Bounty HunterEdit

The Bounty Hunter is a common Character archetype that tracks down wanted criminals for a payout. These payouts are normally place on a character’s head by governmental bodies, crime syndicates and the occasional wealthy individual due to some misdeed or treason they have caused. The bounties are usually place on the galactic Holonet, with needed files on the subject, for hunters to reference and prepare for their hunt. These files usually come with certain requests and prerequisites by the poster such as avoidance of disintegrations and live captures; the latter being the most common and most difficult. Lastly, another common way of receiving a writ of bounty is a formal meeting between two separate parties; this arrangement varies from different bounties, but detailed information on the target is almost always provided to the hunter.


In early/mid 2007 a special set of rules was set into place solely for Bounty Hunters before the migration to Yuku. It was hoped that the rule may increase the population and activity for neutral character of the board. It was a well made system ; however the lack of bounty hunter and bounty hunter activity gave way the dissolving of the special acceptations and rules surrounding Bounty Hunters. The Following is a passage from TGC’s Historical Archives:

                                         BOUNTY HUNTING RULES

Live Capture: All hunts are presumed to be "Live Capture" Operations, unless pre-arranged by role players wishing to have their characters killed.

Obviously most people do not want their characters killed, and so if we assume that most bounty hunters are out for the kill, it becomes less likely that anybody will care to roleplay against said bounty hunters. With Live Capture as the new norm, the above issue will cease to be a problem.

Escape and/or Rescue Following a successful live-capture the escape or rescue of captured persons will occur in one of the following capacities (As planned and agreed upon by the captured person and the bounty hunter):

- As an additional scene in the thread of capture - As a new thread specifically created to explore the escape or rescue - As a series of threads exploring a character's time in captivity and subsequent attempts of escape or rescue

Legal Intrusion: A Bounty Hunter may legally enter any roleplay not overtly labeled as "Closed" or "Invite Only" in order to pursue and collect the bounty placed upon the head of another character. This includes planetary takeover threads.

Notice: All hunters, please use discretion when entering a thread. Remember that the other role players are there for a reason too, so do your best not to ruin their experience. If bounty hunters are found to be abusing the legal intrusion principle I will be forced to place a limitation on how many threads a hunter intrude upon in any given month.

Limitations (on hunting):

- Only Bounty Hunters (neutral non force users) registered as members of The Galactic Underworld may hunt.

- Only one bounty hunter my legally intrude upon any given roleplay in pursuit of his prey.

- If any additional bounty hunters wish to enter the same thread they must first seek and obtain approval from the thread's creators.

- A bounty hunter may not intrude upon more than one thread at any given time. (This means one hunt must be completed or abandoned before starting another)

- Only characters appearing in the Official BOUNTY LIST THREAD may be hunted.

- Stand-Alone (non intrusion) Hunt threads remain legal

Limitations (on those being hunted):

- When confronted, in character, by a hunter seeking the bounty on your head you must respond within 48 hours.

- Failure to respond within 48 hours will result in an automatic capture. (Unless you have posted a LOA notice in the Antechamber prior to start of the hunt)

- If a bounty is taken out on you and a hunter comes for you, you may not refuse participation.

- In the event of an automatic capture please see previous rules governing escape and rescue

- In the event that you are captured, your character's status in other pre-existing roleplays shall not be affected, and you may continue on in those threads as long as you wish.

Limitations (On Those Placing Bounties)

- Bounty Hunters are prohibited from placing bounties on the heads of others.

- Bounties may not be placed at random. If you wish to place a bounty we expect you to have an in character rationale for doing so, which must include some kind of recent in character interactions with/against the character you are placing the bounty upon.

- You may only place one bounty at a time

- You may not post a second bounty until the first has been successfully carried out and thus removed from the list

- You may not place a bounty on the same character twice in a row.

In June 12th of 2008 these rules were revoked from the listings.

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