Dathomir Witch Clan
Bright Sun Clan

Clan Leader

Members Inara Ka
Tantor Aden
Titles and Ranks of Note
Former Leaders Kaminne Sihn
Tasander Dest
Masters Tantor Aden

Dathomir (formall)
Aaris III

  • Paecean
  • Galactic Basic



"I am as ancient as time and yet constantly newborn. Nothing lives without me, and without me there is no hope. Yesterday's children smiled at me, and tomorrow's children will as well."
―Ben Skywalker, proposing the clan name

The Bright Sun Clan was a new clan created from the Raining Leaves and [1], named by Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker.
Its current clan mother is Inara Ka, who is also its Representative with the Jedi and Rebellation, and like many other Allyan Clans, fled Dathomir when The Coven took it over and the war had ended. They now reside on Aaris III.

Bright Sun ClanEdit

Location on DathomirEdit

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Aaris IIIEdit

Culture of the ClanEdit

Notable TitlesEdit

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  • Paecean
  • Galactic Standard Basic


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Religion and PhilosophyEdit


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Religious DocumentsEdit

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Clan Trials and RitualsEdit

Ascending TrialsEdit

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Ceremonial RitualsEdit

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History of the ClanEdit


The Bright Sun Clan was the clan name adopted by the Raining Leaves Clan, a clan of Dathomiri witches led by Kaminne Sihn; and the Broken Columns Clan, a clan of men led by a Hapan named Tasander Dest, when the two clans merged.

In 43.5 ABY, the two clans convened on their annual meeting north of Redgill Lake to trade and form marriages. There, the two clans negotiated the combination of their clans into one. When the clan members were unable to agree what their new clan's name should be, the argument was resolved by Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker when he suggested the name of Bright Sun. The name proved acceptable to both clans as its symbolism related to both clan names.

Wait, you guys got wands?Edit

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The months of Peace; The Years of WarEdit

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My Heart Would Overrule My MindEdit

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Clan Members by RankEdit

Masters: Tantor Aden
Knights: Inara Ka I

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