Circle of Tyrants
Circle of Tyrants

Azerath Taikar
Hawk Hinata
Pandora Marzullo
Ryn Bacquin
Santeria Decuir




Active Members Seven

Called through the Force, a group of seven have risen to the herald of darkness and light. A beacon of mystical power, the Den of Woe laid in the thicket of a forest that grew deep within a gorge, out of city limits and away from civilization; its location is known only to the chosen ones.

It is said that the Circle of Tyrants have existed since the beginning of time as they are a personification of the conscious created by other beings as an echo of the evil and good within all life in the galaxy. The embodiment of these individuals have gone unnoticed by many, carrying out their immortal desires through those special seven who have a closer bond to their relative sign.

Once the bond is broken and the Tyrant moves to another avatar, the previous keeper has no memory of the other Tyrants, job they had been previously tasked with, nor the location of the Den for there is no return.

Guild RepresentationEdit


Gathering of Tyrants

  • Death
  • Delirium
  • Desire
  • Despair
  • Destiny
  • Destruction
  • Dream



Death - a psychopomp who is the end of life, of creation. This individual guides the souls of the deceased and controls the mortal thread of sentients. A task not for the faint of heart, but of the darkest and malevolent.

Death meets with the recently deceased and guides them into their new existence. Unlike most personifications of death and visits people as they are born. Has the power to free the soul of a body and send a soul to his appropriate destination and can offer the gift of reincarnation as by means of a "second chance".

The avatar of Death, is Azerath Taikar.


Delirium - fluctuates in temperment and due to traumatic events of the past (probably from a broken heart), this entity has take up the mantel from Delirium from Delight. The speech of this tyrany is typically radical, nonsensical, and spoken impulsively; sanity wanes and is only rarely apparent. This avatar is responsible for the mania of others, finding organization through chaos. Capable of bringing sanity or madness to any and all within her scope.

The avatar of Delirium, is Pandora Marzullo.


Desire - cruel and unrelenting, this avatar is the aspect of desire and fulfillment. Desire is obsessed with meddling with the affairs of others, especially those of the heart and is often unaware or unappreciative toward the consequences of their actions. This individual smiles, often in brief flashes, and is never a poessesion, but the possessor. Individual has power over craving of the unattainable; forcing physical appetite or emotional need, heightened envious desire. In contrast, power over satisfaction, extending to the attainment of ones desire.

The former avatar of Desire, was Minerva Decuir. The currect avatar of Desire, is Vanya Aklin.


Despair - has a cold, quietly intelligent manner, and is distant. This individual is often not overly talkative and displays an eerie patience. Despair can drive mortals to despair. The power held is over hopelessness, fear and anxiety and in turn hope.

The avatar of Despair, is Ryn Bacquin.


Destiny - calm, detached, and somber even in extreme situations, Destiny is the guardian of the Book of Destiny which the events can be changed, warped, or erased. This book is a compilation of everything that was, is, and will be and follows a predestination doctrine. Destiny favors order and control; also does not cast a shadow or leave footprints. Destiny has power over predetermined course of events as well as the absence of necessity and constraint in choice.

The former avatar of Destiny, was Ket Limelight. The currect avatar of Destiny, is Hawk Hinata.


Destruction - passion for projects that are creative and constructive, Destruction offers wisdom on the necessity of change and self-knowledge. Often self-obsessed, this individual concentrates learning about their own nature and attempts to exert control over it. Through this, they attempt to subvert their own essential nature and create instead of destroy. Believes that each Tyrant reigns over their opposites as well.

Has power over the action and process of destroying as well as the act of making, inventing, or producing.

The former avatar of Destruction, was Dearic Thyne. The current avatar of Destruction is Tegan Bacquin.


Dream - both lord and personification of all dreams and stories, all that is not in reality. Well known for insensitivity toward others, known to be occasionally insensitive and often self-obsessed. Stone-cold when dealing with humor, this individual is very slow to forgive or forget a slight. Dream is fanatical will fulfilling responsibility - with being meticulous in their execution through careful thought and obsevation. Also has a long history of failed romances, and is both directly shown and implied to have reacted very harshly to some of these breakups. Struggles to understand their self and is inable to accept change... especially change that can not be controlled.

In control of sleep, dreams, nightmares, and insomnia. Illusions created are real - included are nightmares sent as punishment. Ability to conjure dreams, stories, and ideas into the minds of others as well as introducing ideas and new concepts into people's minds and lives.

The avatar of Dream, is Santeria Decuir.

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