While many communities over emphasize a character's back story, at The Gungan Council, characters are defined by their accomplishments in the Star Wars Role Playing Forum, not the content of their initial biography, no matter how elaborate it might be. In other words, you will be remembered for what you do at TGC, not for what you claim to have done. The Bio that you posted when joining TGC is merely a starting point.

With this in mind, General Ceel has compiled a list of tried and tested techniques that will put your character on a path toward greatness, and future inclusion in the Role Playing Hall of Fame.

Choose Your OccupationEdit

All occupations (jobs) found in the Star Wars films and expanded universe are welcome. Jedi and Sith are the most popular here at TGC. If you would like to stand out above the pack it is suggested that you choose a neutral "non-force-using" occupation. Its up to you. Here is a list of occupations to give you some ideas. Sorry, "Shadow" Jedi do not exist at TGC.

Imperial Officer

Storm Trooper

Republic Senator

Republic Pilot


Rebel Pilot





Bounty Hunter




Spice Dealer

Buisness Owner

Holovid actor/actress



Espionage Agent




Entertainer (Dancer, Musician)


Racer (pod, swoop, etc)



Choose Your SpeciesEdit

All species found in Star Wars films and Expanded Universe are welcome at TGC. You may not, however, invent your own species. Below is a list if popular species that might want to consider playing. Remember, playing a human is both common and easy. If you want to stand above the rest you should choose a different species.



Droid (Protocal droid, battle droid, R2 unit etc..)









Mon Calamari



Storm Trooper (Clone)


Tusken Raider


Create Your CharacterEdit

All TGC Characters must be original creations. You can use pre existing character names from the Star Wars universe (if you can managed to register the account), however your character cannot actually be that character. In otherwords if you called yourself Palpatine you would still have to go through training and work your way up from Apprentice to Master.

Choose Your Character NameEdit

When creating a character it is important that the character's name be easy to pronounce. EXAMPLE:"Luke Skywalker" rolls off the tongue and is easy to say, "Achk Med-Beq" however, is not.

The best names make distinguishing a Character's affiliation easy for other readers. EXAMPLE:Sith names commonly begin with the word "Darth, while Jedi names do not. Storm/Clone Trooper names begin with "TK" followed by 3 or 4 numbers.

It is further recommended that there be a space between each word in your name, and that the first letter of each of those words be capitalized. Numbers and other signs are not recommended.

Remember that at TGC your account name MUST represent your character's name. EXAMPLE:If your character's name is "Darth Vader", your ezboard account should also be "Darth Vader".

Making Your Character MemorableEdit

The best characters often come from the heart. Inject some of your own unique personality into your character to make that character more believable.

Don't be afraid to infuse your character with a few personality traits taken directly from the 6 Star Wars films. George Lucas is an expert. His characters are memorable because they are based on universal, mythic archetypes. Use this to your advantage.

Remember that role playing is a never ending game. Your character is someone you will undoubtedly be spending a lot of time with. So make that person someone you enjoy being with

More Than Just A Pretty FaceEdit

An Avatar (aka: Personal Picture) is more than just another pretty face. As you venture out into the Role Playing Forum, the tiny 60x60 picture beneath your name represents the image you would like other role players to form in their head when they encounter you.

Use an image that accurately represents your character.

Make sure that your picture is clear and easy for your fellow members to see.

Playing Multiple Characters And Secret IdentitiesEdit

You may play as many characters at TGC as you want, however be careful not to over extend yourself. Playing too many characters might make role playing less enjoyable to you.

It is not necessary to make public the names of all the characters you play (although some people do). Many people believe that the role playing experience is more interesting when the out of character identities of their characters, and the characters they are playing against, are kept secret.

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