The Battle of Zaltin[1] is one of the most infamous battles in the history of The Gungan Council in which The Rebel Alliance, led by Jedi Binks and Rogue Steiner, invaded the Dark Sith Order at Zaltin on Thyferra.

The Battle of Zaltin was the first major battle roleplay to reach the 1000 post level at The Gungan Council, making it a precursor to many of the large roleplays that have happened since.


The Rebel Alliance didn't get on with the Dark Sith Order, but weren't supported by The Jedi Council. Rogue Steiner was in command of X-Wing squadrons whilst Jedi Binks commanded the Force-Users.


"The Rebel Alliance attacks the Dark Sith Order on their homeplanet of Thyferra. The battle wages on for many nights and days until The Rebel Alliance is able to take command of the DSO capital city of Zaltin. In the end the Jedi of the Alliance and Sith of the Order finish in an epic lightsaber battle in one of the many Sith hangers. Malice Draclau had been captured by The Rebel Alliance, but Rogue Steiner had been captured by the Dark Sith Order. The battle ends in The Rebel Alliance withdrawing from a ravaged world."[2]

"The Battle of Zaltin happened on the Dark Sith Order's homeplanet of Thyferra. General Steiner led members of Rogue Steiner and Rebel Squadrons against the Sith on their own soil. The battle, seemingly unended, lasted until a final push of the Alliance could bing to past their slight, but clear victory. And ending lightsaber battle in one of the main hangers of the city against the Jedi and Sith cleared the Alliance's victory… but the victory was not without lost… During the lightsaber battle Rogue squared off with Sith Master Malice Draclau, fighting around the hanger. At the very end the two could not win over the other until a Force push on each other knocked the two out cold. Jedi Master Steiner was captured by the Dark Sith Order and Sith Master Draclau became captive of the Alliance."[3]


The 2003 battle was a successful attempt at reintroducing the 'Golden Age' style of roleplaying, which mimicked the movies' action, adventure and excitement. Despite having large fleets, the plot was character-focussed. It paved the way for a new style of roleplaying that emerged in mid-2005 with the removal of shipyards at TGC, which centered around character interaction and development instead of "winning the battle". In many ways, it was the turning point between TGC's first half-decade and second-half decade, ushering in the beginning of a number of rules changes. It was the first 1000-post RP, and is still only one of a select few to hit that magic number. It made the TGC Hall of Fame[4] but was mostly lost during the ezdude attack.

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