Avatar: Natalie Portman (Chissified)
Also known as
Core Name - Karisa Khal
Currently lives on Sposia w/children
TUF - Adept
Ambassador of the Chiss Acendancy
CEDF - Reserve Medical Officer
Ambassador, Physician and Surgeon
The United Federation
The Chiss Ascendancy
House Sabosen
Systor Alec'ar'nuruodo
Body type
Eye color
Glowing Red
Hair color
Jet Black
-Feels silky to touch
Skin color
Blue (lighter shade due to the high oxygen content of Sposia's atmosphere)
-Skin feels velvety smooth to touch because body hair is very fine.
Has sythnflesh covered prosthetic right leg
Plays the grand keybed; classically trained
Cherry blossoms
Family members
Magnus Khal
Significant other
Mitth'oru'sabosen (Thorus)
Drak'ari'sabosen (Ari)
Son-Thor Khal
Daugher-Sif Khal
Son-Loki Khal
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Other family

"A healthy populace makes for a strong Ascendancy."


Early LifeEdit


Mitth'oru'sabosen is the Chief Justice on the High Court of the Chiss Asendancy, and is an elder in House Sabosen. He is wearing the colors of their house - brown and gold.

Brask'ari'sabosen was born the only child of Mitth'oru'sabosen and Drak'ari'sabosen. For as long as Karisa could remember she wanted to be a doctor, and to help make people feel better. Born into House Sabosen, the Chiss Ruling House in charge of seeing to the law, education, and health of the Chiss Ascendancy, her dream and passion would naturally come true. She attended the University of Sposia Medical School, graduating top in her class, then was accepted into the residency program at Sposia Medical Center where she trained in general surgery.

After finishing her residency as Chief Surgical Resident, Karisa had been accepted into a coveted trauma surgery fellowship, but House Sabosen had other plans for her as a Medical Officer in the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet. Karisa's first posting was to the Leto, the flagship of Systor Alec'ar'nuruodo, who was the rising star of the Nuruodo family. It was thought that if the doctor was to catch the attention of the commander, then a possible marriage alliance could come of it, but House Nuruodo had other plans for their prized son, and nothing transpired except for a broken heart.

When the Leto was destroyed, Karisa was reposted on Csilla where she was assigned to the military hospital there. This allowed her to live and enjoy time with her father, Thorus, who keeps a residence in Csaplar as he is the Chief Justice of the High Court and elder member of House Sabosen while her mother, Ari, lives at the family home on Sposia where she is a professor of law at the University of Sposia.

Romantic and Personal LIfe

B394e4b4-e7e8-4932-bad0-2484b037629b zps7053dc77

Karisa conferring with another Chiss doctor.

Being raised in the traditional ways of the Chiss, it was only a matter of time before Karisa's father would entertain and accept an offer of
Brask'ari'sabosen Dress Robes

Brask'ari'sabosen's dress robes in her House colors.

marriage alliance once she became of age from one of the other Ruling Houses. Initially, House Sabosen had hopes of their prized daughter marrying the rising star of House Nuruodo to help mend ties between the two prominent Ruling Houses, but when a more compelling offer from House Csapla came to be, Karisa's destiny was set in motion, but not to be with her true love, Alec'ar'nuruodo.

Karisa never wanted to be placed into just a functional marriage like her parents had as she has a passionate side to her; rare for Chiss. No, she wanted to marry for love, not status, political motives, or convenience. But being a dutiful Chiss, she would follow through with her father's wishes without question.

Luckily for her, La'ven'csapla met acceptable  expectations in a suitor. They seemingly had many of the same interests right from the start of their courtship, so a formal engagement was soon announced after the CEDF Commander was promoted to Admiral. Crah La'ven went on to take command of the Second and Seventh Fleets while  Karisa was assigned to serve as a Medical Officer on his flagship, Sunfire.

