Dathomir Witch Clan
Blue Coral Divers

Clan Leader

Cyllena Tarnarath
Members Gwyn Lai
Mercureus Hawk
Titles and Ranks of Note
Former Leaders Mortigan A. Heruin
Marsters Unknown

Dathomir (formally)
Aaris III

  • Paecean
  • Galactic Basic



The Blue Coral Divers Clan was one of the new breed of witch clans on the planet Dathomir, allowing both women and men to rule jointly. The Clan is steadily trying to make a place for themselves among the clans of Dathomir. Having been subject to a war brought on by the Nightsisters, the Blue Coral Divers Clan made home on Aaris III with the other Allyan Clans.

Blue Coral Divers ClanEdit

Location on DathomirEdit

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Aaris IIIEdit

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Culture of the ClanEdit

Notable TitlesEdit

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  • Paecean
  • Galactic Standard Basc


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Religion and PhilosophyEdit


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Religious DocumentsEdit

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Clan Trials and RitualsEdit

Ascending TrialsEdit

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Ceremonial RitualsEdit

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History of the ClanEdit


The Blue Coral Divers was one of the new breed witch clans on the planet Dathomir, fishing for blue corals and allowing both women and men to rule jointly. The Clan feuded with the Scissorfists Clan, another clan that lived near the sea. After years of fighting, both clans tried to settle their differences through a diplomatic meeting. However, the peace talks ended badly and both clans resumed their feud.
For a long time, the clan was led by Mortigan Alban Heruin whose short lived relationship with the Singing Mountain Witch Na'ala Hawk produced a child - Mercureus Hawk. While given his mother's last name, the child was raised with his father and one day inherited his place as Clan Father.

Wait, you guys got wands?Edit

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The months of Peace; The Years of WarEdit

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My Heart Would Overrule my MindEdit

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Clan Members by RankEdit

Knights: Mercureus Hawk |
Apprentices: Gwyn Lai |

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