The Seventh Lord
Cale Katar
Sith Apprentice
The Seventh Lord
50 lbs
Eye Colour
Hair Color
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Cale's hair is a dark brown. He has it a long length, the back reaching his shoulder blades, and the bangs come down past his nose, close to his chin. In the morning, Cale's hair is a tangled mass; therefore, he must take a shower so the water will help him untangle it. Once he has it manageable, Cale will often style it so the bangs are parted on the left side of his head, so there is more hair on the right. Sometimes the bangs on the right side of his face will fall and cover his face on that side, hiding his eye. Two beads are tied to the top of his bangs on the right; the one string of beads comes down to the base of his nose, and the other comes down to the bottom of his mouth.

Cale has amber eyes that are a strikingly odd coloration; even the pupils are the yellow-amber, but they are of normal size, making only the color the remarkable trait. His nose is slightly wider than average, but not so much that it is easily noticeable. Only after much time spent with Cale would one notice, something a little different; then the person would pinpoint it to the nose being slightly wider than average. His lips are a normal, average size, and his cheekbones are higher than many people’s making his eyes slightly slanted. With all of that, Cale's face looks slightly regal, like one descended from a noble bloodline should look.

Cale stands at four feet and weighs fifty pounds. The height and weight make him average for his size, but compared to the older students he is small. The older children, as he has proven himself to be moved closer to graduation than other seven year olds, constantly bully Cale. His muscle mass is not high in general, but for a seven-year old Cale is quite built. One can easily see the muscles on his arms, stomach and legs, and the tone of the muscles is also quite advanced for one so young. His skin color is a dark, even tan from being outside. He has let his fingernails grow out about half an inch past the tips of his fingers, and he has them painted a dark brown to match his hair.

Cale wears clothing that covers most of his body and keep it warm. He has a large scarf that he wraps around his neck and over his head. If he wishes, he can pull it up to cover his face. The scarf is a deep red, and it matches his other clothing. On the rest of his body is a robe; the sleeves go past his hands, hiding them, and the hem of the robe reaches the top of his feet. For shoes, he wears a pair of leather boots that are black. When training he removes the scarf and robe and underneath he wears much lighter clothing. He has a fishnet, long-sleeve shirt that is black covering his torso. On his legs, he has a pair of simple, efficient pants that end at his ankles; the pants are black as well.


Cale is a paradox. He will enjoy the company of others, but he will lock himself in his room. He is creative, yet analytical. He enjoys doing things and learning first hand, but he will sit back and watch others. He enjoys the experience of things, but he will gladly read something for the knowledge.

Cale is quite intelligent. Whenever his parents would try to teach him something new, he would look at it for a few moments before putting it done and going to watch the clouds. He would know it, and his parents would grow angry that he would stop studying so early, but he did not need to do anymore. His mind is analytical; making him quite good at math and science; also, he is creative, making writing come easy to him. His true passion though, and the one he would stay and read about longer, was history; Cale loved to study history, and even at such a young age knows the history of the Jedi, and the Sith, or at least the parts he could get. Cale is able to memorize the facts from the history books he read, and, when arguing, he could bring them out to support his ideas and theories, or prove another’s wrong.

Cale is an arrogant boy. He believes those that sit and have to study for any amount of time are below him and not worthy of his attention. Then other students, the ones that would learn without spending any time on a subject, were the ones that Cale would hang out with, usually on a roof looking at the clouds.

Cale is a quiet boy as well, even while he is with his “friends.” He will talk, but he enjoys being silent, listening to the conversations and what each person says. Cale is the one the others rely on, and take for granted, but if he were not there, the group would feel weird. Cale knows this, and while annoyed about it, does little, for if someone is truly Cale's friend; then he helps them whenever they need it.

His quiet attitude along with his arrogant behavior has led to Cale hanging out with few people, and he considers even fewer his friends. In addition, Cale trusts no one completely, keeping certain things about his life secret from everyone, even his family.