During the last Sith offensive at the Battle of Bogo Rai, the CEDF medic was caught in an artillery blast while caring for injured Federation soldiers in the trenches and knocked unconscious with shrapenal wounds. When she awoke several months later in a hospital, Karisa was greeted by her father's face not her fiancé's. Apparently the field medic had been listed as amongst the dead. La'ven had accepted the fact that she was KIA like a good Chiss should and simply moved on making a new life for himself, but the elder Sabosen didn't, couldn't. Thor hired a crack shot private search and rescue team to find his daughter. She was indeed found alive, though near-death in an abadoned POW camp.

Taken to a secret facility on Nirauan, Karisa recovered and was fitted with a synthflesh prostetic right leg as the natural leg could not be saved after gangrene set in from her uncared for battle wounds. This set in motion her drive to do research in surgical biometrics as she kept rejecting her artifical leg. Now Dr. K is one of the top authorities in this sub-surgical specility, practicing privately on her homeworld of Sposia, though still serving the United Federation as a reservist in the CEDF. 


Magnus Khal is the charismatic Hapan who stole Karisa's heart and painted himself on her soul after she saved his life.

During a joint military operation with Federation allies, Brask'ari'sabosen served on the Hapan warship Shakai, commanded by Captain Magnus Khal. During the simulated space battle, a real explosion occurred in the engine room of the Nova-class battle cruiser. While rescuing one of his own crew members, the  Hapan captain was himself injured critically with a shard of twisted metal impaled into his chest. The Chiss doctor took him to emergency surgery and saved his life with her hand literally squeezing his heart inside his chest after he had died on the table during open heart surgery.As they spent more time together during Magnus' rehab, a special bond formed between the Hapan Captain and the Chiss doctor leading to a forbidden love affair. When Magnus was promoted to Fleet Admiral of the Hapan Royal Navy, Karisa made the choice to go back to the Ascendancy as she didn't want to burden the new Admiral with the consequences of their loving liaison; the doctor was two months pregnant.

Afterwards during his recovery, the doctor was granted special medical privileges at the Royal Hapan Hospital in Chume'Dan on Hapes Prime and oversaw his care per request. A undeniable special bond had been forged and the two fell passionately in love. Due to the nature of their forbidden love affair, the charismatic Hapan and the Chiss beauty kept to themselves and enjoyed each others company exculsively for two full months with a very memorable time spent at the Khal family lake cabin. 

C3f48522-a2da-4097-a683-18f2f3105ed1 zps5240d989

Magnus and Karisa

About the time that Magnus found out he was being promoted to Fleet Admiral of the Hapan Royal Navy, Karisa found out she was indeed pregnant with his child. Being the ever dutiful person she was, the Chiss doctor said her goodbye saying she had been recalled to the Ascendancy with out telling him the news he was to be a father, then went back to her homeworld of Sposia to have their baby quietly. She did not want to burden Magnus now that his career was reaching its pinnacle moment out of love and respect for him; a decision later she would regret to a degree when he moved on with his life not knowing the outcome of their forbidden affair. 

After the birth of her son, who was named Thor, the hybrid was made to be a shadow child of House Sabosen in order to protect him and his father's identity. Though, that was not to be. Darius Khal, the elder brother of Magnus, came to know of the baby's existence as he was a lieutenant with the  Hapan Royal Select Commandos serving in the intelligence branch and had been following their secret relationship from afar. Darius decided it was his duty to watch over his brother's son in Magnus' steed as the Admiral was involved with the beautiful Mandalorian chef, Ivory Razvan. 

