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Character ProfileEdit


"Mask? What mask?"

Chin length blond hair and sharp blue eyes are Chaos's most exotic feature, at first. He once commonly wore a red and black leather cowl that he never used. However now he only wears it or something like it on specify positioned missions that deal with his Alias “Chaos Maxtor”. His ability to manipulate his own physical features have lead his to create a single face that he calls his “default”. Though with focus he can assume other facial options, details are often extremely asymmetrical unless he has studied the race and/or person he plans on copying. At one time his left arm was dismembered by one of the infamous Iron Ferret's Advance TIE fighter wings. He did not see this as a loss but a chance to "upgrade" adding a cybernetic arm in it’s place. However during a massive plague outbreak on Bothawui the altered DNA programming put in by Alistair, the Great Divine activated prematurely within his system allowing the limb to grow back quite rapidly over the course of several days. His skin is that of a well sunned Caucasian male human one of a lean but slightly bulky build. His build is normally medium-tall, however when in times of large stress involving heightened lifting or extreme self-exertion his muscles will thicken and bubble with life as he adds more strength to his own muscle mass.

In recent years he was sporting sith garb, and even the Mantle of the Mandalore. Yet with the cange of his heart he no longer wears or cares for either ideal. Returning from a self-exile and now don a long coat that reaches to his mid shins, though it is made of dark red, almost black leather. A utility belt at his waist and thick black combative boots and loose fitting pants to ensure maximum maneuverability. He typically wears a thin shirt that normally become torn and tattered in combat and is best used as wound dressing.


"In a sane world: the insane man must creates a form of sanity to make himself seem less insane. That's why I brought the toaster!

Sarcastic and eccentric Chaos is haunted by his past. Nightmares ream from a past so frighting and not understood making him afraid to sleep alone. He never speaks of his past, never truely understand what happened in that time. Though what had happened before his time with the Crimson Order has been reveailed in some for to him. With the help of Katarine Ryiah he was capable of keeping himself centered in most cases as he attepts to understand the idea of self peace. His memories at one time seem to be formed from a merging of computer data and artificial mental blocks to shepphard what was true and was was not. They were the results of false memory implantation by the now thought deceased Great Divine, Alister.

Though all of this began to change when he met Alister, years after their first meeting. The strange 'voice' he continued to hear: the Narrator, began to die away as he was continuously injected with an enzyme to keep his midochlorians at bay. His mental state quickly leveled as he learned the capabilities of leadership. Yet another change would redirect his personality even more: after the death of the Great Divine his mind turned into a clean slate giving way to the rebirth of a new Maxtor: he had became Elgyn Tor, not knowing why he had chosen that name.

It just seemed right.

Skills and BiologyEdit

"I has them!"

What Chaos knows in the way of skills are know by total recall and a few are pure instinct such as his combat prowess there reason being his mind is genetically programmed with a large assortment of skills, some which he would never use and some that would eventually be lost due to replacement of less important such as holovid trivia, both pointless and ingenuous inventions and a variety of alien dances.

Chaos was made for infiltration and assassination; he can move in perfect silence with his advanced stealth field generator. A wide range of understanding technological design came to him as hobbies for creating technological and schematic displays for star ship and devices this is due to a memory factor for infiltration to bypass security systems and make use of air ventilation systems during missions. Making him a very interesting builder of many unusual and sometime impractical ships and devices and gives him a practical edge in combat.

Also his most noted skills are his combat abilities, due to the genetic programming of The Great Divine. Giving him a sort of instinctual sense in combat and also making him unpredictable. Elgyn has been proven to be extremely calculative with a highly developed sense of self preservation. His biological hybridization and the enhancements of mental programming has shown that his physical capabilities are beyond the human physical peak including unmeasured speed and agility as well as an unmeasured healing ability. He can reattach limbs and recover from flesh wounds rather quickly. Muscular tissue tends to take longer to heal then skin and some organ. Though he can sustain massive amounts of damage, complete pulverization of his body or massive fatigue will send him into a death like state where he is capable of regenerating. Elgyn can also sustain himself for half an hour in space before reverting to the death like state. If he continues in the cold of space, or is kept at a constant temperature below -250 degrees Celsius he will remain in a state of suspended animation. If he is sustained this way for more then five galactic standard days it will result in a form of hibernation sickness not unlike the result of a human being frozen in Carbonite.

