Originated by Gethzerion, the Book of shadows contains fables of the future of the Nightsisters and their brethren

Necromancy Spell

with detailed stories of glory and gathering within the heavens. This tome is written with details of the rituals and spells of their kind.

The view of the Force differs between The Coven and the Sith; both practice the Darkside of the Force (referred to as Shadow Magic), but and learning that power is on completely different ends of the spectrum.

Jedi are known to gain Force powers predominately through meditation; the Sith, through raw emotions; Witches bring forth their powers through chanting, intricate movements of the body, to hone concentration. Jedi and Sith have an understanding of the Force in separate sections; control, sense,
Necronomicon book

Grimoire Compendium

and alter. Dathomiri clans learn them as though they are interconnected.

The Nightsisters did not fear the dark powers forbidden by the ancients, but reveled in them and raised their daughters in the dark side, although they did not understand it as the Jedi did.


Necronomicon by Richard A Poppe

Book of Shadows

Bound in human flesh and inked in blood, the Book of Shadows has been an ancient tome that is cherished above all other texts to the Nightsisters. Within its pages are spells crafted by Gethzerion and through the ages has been added to by other Clan Mothers of the Nightsisters, Coven scribes, Masters of the Coven, and the High Priestess. Other documentations of the book include the Nightsister code, Laws of the Coven, incantations of invocation, funerary rites, traditions, trials and ceremonies. The, Book of Shadows, resides in a chamber to which only the High Priestess knows it origins along with the way to unraveling the mystical barrier placed upon it. Clan Leaders have their own version of the volume, but those works are quite variable from the original; their version is known as the Grimoire Compendium.


Nightsister CodeEdit

"Those who deny themselves emotion will never understand freedom.
BOS image

Those who choose ignorance will never know their own greatness.
Those who are consumed with passion, will fail to dominate.
Those who fear death will never achieve real power.
Never forget that your magic must always be used wisely.
Do not fear the darkness that lives within us all, however do not concede to it, lest you will be consumed and become its slave."

Coven LawEdit

Tradition and CeremonyEdit


Force ConcentrationsEdit


  • Aeromancy (Air)
    Spellbook Fire Chapter by atreyu64


  • Cyromancy (Ice)
  • Geomancy (Earth)
  • Hydromancy (Water)
  • Meteoromancy (Lightning)
  • Pyromancy (Fire)
  • Spectromancy (Light)

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