Dathomir Witch Clan
Broken Hills Clan

Clan Leader

Vishnu Merchion
Members Ariel Decuir
Cameron Kenobi
Matthias Konrad
Mars Marzullo
High Witch Council
High Priestess Santeria Decuir
High Witches Xander Starkiller
Diablo Mandagoran
Pandora Marzullo
Chrono Marzullo
Zen Marzullo

The Coven

Red Hills



Matthias Konrad;; Nightbrother Clan Father

The Broken Hills Clan, once known as Red Hills Clan, is a Dathomiri witch clan based around the Red Hills, now known as the Broken Hills, on Dathomir. Unlike most of the Dathomir clans, it seems to have a male population that is slightly higher than most. The once grand Red Hills was a natural formation located between the Great Canyon (a wide expanse just north of the Frenzied River) and the Frenzied River.

Originally under the hands of the Allya witches, upon the reformation of Dathomir under the guidance of the Coven and Santeria Decuir, the Red Hills which was renamed to Broken Hills after the distruction that befell the lands has changed the hands of many Clan leaders among which include Alexis Ravenclaw, then Pax , and now currently in the hands of Matthias Konrad, who has to be among the youngest Clan leader among The Coven.

Broken Hills ClanEdit

Broken HillsEdit


There are routine scouts and archers out from the village, hidden among the hills keeping eyes out for anyone that dares try to get near the Clan’s main entrance. It is usually these sentries that alert the Clan Father of a possible attack even before an enemy can get near the grand archway structure that also has secret defense devices within it. And while there are mechanical devices they have been camouflaged to blend into the stone of the structure and along with the surrounding rocky hill walls on either side of the natural formed funnel.

Culture of the ClanEdit


  • Galactic Basic
  • ( French )
  • Paecian


Females: Females are usually seen wearing light leather and cloth clothing that allows them easy movement. Often adorned in pieces of metal (studs and rings) or even pieces of animal fur, the females also wear a combination of collar like chokers and several different lengths of multiple necklaces. They also place feathers or strips of leather in their hair which ranges from short to long, with most of the hair colors being among the darker ranges.

Women also tend to wear thigh high leather boots with flat soles that make it easier to walk around in among the sand that litters the Broken Hills formations. Because of the overall design and fell of the casual clothing of the clan, it is clear that the Leader has been influenced by his Master's clan, Misty Falls clan's attire given the time he spent among them.


Ceremonial WeaponryEdit

Known MembersEdit

  • Matthias Donovan Konrad (Clan Father)
  • Ariel Decuir
  • Rogen Homanlif
  • Kandra Cata
  • Kyra Scapr
  • Xam Crazell
  • Jarik Dorien
  • Tahiri Hunt
  • Artora Minn
  • Abraxis Daemon

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