Cale enjoys the outdoors, for, to him, that is where everything happens. Each person has his or her own “spot” where he or she is at peace. For Cale the “spot” is either on a roof, watching the clouds, or in the forest. The forest because he can be in a place that no one would bother him in, and he can watch nature in all its glory; the roof, because he simply finds watching clouds calming, and where better to see clouds but a roof?

Cale does not have the same hope as many Sith; he does not view being the best. Instead, Cale wants to live a long life of contentment. He only wants to be a Sith because it is a free lifestyle, no other job lets you have your own hours at such a young age. His biggest fear is death. He cannot comprehend the concept of never waking up again, and the parts he can scare him. Not being able to live to an old age doing everything he wishes to do with his life by it being ended abruptly with death.

When Cale first meets someone he is usually shy and distant, afraid of embarrassing himself, or being made fun of. However, with people he knows, Cale will sit back and listen, piping in to put in his opinion every once in a while; with a one-on-one interaction with someone he knows, Cale will talk like most people do, in a conversation. With someone, he loves, Cale will act embarrassed and shy, but not distant; he will try to help them and get them to feel the same about him whenever he can.



Melissa Katar lay in a medical bed on Coruscant. Sweat covered her body as she was giving birth to her child. Her hand had grasped her husband’s hand only minutes ago when the contractions had begun. Alastair Katar was offering words of encouragement to the pregnant woman during her labor; those words only returned with screams of pain and agony. Then Melissa stopped screaming, seeming to be out of pain. The doctor held a baby boy up in the air, saying, “Congratulations, it is a boy.” “It is Cale,” Melissa said as she fell asleep.

Stories would be told about this child’s birth years later, saying that he did not wait to be born. He pulled himself out of his mother’s womb; a sign of how powerful this child would one day become. How, he would not merely be brought into this world, but how he entered it with his own strength and willpower. Of course, these were just stories; the child was born in the normal way. Cale’s father, to help build honor and reputation for of for his family, invented these stories. Cale’s father was a fallen Jedi, and is now. Cale’s mother was a slave of Aki’s. Now, however, she has died from cancer.


Cale as a toddler was very active and energetic. In addition, he learned quickly. He was crawling at a mere six months, and he was walking at nine months. Cale lived with his family, his extended family. His grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all lived in the same, large complex on Coruscant. Therefore, Cale always had someone to play with, and many children to look up to, one reason for the early walking. He was talking by the age of one and a half and in complete sentences by the age of two and a half.

Cale was always playing with his cousins. They would all have a wonderful time, playing pretend, or tag, or hide and seek, or any other game they thought of. In addition, Cale remembers with great fondness the playing he did in those years, sometimes wishing he could go back to that and leave reality that he has now entered. Cale was raised by his father, but also by all the other adults in the house, as was every child in the house. He started to read at the age of three, reading one or two words in a row and comprehending them. By the age of four, he could read a picture book, and four and a half could read like a child in first grade.


Cale’s most vivid memory is the day of his fifth birthday. He woke up early and went to the roof of his house and sat there all morning until his father found him. “Son, it is your birthday, do you want to do anything special?” Cale merely rolled onto his side, “Dad, I want to sit here and watch the clouds for now, but can we play a game of Chess later?” Cale had come to love the game of chess. “Alright Son, I’ll be in the house, or the training yard if you want me.” Cale stayed on the roof for a few hours, until the sun was high in the sky, before he went down into the house, for the rest of the day, Cale and Alastair played chess for the rest of the day.

When Cale got older, he started to appreciate a slower style of life. He would still play with his cousins often, but he would also go sit on the roof of his house, watching the clouds. He practiced with his father and uncles in physical abilities, and he did well. His aunts trained his mental abilities, and he excelled in those areas, and his family knew he would be powerful with the Force. So, for two years, he played, watched clouds, and studied and trained with his family. When Cale turned seven, he was sent to Korriban to learn from true masters of the Force and the lightsaber, hoping Cale would prove his worth to the family, and uphold his honor.