Reviews for Bombad Radio - Official Podcast for The Gungan Council

- Episode 40 Part 2 – is one of my favorites (next to Jennifer Hale interview) because it had both HK-47 and the demon hunter from Diablo 3 whose names I can’t remember. The contrast between the two, an old actor/director and a younger voice actress is awesome and both are a lot of fun. - Matt

- I knew this episode featuring Jon St. John was going to be... interesting, as soon as I saw it was the only episode marked "Explicit." I was not disappointed in that regard. Right from the start Ket and Jon started having a good time, with Ket going into complete fan-boy mode. Quickly it became clear that Jon is very passionate about what he does and the characters he plays, something I appreciate. He even talked about some amusing stories, including one about his son impressing his friends with his father's Nukem voice. Just as clearly, co-host Bane chose to sit back most of the episode and let Ket and Jon go on a verbal rampage dragging the rest of us along with them. A satisfying experience for someone who rarely listens to podcasts or radio shows of any sort. - John Cantrell Jr.

There will be cheers, there will be tears is an interview with Consetta Parker; a podcast that will bring heartfelt joy to those that listen. The tale centers around not only the founding of the respectable Parker Publicity, but of a tale of love that transcends thanks to Star Wars. With a abundant amount of personal tales that can bring listeners and fellow fans of the Star Wars universe to someone of such a pivotal role, there are stories akin to Consetta's that are centric on our own forums. To hear the adventure of moving, after finding her own Stormtrooper, to the fantasy wedding about something they both enjoy had left myself welling with tears. It was similar in a fashion to how I met my own husband, though he is a dastardly Sith, and left me feeling with a connection that only someone like her could understand. It brought tears to my eyes as I continued to listen and to hear how mesmerized she had even been in the company of such greats like Billy Dee Williams drew such a down to Earth perception of her. Consetta Parker is in a league of her own and those who have been blessed to befriend her or listen to the podcast certainly are touched. - Santeria Decuir

Review 1 – Voices of Star Wars: James Arnold Taylor

Summary: This is the first celebrity interview for Bombad Radio, originally done in September of 2011. The interviewee is renowned voice actor James Arnold Taylor, most famous to Star Wars fans for his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Clone Wars cartoon series. He has also appeared in dozens of other roles across a wide range of genres in his role as a voice actor. Mr Taylor had been given a pre-assembled list of questions which he was asked and answered.

Technical Quality (/5): 5/5. As this was not being run live, the quality in both the pre and post sections by Bane and the main interview were very high. There was seemingly no loss in quality from the recording Mr Taylor sent, and the volume was well balanced.

Content (/10): 8/10. Considering the short running time of this interview, it was nevertheless effective in answering the list of questions and giving the listener a feel for Mr Taylor’s personality. The five questions themselves were of course limited, but I can’t mark it down, as these were the conditions set for the interview. Listeners would of course wanted to hear more, but the fact that they came away feeling that way speaks highly of their quality. The use of sound effects by the production team was nicely handled, and not excessive. Overall, given the conditions for the interview I feel that the questions were answered well, and this episode was very solid.

Interaction (/10): 7/10. Strictly speaking there was no interaction here directly, since the episode took place in two pre-recorded sections. However, because this was a constraint of necessity, I am not going to mark it down. Rather, I felt that Mr Taylor was engaging, funny and generous in his answers to the set questions. I would have preferred more time with him answering questions live, but sadly that wasn’t possible.

Preference (/5): 5/5. I really enjoyed this interview. Bane’s narration before and after set the scene, the quality was great and Mr Taylor was a fantastic guest. If it had one fault it was short, but it was a good first step for the team, and a portent of future success.

Total (/30): 25/30. This interview, despite being constrained by the need to record answers to set questions off-air, was crucially successful. This was the first celebrity interview that Bombad Radio got and it went very well. I feel Mr Taylor answered all the questions in a charming way, and even if this episode was short I hope to hear more from him in the future. Highly recommended.

- Phylis Alince

Episode 40: Bombad’s Birthday Bash - Part 2
Summary: To celebrate the first anniversary, Bombad Radio had three episodes, interviewing four people. The middle of the three saw the second half of an interview with director and KOTOR voice actor Kristoffer Tabori, including a discussion with him of TGC, and an interview with Clone Wars voice actress Anna Graves.
Technical Quality (5/5): There was no concern about hearing anything said by them, no downtime (that could be noticed) in a very long interview and the introduction, used for only the second time, is masterful. If any editing was performed, it was unnoticeable.
Content (9/10): There was a massive amount of interesting information from both guests, and it was an absolute pleasure to listen to. Anna Graves was amazing but listening to Tabori take an interest was also excellent, as well as hearing views about virtually everything. The only reason this doesn't get a 10 is that some potential guests could have even more knowledge and interesting anecdotes, and that you have to have heard the first half of Tabori's interview to understand everything in it. There was also a lot of content that many listeners might have found boring (such as games releases that have nothing to do with Star Wars) but I personally enjoyed it all. - Lelija Marzullo

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