Corename: Camuska
Dejarik Galactic Grand Master
The Galactic Empire
Aoi Blue
1,95 meters
177 lbs
Eye Colour
Glowing Red
Hair Color
Home Planet
Biological: Unknown
Adoptive: Takel Do - Dead

"Dejarik and Galaxy are the same. Pieces moving because of the Will of powerfull entities. And you can always outsmart them. You just need to be better." -Camuska

Acam'usk'atela, Corename Camuska, nicknamed The Mind, aka Aoi Blue, is a clever Imperial Trainee, former Dejarik Galactic Champion in quest for revenge. Patient and charismatic, he's weak against beautifull women, Twi'lek first.


Childhood and Early LifeEdit

Raised in an orphenage on Csilla, young Acam'usk'atela quickly developped a sharp mind and a liking to games. Introduced to Dejarik at age 5, he surprised everyone the same year when he won a game against Dejarik Grand Master Takel Do, a Kel Dor who was playing in a charity event.

Impressed by such talent, the champion adopted and trained him to be the best by doing every tournaments possible in the galaxy. He won the Csilla Tournament ten years in a row. He became the youngest ever undisputed Galactic Dejarik Champion at the age of 17, surpassing his master's highest hopes. Nicknamed The Mind because of his high intelligence, he started to get bored of Dejarik and after a argument with Takel Do, left him.

Movie bg

Dejarik Grand Master Takel Do

"Dejarik is boring. It is limited to some combinations. When you played all of them, you're me. I'm telling you Master, no one in the Galaxy is a match for me 'til the next century -Camuska

"Dejarik is far from boring, that's why there is always a match, my apprentice. -Takel Do



Camuska, former Dejarik Champion

He spent seven years alone, moving star by star, trying several jobs including translator (Fluent in Huttese, Cheunh, Hapan, Kel Dor language and Galactic Basic Standard), writer (Wrote a book about Dejarik to earn money) and even testing the security flaws in a bank on Coruscant. He learned that it was not only the holoboard, but the entire universe that was a Dejarik game. When the news about his former master death reached him, he get back to Csilla. During the funerals, he learned that his master was killed by a crime lord who lost a big amount of money because he bet against the old Kel Dor master. Infuriated, the Chiss asked help from a former orphan friend, now a member of the Chiss Fleet. He stole a clawcraft and several weapons, then left the planet.
Imperial Commander

Ciran Kass, the Imperial who discovered Camuska Strategic potential

His quest for revenge, just started when he ran out of money, and used his mind to capture a murderer on Dantooine. After months of searching, he found out about the crime lord and trapped him. Before killing him, he realized it wasn't justice, and that you don't kill the opponent in Dejarik. He delivered the prisonner to an Imperial Garrison and was interrogated by Commander Ciran Kass. After some days, Camuska was contacted by Imperial Recruitement Corps. The Chiss hesitated a long time, but decided it was a good way to fight bigger Dejarik games.

He joined the Empire, trained by Delek Wrentar. The Grand Admiral tested him in a dogfight.



Camuska is highly intelligent and make rarely mistakes. This make him slightly arrogant and too confident. As a strategist, he never reveals his plans to anyone, and like to stay hidden before striking, leaving no chances to his opponents. Patience is one of his most significant trait.

He's a good bluffer and now how to use words to influence people, but he is not a liar. Charismatic, women are attracted to him and he likes this. He's always trying to pick up girls, finding difficult to resist Twi'leks beauties. He's also quite cynical, thinking the galaxy is just some big Dejarik Game.

Tech dejarik 1

A Dejarik Holoboard

He respects intelligence and smart people a lot. He likes rough people too, because they understood life is just a game.

He doesn't like religion, thinking it to be waste of time, just like wars. He finds the Galactic politic to be the funniest thing ever

He likes to compare people to Dejarik playing pieces, thinking of himself as a Molator. Able to move quickly and deliver a fast but deadly strike.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Fluent in Huttese, Cheunh, Hapan, Kel Dor language and Galactic Basic Standard due to lot of voyages with his master.

Job Specialty/ Skills Edit

Dejarik Grand Master. Expert strategist, good marksman, security expert.

1102430-aayla super

Twi'Lek Women are Camuska greatest weakness


Knows how to use a vibroblade, but he is not a skilled in swordmanship.

Martial ArtistEdit

Has learned how to defend himself.


Addicted to beautifull women. Especially Rutian Twi'Lek Confident in himself, maybe too much sometimes.

Assets and PossessionsEdit


Black leather clothes, a black hooded cloak.


1 vibroknife/ 1 WETSTAR-34 blaster pistol/ 5 Cold Grenades/ 1 Stealth-2VX palm Shooter/ 1 Fibercord whip


Chiss Clawcraft ("White")

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