Bianca Holloway
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Bianca Holloway
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Bianca Holloway was a pirate from the early days of human galactic colonizations. However, she was diagnosed with a terminal illness that technology at that time could not treat. She managed to illegally be cryogenically frozen until a cure could be made, yet she did not wake up for thousands of year. When Mason England woke her up, her planet was already abandoned by civilization and hyperspace travel was frequent. Despite being a sadistic Sith, Mason decided it would be interesting to see how Bianca could adapt to her new life and offered to help her treat her illness.

Both Bianca and Mason traveled for a couple years together. Both of them ended up forming a formidable team with Mason's hard hitting strength and her quick thinking mind. At first, she was disturbed by his use of the Force, thinking it was evil magic of some kind. She eventually warmed up to the idea of having something akin to a sorcerer on her side.

During their travels, both Bianca and Mason formed romantic feelings for each other. On one of his birthdays, he happened to accidentally reveal those feelings with Bianca reciprocating in return. They immediately began a passionate relationship which quickly gave birth to Ryori Holloway, who would in the future become a Jedi Master, and her twin brother Ket Van Derveld, whom was thought to be stillborn but had managed to survive and would go on to become a formidable Force-user in his own right as a Jedi, Sith, and finally Nightbrother.

After a few more years, the new family were using Ruusan as a temporary residence. Mason still being a Sith warrior meant he frequently traveled to go to battle, so finding permanent residence was nearly impossible. For several weeks, a slaver gang had been terrorizing Bianca's family, yet they were always repelled by her or Mason's actions. Yet, it was not until Mason went on one more battle that the slavers managed to catch her off guard. After a long chase, the slavers managed to capture Bianca and Ryori, leaving behind Bianca's crossbow Varic as a taunt for Mason.

Bianca played the part of an obedient slave for a while as the slavers processed her and Ryori for future sale. However, Ryori was taken away from Bianca to be sold to someone else, separating the two. Eventually, Bianca managed to initiate her plan to escape from bondage by inciting a massive slave revolt. She slipped out as the carnage continued, yet was attacked by a slaver. During the brief fight, she lost a necklace that was given to her by Mason, which contained a holo-image of their daughter.

For over a year, Bianca followed the trail of carnage that Mason left being as he searched for her. Their paths nearly crossed several times with both of them unaware of where the other was. Eventually, Mason gave up on his search after finding Bianca's necklace. He returned to their last home on Ruusan and buried the necklace along with the ring he was going to use to propose to her.

Nearly two decades passed with neither Mason nor Bianca ever seeing each other. Then, as Bianca attempted to rob an Imperial, she was discovered by Mason, now known as Darth Apparatus, who was supposed to kill the robber. The two had an emotional reunion, with Darth Apparatus first being unable to accept the fact that Bianca had survived after he was certain of her death.

Eventually, Darth Apparatus did accept that Bianca was alive, yet, as Bianca could tell, he was conflicted. He fully adopted the Sith philosophy to abandon love, as the Sith thought it could teach mercy. However, Bianca opened her heart to him once again and finally managed to persuade him to attempt to reignite their love by revealing that she had the ring and necklace he buried long ago.

Immediately, Darth Apparatus placed the ring on Bianca's finger, essentially completely the proposal he wanted to do over twenty years ago. They were married on the spot as the captain discovered them.

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