An encounter with the Imperial agent Delek gave way to proof of his reflexes and hand to eye coordination level. When firing a high powered sniper rifle he reported the subject had cut the bullet in the air with his blade then proceeded to attack the agent. On a the same occasion the Imperial agent reported that he had buried his combat knife into Maxtor's throat. Maxtor was unaffected and revealed to the agent that he had no respiratory system, a possible result of his Gen'Dai heritage. This would also explain his heightened senses and perception as well as Elgyn’s rapid healing capacity. Though little is still known about the mysterious Gen’Dai species.

Life on Lao MonEdit

Elgyn was born to an unnamed handmaiden of the once queen of the Shi'ido, before it's destruction. What little was known was that she was drugged and raped by a Gen'dai assassin who failed at his mission to claim the life of the shi'ido people. The resulting child was Elgyn Tor, an unusual child of what was thought to be impossible due to the odd genetic crossover. However, due to a rare genetic mutation, Elgyn's mother was capable of conceiving him. For quite some time Elgyn's form was in a constant state of flux due to his crossed lineage. Many of the doctors did not think he would survive beyond a single year unless his form was kept stabilized by a local herb. And thanks to this attention the new born Elgyn's older brother Suul became jealous due to the amount of time Elgyn needed to be taken care of.

This Jealousy continued for forty years when they each where invited to join their vocations. Elgyn was invited to the Royal Guard as well as the scientific community. Joining each branch he eventually became a royal bodyguard and private tutor of Na'ra, the younger sister of princess Belia. Suul however was invited to join only the local street patrol force of Sh'shuun. Suul would soon disappear, ten years before the attack on Lao Mon. Elgyn and Na'ra became very close and Elgyn would never be far from her as her personal guard. They eventually became secreted lovers but then it happened: the Dark Jedi came.

During the first wave of soldiers that where sent to destroy the shi'ido Elgyn and Na'ra fled to the shuttle docks with a number of other civilians. The chosen craft had it's engines damaged, but Elgyn was the only line of defense from the incoming onslaught. Ordering them to fix the ship as soon as possible he forced Na'ra into the ship and told them to seal the loading ramp. Elgyn stood alone and weaponless as numerous warriors began to pour into the ship dock. With a shingle shield projector he began to rip them from limb to limb for what seemed like hours in his mind. Pulling Elgyn from the near mountain of bodies Na'ra saw that Elgyn's waist had been eviscerated from his body. Dragging him into the ship they exchanged quite words, Elgyn asking if they had won. But as they began to enter hyperspace she did not have the heart to tell him what had become of their beautiful world. With a single kiss Na'ra could feel Elgyn's heart beat to almost a standstill.

Believing him to be dead, she wept. But they did not know that Elgyn's body was receding into a healing hibernation from his Gen'dai heritage. The crew placed him into death wrappings, giving him an honorable funeral before surrendering him to the void of space. Leaving a broken Na'ra behind.

Project ChaosEdit

"I wasn't a clone, I was a test tube baby.

Birth of A PirateEdit

'Dead men tell no tales? Prove it."

The Crimson OrderEdit

Soon his wondering and searching for whom and what he was brought the confused hybrid into the arms of the man that had found him once before: The ex-Jedi called Alister who recognized him almost immanently. Though Elgyn had no memory of who the man was, Alister had taken him in and showed Elgyn things he thought he had never known: care, compassion and friendship.


Blessed to be free. Cursed to be alone

Alister convinced him that he was the mercenary's father and eventually enlisted Elgyn to join his cause, that which soon would become The Crimson Order.Taking the name of The Great Divine, Alister dubbed Elgyn as the Arbiter or his Fleet and Army becoming the madman's right hand as he was intended on doing so many years ago before Elgyn's escape.