Karisa's Ambassadorial robes

Karisa's Ambassadorial Robes

The Hapan lieutenant, being the creative one of the Khal brothers, devised a plan and cover story that he himself would claim Thor as his own from an affair with a Chiss maiden, who died in childbirth. Deciding it best to raise the child on the mother's homeworld, Darius had his Federation Elite Commando squad based on Sposia at the Sabosen House estate. He asked the Sabosen family for their assistance. Karisa  then was charged with caring for "his" son, therefore allowing her to be with Thor full-time.</p>

<p style="margin-bottom:0in;font-style:normal">As things became more complexing for all involved, an arranged marriage was made between Darius and Karisa for convenience sake and to hide the truth, but the need for that ruse came abruptly to an end  when Naomi Valade, Magnus' long lost love, returned out of seemingly nowhere alive on Hapes. Magnus broke off all relations with both his current lover, Ivory, and herself to be with Naomi. </p>

<p style="margin-bottom:0in;font-style:normal">Upon this revelation, Karisa accepted the truth of the matter and chose to return to Sposia to live a private life and raise her son alone as a Chiss.</p>

<p style="margin-bottom:0in;font-style:normal">Shortly after this situation had finalized, Karisa was tapped by the High Council to fill the vacant position as Ambassador of the Chiss Ascendancy. Seeing this a way to move forward from her personal troubles, the doctor accepted humbily and with great deteremination to represent the Chiss in the best way possible in the diplomatic arena as the Federation and the galaxy dealt with ever changing times.</p>

<p style="margin-bottom:0in;font-style:normal">After some time passed, a surprise visitor came to Sposia to see Karisa and Thor. It was none other than Magnus himself. Apparently Naomi had gone missing again, though this time perhaps on purpose. The Hapan Admiral couldn't live in such turmoil any longer and sought out the comfort of the Chiss Ambassador once again. During his visit, the truth of Thor's parentage came to light as did the reason Karisa had left him and later played the part of his brother's wife. When the dust had
Khal Estate Hapes

Khal Family Estate on Hapes

settled, it was apparent that Magnus and Karisa were still very much in love with each other and wanted to make a life together with their son. </p>

<p style="margin-bottom:0in;font-style:normal">While attending the 10th Annual Moonlight Ball on Zeltros together, Magnus proposed to Karisa messaged within a fireworks display. With not wanting to waste any more time, they were married that same night at the small chapel of the Sands Hotel. Upon arriving back on Hapes, the Admiral and Ambassador found a modest estate on the outskirts of Ta'a Chume'Dan where their soon to be expanding family will make their home. </p>

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House SabosenEdit

<p style="margin-bottom:0in">
Salvator City, Sposia

Salvator City, capital of Sposia


<p style="margin-bottom:0in">House Sabosen is one of the main Ruling families of the Chiss Ascendancy. The Sabosen family's homeworld planet in Chiss Space is Sposia. This house is in charge of the Ascendancy's justice, education and healthcare. The Sabosen family colors are brown with gold accents, and their symbol is a brown bear with a gold-plated scales of justice. The weather on Sposia is more temperate than on Csilla with a higher oxygen content giving Sposians a lighter blue skin tone. Sabosenians in general are more conservative, adhering to the more traditional Chiss societal values, though there are some that have moved to a more moderate position since the Chiss Ascendancy has become a member of the United Federation. Which has caused friction within the hiearchy of House Sabosen.</p>

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<p style="margin-bottom:0in">
Salvator Medical Center

Salvator Medical Center

Salvator Medical Center is the center of all medical research and development, which is located on Sposia in the capital city of Salvator. As a hospital it can do advanced procedures that no other hospital can, as well as use experimental drugs and equipment. As a Research Center, it continues to have an endless supply of test subjects sent from all over Chiss owned Space. Visitors to the hospital can marvel at the sights of saving lives, or get treated themselves if they are in good graces with the Chiss Ascendancy.</p> <p style="margin-bottom:0in">
Sabosen Family Estate

Sabosen Family Estate on Sposia

Being one of the high ranking members of House Sabosen, Mitth'oru'sabosen was awarded an estate located just outside of Salvator City on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. There is the main housing complex where his immediate family resides, then several indiviual cottages to which other Sabosen family members live in. There is also a private landing pad, and for protection a squad from their Household Phalanx based on the estate grounds.</p>

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