held captive.

After breaking free of his bonds, Bane fought with the leader of the cult, known as The Crimson Order, his name being Allister Regaan, now the Great Divine. Not all being as it seemed, the Divine ended up being a robot set to explode, and Bane had to choose to chase after the real Divine or protect his son and as the explosions went off he draped himself over his son, taking the blast for him, incinerating his body, but leaving his son alive. This time, the Sith Master, now near his 75th year, was dead, leaving a legacy of death and war, from the deaths of younglings to epic wars, and a posterity that could have been large but marred by frequent death and infighting.


Bane is survived by Bane Jr, Tristan and Jade Nathos and his wife Rach Sullen who after his death returned to her family in the Jedi Order. Others such as Logan and Aden Nathos, their survival is not confirmed either if it is them or if they are actually alive somehow.

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