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Cameron Centurion was born on Corstris, to Tek'la and Sis'tian Centurion. Abducted from his parents and homeworld as a young adolescent, Cameron Centurion was raised as a warrior assassin by a Sith Lord named Lord Alathor. In time, Alathor began to teach Cameron the ways of the Sith and the dark side of the Force. Through many trials of pain, suffering, victory, defeat, and darkness, Cameron was molded into a highly effective weapon. To this date - he continues to advance the power and influence of the dark side through any means necessary.


Born on the temperate world of Corstris, Cameron spent most of his childhood in extreme poverty. The circumstances of his early life developed him into a surprisingly humble Sith. He has no use for idle chatter or lengthy statements of purpose and authority. An analytical mind has served him well through his life, and he prides himself on being an enabler. Manipulative to the very end, Cameron always does things to draw out a very specific reaction from his target - whatever it may be. He enjoys life's simple pleasures as they occur, and he never permits himself to become distracted or blinded by trivial pursuits. A professional to his very core, Cameron does not believe in mercy, sympathy, or second chances. There is, quite simply, only reality. His reality.


Tek'la screamed in pain as her labor stretched well into its sixteenth hour. The sound reverberated through the forest outside the small, makeshift hut that had been built by Tek'la and her lover Sis'tian. Officially natives of Sernpidal, Tek'la and Sis'tian hadn't laid eyes on their birth world for over twenty years. The couple knew nothing of the general activities of the galaxy, and they had no real desire to change their situation. Their lives had been spent as merchants and spacers - living by whatever means they managed. In fact, their entire presence on Corstris had been largely by accident - or so they believed.

After Tek'la had endured sixteen hours of labor, her dark-skinned child emerged. Following the 'motivation' to breathe by his father, Cameron's infant yell brought a profound sense of accomplishment and love to Tek'la and Sis'tian. For the vast majority of his formative years, Cameron would live on Corstris with his mother and the man he presumed to be his father However, Cameron's mother, Tek'la, had in fact been raped by a man that Cameron would come to meet all too soon. Together they learned of the planets various dangers and beauties. Life was never really easy for the three, but it was peaceful. However, such a life was not meant to last. Not for Cameron.

As Cameron was hunting in the forest, a strange yet familiar feeling gripped and nearly immobilized the sixteen year old. As of late, it seemed as if he was...seeing things before they truthfully happened. A vision of a sleek spacecraft streaking low over tree tops filled his mind's eye. Moments later - an identical spacecraft did indeed streak overhead. Cameron tracked the spacecraft with his eyes for as long as he could. Just before it disappeared from view, Cameron saw a hail of weapons fire open up on the terrain below. "No!" It was the only word that escaped Cameron's lips before he took off in a dead sprint. The entire time his feet pounded the pavement...faster and faster...Cameron's thoughts centered on his parents. The young boy willed himself to run faster, and his body responded in kind.

As Cameron arrived at what remained of his home, he was immediately greeted by two men clad in silver armor. Enraged beyond control, Cameron waited until the men was close enough to touch before driving the base of his palm straight into the man's nose. As the bone in the man's nose was immediately forced into his brain, Cameron spun around and prepared to square off against the other trooper. However, his lack of any real martial ability caused him to lose that particular battle before it had even really begun. Struggling, Cameron eventually managed to wrestle free of the man's grip as he took off sprinting for where find his parent's remains. The sixteen year old was met there by yet another trooper who delivered a swift, powerful blow to Cameron's temple - knocking him out cold. Seemingly materializing from behind burning flames, a cloaked individual with burning yellow eyes emerged. When he spoke, his voice was raspy and deep. "Get him back to the ship. Immediately..." Whoever the figure was, his orders were followed explicitly...and Cameron witnessed none of it.

After several hours of unconsciousness, Cameron finally came to. His immediate reaction was to remain calm. Cameron's father had always taught never to allow himself to be intimidated by his environment. Master your environment, master yourself he would always say. Nearly three hours passed before anyone entered the medium-sized holding cell. The individual that did, was the very man that had him taken from Corstris. The mysterious man asked Cameron what he knew of the Sith Order, Jedi Order, and their activities. Naturally - Cameron had never heard of any Sith or Jedi period. The man, who eventually identified himself as Lord Alathor, gave Cameron a crash course in the history of the Sith and really...the galaxy.

As was to be expected, Cameron was neither impressed nor interested. His only demand was to know why his parents had to die. Lord Alathor's response was quite frank. They presented a barrier to him having what he wanted. What he wanted...what he needed...were servants loyal to him and his activities. Cameron wanted no part of it, but Alathor was beyond patient.

While the Sith Lord could sense that Cameron was gifted with the ability to manipulate the force, he would not reveal the fact for another year. Cameron's first year with Alathor was characterized by constant, brutal beatings interspersed with education of the way of the Sith and protocols of their Order. By the end of that first year, Cameron's entire personality had been changed. He was silent, cold, and calculating. He hated everything about Alathor. Alathor, however, had apparently been waiting for such progress. Slowly, Lord Alathor began to reveal to Cameron his potential to have more in life. To have the power to do what he wanted done, when he wanted it done. All Cameron could think about was his father's words. Master your environment, master yourself. It became Cameron's only goal and purpose in life - to increase his own power...his own ability to control everything around him.

Several years later, shortly after Cameron had elevated his own prowess to the level of a Sith Lord, he exacted his revenge on Alathor. Where Cameron expected to find relief and a feeling of completeness, he found nothing. It wasn't that he was sad or in any way upset. He quite simply...had no emotional response. Cutting down Alathor had been as natural as breathing to him. Seizing control of Alathor's estate on Kesh, Cameron pushed himself deeper into the mysteries of the Sith.

It would not be for nearly another two decades that Cameron so much as bothered to surface amidst the known galaxy. When he did, the Sith Lord was, in large part, disgusted by what he saw. Those that claimed to be Sith were but shells of darkness; unrefined and ineffective. His continued journeys throughout the galaxy eventually landed him on the planet of Necropolis. It was there that he met with Santeria Decuir. Following another several months of observation and study, Cameron very gradually began to adopt the philosophies of the Coven.

Following a fateful meeting with Fiora Devereux of the Sith Order, Cameron came to realize the galaxy had been slowly pulling him in a direction he had not fully expected. While his ability to mesh with the Witches of Dathomir left a little to be desired, Cameron never thought he would one day be amongst the Sith once more - fighting to restore the strength of their beliefs and society.

At the same time, Cameron turned his efforts towards the reclamation of his wayward apprentice, Alexia Preston. While largely unwilling to admit to even himself, he is keenly aware that it is a task he...cannot fail.

Lord Centurion's Armor:


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