Brumhilda deWinter was conceived through brutal rape of Shery deWinter by her brother, Jonathan deWinter. During her first few months, her mothered tampered with witchcraft, altering the girl’s physical and mental growth speed, which makes her real age hard to determine. She stands at 5"6 and physically, is the perfect image of her mother, which often leads to people confusing between the two. None but Shery deWinter herself and a very few other individuals know the exact reason for this.

Personality Edit

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History Edit

After being abandoned by Shery, Brumhilda was left in the care of a drunk and violent nanny, who often took pleasure in beating her up and punishing her simply for resembling her mother. As the months progressed, it appeared that the girl did not only resemble her; their faces were identical in every possible way.

It took two years before the nanny had gone too far. One evening, bleeding and suffering from a broken nose, the girl unleashed everything she could find in her little body and attacked the woman who had injured her. The nanny died as a result, and Brumhilda was left alone, with no one who would take care of her. She soon found herself on the streets, begging for food and often running away from those who sought to do her harm when they mistook her for her mother.

Having grown physically much too fast, the girl did not have much control over her limbs. She was lucky to be taken in by the Jedi Council, and went through several long months of physiotherapy so that she could move like a normal person, without falling on herself every now and then.

During Brumhilda’s stay at the Temple, the Jedi were running low on members. When war broke out, she was left alone, to continue her training and her physiotherapy. It was on her first night on her own that she was woken up by a man who claimed to be her father, Jonathan. He attempted to rape her and once he realized he would not be able to do so because he could not get it up, he then dragged her to the meadows behind the temple, where they met with another man, who identified himself as the wizard. Brumhilda was trapped in an alternate dimension which she later referred to as “the cocoon,” in which time did moved slowly and all she could see was the color brown.

Both the meeting with her father and her stay at the cocoon haunt her nightmares on a regular basis.

After what seemed like an endless stay in the “cocoon,” Brumhilda woke up one morning only to find herself naked and drenched in water. The wizard appeared before her, explaining that her father’s credits had run out and that she was free. He gave her a simple robe to hide her nudity and left. She never saw him again.

The girl spent the next three years hiding on various planets from those who believed she was Shery, for now that had her body had developed, she looked every bit like her with the exception of her height. She learned to steal food and run fast, always afraid of her learning when her final moment would arrive.

It was a bright day on Naboo when Brumhilda was almost caught stealing a pear from the market. She bumped a man she recognized for a Force user, and begged him to end her quickly rather than torture her. The man turned out to be Kyle Solo, a Jedi who had once been a Sith, trained by her mother. After his initial surprise, he took her in as his Padawan.

Stay tuned for what happened next and how Brumhilda ended up joining the pirates. Still working on it! :)

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