The Blue Desert People were a group of Kwi who lived in the Great Desert of Dathomir on the planet Dathomir. This group helped Luke Skywalker and Prince Isolder in their search for Leia Organa in 8 ABY

The Blue Mountain People were a tribe of Kwi on the planet Dathomir. In 8 ABY, they escorted Luke Skywalker and Prince Isolder into their group for a short time during the search for Han Solo, Leia Organa, and Chewbacca. This group was later seen racing across the plains by Skywalker and Tenel Ka, during their trip to the planet onboard the Off Chance some fifteen years later.

Kwi are descendants of the Kwa on Dathomir the original inhabitants of Dathomir. The Kwa where an extragalactic species that built the Infinity Gate and Star Temples. The original Gate was destroyed trapping making it impossible for some Kwa to return to Dathomir for a long time. Nightsister Santeria Decuir rebuilt the gate in a new location. This allowed for the Kwa to return to Dathomir. The first Kwa to step through the gate was Marduk Cyn upon his arrival he saw intruders upon the Kwa's ancient grounds of Star Temples. He Called forth the Wuffa Worms to defend his peoples lands from the intruders.

Marduk Cyn then called out to his descendants the Blue Desert people and Blue Mountain people to come defend there Sacred lands from the invaders. Being True Pure Kwa the Kwi saw him as there leader. Together they would attempt to push the invaders from there lands and try to restore Dathomir to what it once was.

Current Leader- Marduk Cyn

Members;; Past and PresentEdit

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