In the beginning of their crusade against Force Users, both Jedi and Sith alike, they committed acts of terrorism and murder in the name of an obscure deity that Elgyn never truly believed in. However the hybrid couldn't stand the thought of being alone, he had no other home or any other friends. After a peaceful occupation of the planet Bothawui they were soon joined by the honorable warriors known as the Mandalorians. And with them, to Elgyn's surprise was an old friend and mentor who had claimed the title of Mandalore: Kane E Smart. In a later battle, Elgyn would claim the title and quickly return it to Kane as he understood that he was not worthy of being a leader, a general and sometimes even a friend. Even during a brief, innocent romance with the kind Anaria Soin, the happiness was soon to end. After the assassination of the Great Divine everything began to fall apart. Kane and Anaria disappeared and once more Elgyn lost everything. In return he also disappeared from the galaxy waiting until he might be needed.

And it was only three years later that he would find his place again.

When his next calling came it was due to Jedi master Bethany Kismet. After a unusual if not mismatched rescue attempt, the Hybrid managed to get the Jedi and an unknown companion to safety. Receiving the Jedi’s counsel and confessing what he felt were his sin and greatest failure he took the Jedi’s words to heart. He claimed himself as a monster and a murderer and a villain. But the Jedi insisted that there was no such thing; that Elgyn was not a monster but simply himself and that he was trying to find himself in the balance of the galaxy. It would take months before he would fully understand what the female Jedi master meant.

Elgyn then met Trisana during an embarrassing, if not unnatural moment of near slavery. Though it was more of an excuse than anything more frightening. Together they left a dancing club on Zeltros, Elgyn himself quite naked. A small time later, they would find themselves on a cruise ship in a deeper region of the core where a rouge planet in orbit caused their hyperspace course to go unwired as they crashed. Elfyn himself managed to take the young Trisana, having become infatuated and even jaded by their last encounter. She had been injured and Elgyn created a makeshift set of bandages to keep her tight and healed as he ran throughout the frozen wasteland. He himself passing out after the ship’s core released a massive blast and the planet’s native took his body storing it. Believing him to be dead he was hidden away from Trisana as she healed.

Days later Elgyn would emerge, alive and healthy, causing a large upstart in the native’s community. Trisana obtained word in a mere matter of minutes stumbled her way to the small hut where he was being kept and they were quickly reunited. Elgyn’s quickness of healing and recovery allowed him to look over, care and talk to her. He knew her more than any other being in the universe. Perhaps it was that he cared for her in a romantic way, or maybe it was the universe rewarding him: they were soon married by the planet’s natives. It was then that Elgyn decided he would do something better with his life, do something for the good of life and for his own soul: he would help the helpless and defend those who needed to be defended. Be it Imperial or Rebel, Sith or Jedi: those who need sanctuary, those who at one time he would have killed instead of saved: he would be there to ensure they would live. But most of all he would be there to care for love and defend Trisana.

It was now his life.

Contacting the sweetest and most kind of his allies, he called upon Zirka and her droid Sixx. The three of them would build a ship and a crew to accomplish Elgyn’s goals of defending those who cannot defend themselves. It then sent word to create a crew for his new transport ship. He hoped tom recruite a crew unlike any other, and with Zirka and her droid at his side, he knew that there was no way they would fail, even if it was just the both of them.

The MaelstromEdit



The Maelstrom

Character OriginsEdit

Chaos's personality is based on the writer Fabian Nicieza's beloved comic book character Deadpool including his wisecracks and consistent breaking of the fourth wall. He also once showed similarities in his armament However it should be noted that, though he has been based on this character, he is not Deadpool. Over the years Chos's writer has gone through a number of finely tuning on Chaos's personality and historyto be distinctly different: Chaos Maxtor is now his own entity.

In role playing, Chaos Maxtor has developed his own style of role-play. His character often breaks the "Fourth wall". This is when a character reveals itself to the reading audience showing his awareness that they are there. This often results in various real world pop culture references. Singing classic songs such as Holy Diver or 99 Red Balloons, referencing Bat-man and even historical battles in our world.

Chaos is the physical representation of a strange world that should not exist in the Star Wars universe. Often having arguments with the narrator:he is so far the only person in TGC that realizes on a regular bases that he is an RP character.

Lastly he was inspired to prove the Ernest Hemingway quote "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut" wrong.

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