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"Sub-Zero" is a member of the Arkanian secret order called the Lin Kuei. His birth name and date are unknown, only that he was adopted by the Lin Kuei as an infant. He is a member of the Arkanian species, though his eyes were replaced with cybernetics.

As part of the Lin Kuei he was taught in the arts of Stealth and Infiltration, Martial Arts, and Tatics. In recent years the Lin Kuei has also branched out to further their members knowledge on technology and Aerospace. As such "Sub-Zero" has become a competent pilot.

Shortly after the Imperial invasion of Arkania, the imperial governor began a crack down on tales of Arkanian groups such as the Lin Kuei. For years the Lin Kuei lived in secret, combating Imperial cruelity. However, that all changed in one raid that wiped out most of the clan, and scattered the few survivors. "Sub-Zero" and a group of warriors were a few of such survivors.

With no place else left to go, the group of Arkanian Lin Kuei sought out the Galactic Alliance.

Skills & TrainingEdit

Lin Kuei Team MembersEdit

Codename: "Krayt"Edit


Krayt is the strongest warrior of the Lin Kuei.

"Krayt" is the strongest and oldest warrior of the Lin Kuei. He was "Sub-Zero"'s teacher and leader of the Lin Kuei Guard. As leader of the guard he was charged with the preservation of the Lin Kuei temple and culture. Since the destruction of their clan "Krayt" has often blamed himself, believing he was to old and slow. Despite his misgivings, "Krayt" is the most important member of the team, bringing valuable experience. It was under his suggestion that "Sub-Zero" sought out membership into the Galactic Alliance.

"Krayt" considers himself oldschool, and has mastered a great many bladed weapons. His signature weapon however is the Kunai attached to a coil of high tension cord. "Krayt" can skillfully throw the weapon, striking at his enemies from several meters away. The Arkanian is also a master of Teräs Käsi, a fighting Style that was brought to Arkania thousands of years ago and adopted by the Lin Kuei as their own.

Codename: "Reptile"Edit


A master of stealth, Reptile is a silent killer.

Codename: ""Edit



Codename: ""Edit



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