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Commodiorus is leader of the Mandalorian army, former bounty hunter and associate of the Shadow Academy.


His armour was made to match the crimson Commodiorus helmet, and kept fully crimson. He rarely, if ever, removes his helmet and is known by the bright red beskar. He has minimal weaponry on his body, preferring to use his own abilities and simple fighting skills to overcome opponents. Without armour, he appears as a normal Taung, a tall and grey-green skinned individual with softer green eyes. He has greater strength than his human rivals and is a member of only seven Taung families left in Mandalorian space. With no known parents, siblings or children, it is possible that he is the last member of his family, and unique in biological appearance.



Commodiorus grew up in a small and normal Taung family on Mandalore. Nothing more is known about his childhood, other than that he excelled at physical tasks from his adulthood; from age 13 onwards. Even his childhood name has been lost to history.


After the collapse of the Jaster Mereel lineage of Mandalore, both Mandalore and Commodiorus, titles representing the head of government and the head of military in the Mandalorian Empire, fell to those who picked up the helmet of the fallen leader. Picking up, at the age of twenty, the helmet of the fallen leader, a previously well-ranked but unknown soldier became the leader of the Mandalorian military. With aid from the new Mandalore, Commodiorus learnt to take the reign of commanding soldier in the army, leading a variety of machines into battle and restarting the Basilisk War Droid's construction. He kept the rank through quite a few Mandalores for a number of reasons, outlined below:

Primarily, each Mandalore felt that Commodiorus wasn't a threat. He did his job with both excellence and modesty but also gave Mandalore all the glory and rarely showed his helmet in public. For a long while, even the troops were unaware that Mandalore wasn't devising their strategy in war. Each Mandalore found Commodiorus truly loyal, and gained personal praise from having a competent military leader.

Secondly, most warriors wanted and sought the role of Mandalore itself. Those that wanted to use political or underhand tactics employed them on their leader and avoided Commodiorus. Death Watch sought the head of Mandalore, but didn't confront Commodiorus. Commodiorus remained apolitical, and was seen as truly loyal to the role of Mandalore and to the Resol'Nare.

He adopted Chaplain Meliadus during this period, at around age 30, despite Meliadus' age, to make him a true Mandalorian. He held the position from age 20 to 35, until the Bounty Hunter League made the title redundant. He kept the name, however.

Bounty Hunter League and MandaloreEdit

Commodiorus first connected with a Mandalore during the reign of Over-Vigo Xizor and worked alongside him whilst devising stratagem. The criminal boss used the rank of Mandalore to legitimately set up a collaboration of bounty hunters as the legal ruler of the system, forming the Bounty Hunter League and running it for several years. During this period Commodiorus operated as a Bounty Hunter alongside ruling the Mandalorian Navy, capturing famous names such as Jacen Lightspark and Kyp Durron.

As Xizor took control of the Bounty Hunter League, Commodiorus was made Mandalore, running the planet's defences and diplomacy as Xizor ran the finance and larger faction.

Within a year, however, things went wrong. The Hunters' Alliance formed a rival group to the BHL and this caused massive political damage to both groups. Eventually, the Bounty Hunter League failed when it was attacked by the Sun Crusher, which headed in-system (under the piloting of Zeth Durron) at the planet of Mandalore and attacked the flagship. Both Xizor and Commodiorus escaped as the entire fleet was obliterated as an attack on Kyp Durron. Fleeing from the system, both knew that they could not return to the honour-loving system without being branded cowardly and traitorous.

The Shadow AcademyEdit

The two decided that the best way of developing their skills for greatest good would be to set up the largest research facility in history and develop the Shadow Academy, which would be used to create an unstoppable army used to bring about galactic peace. They used a number of scientists to work on all areas of science, developing great cloaking and cloning technology and pushing scientific understanding of the Force. They found a way to clone a non-Force User and give Force abilities as well as a way to suppress the Force in a clone.

They cloned their Imperial associate, who had provided them with both initial cloaking and cloning technology, and developed Lucy Durron, a 12-year-old clone of the Force-less Daala who had been imbued with the powers of the Force. They likewise cloned Kyp - from hair obtained by Daala - and created approximately 24,000 clones who had approximately 17,500 cloaked TIE Defenders built for them by the time the facility was destroyed.

Capturing the real Jedi, Daala brought Kyp to the Academy and explained a false plan. Master Durron escaped, but was herded into a hallway by Commodiorus, who then explained the truth in front of both Xizor and Daala. Simultaneously, however, a group of bounty hunters broke into the building, despite the cloaking device that had enveloped the station. Jacen Lightspark and Dengar Vassel entered the room: they had been sent to 'capture' Kyp and deliver him to himself on Mandalore for the price of a million credits - something that Kyp had managed to set up during his time aboard the Shadow Academy itself. Commodiorus, however, stepped between Kyp and the bounty hunters, forcing Dengar into battle with him.

Jacen Lightspark fought Xizor as Kyp paired off with his girlfriend (Daala), using the Force against his own, stolen, lightsaber. Commodiorus was defeating Dengar, Xizor and Jacen matched evenly; Kyp defeated his girlfriend, however, and held a lightsaber to her neck, stopping the fights. He chose not to kill her, but heard the sound of blaster fire and saw Daala killed by her clone. Kyp, Dengar and Jacen fled the station in Dengar's vessel, with Lucy Durron, and Commodiorus called all TIE Defenders to evacuate.

The TIE Defenders flocked to attack Dengar, but the group destroyed those that came against them and moved to destroy the installation itself. Some TIE Defenders, cloaking themselves, escaped, and with the installation destroyed the group assumed Xizor and Commodiorus to be dead.

Return to MandaloreEdit

Shortly afterwards, a dishevelled Commodiorus stumbled onto Mandalore and discovered that Kyp had moved the Mandalorian system into a democracy after Commodiorus' absence, being voted in as Mandalore himself. He rejoined the Mandalorians as a Bounty Hunter, and discovered that they had regressed to many of their old cultural ways and had adopted Mando'a once more.

He was paid, as an elite Bounty Hunter, to help address the problem of the Killiks in a system near Bakura. He found himself confronted by Kyp, Kane E Smart, Nomad and Viktor Mereel, all vying for the rightful position of Mandalore with many undefeated in battle. The group all settled on Kane E Smart, the only one who didn't have other ties, with Commodiorus returning as the leader of the military.

United TriumvirateEdit

He rejoined Mand'alor (the Mando'a title restored) and was granted the title of Commod'alor, his Mando'a name, and helped the Mandalorian people at the United Triumvirate in the role that he had once spent two decades training for. Under his leadership, the group liberated the planet Mandalore and united the people once more under Kane's leadership.

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