Curt Falnath
Curt Falnath
Eye Colour
Bright Blue
Hair Color
Silver/Electric Blue Two Tone
Home Planet
Divorced; ?
Serrena Alcine

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Curt stands at about 6' 2", he is of an average build, though slightly more muscular than most people, and his skin is gold with a few silver scars scattered around his body. His two tone Silver/Blue hair is cut short for practicality, usually worn in a 'spiked up' style, and his eyes are a bright, vivid blue, framed by his square, angular features. He wears a sleeveless, dark brown, padded flight jacket over a beige shirt, and each hand bears a leather glove with the ends of the fingers removed from the knuckle down for increased dexterity. His arms hang ready at his sides where he wears a blanster pistol in a holster on his left hip, and a knife sits in its sheath on his belt around the back of the same hip. Several pouches are also fixed to his belt, conataining various tools, and components and other gear, and he wears a small interface band on his right wrist. His dark brown leggings have a beige stripe running down the side of the leg, and his dark brown flight boots, tough and worn from long use, reach halfway up his calf, the left one holding a second knife in its sheath.

Personality Edit

Curt is a friendly young man, smiley with a happy go-lucky attitude to life, and generally a well balance kind of guy. However, underneath this carefree exterior he is always focused on the task at hand, something he takes very seriously, and he is usually almost too enthusiastic about his current goal. When working on something inparticular he can become quiet and distant, and will often sit alone for hours on end puzzling something out if he is stuck on it. When somebody get's Curt talking about one of his projects he can seem a little full on and intense for people who have only seen the outwards side of him before. However despite this apparently unbridled enthusiasm he is very methodical in his work, and will not move on to the next stage until he is finished with the one he is on. When nothing is going on he will be quite happy to sit somewhere quiet and play with his latest project, until something more important arises, and his personal designs are something quite important to him. Indeed, he can become very precious about these at times, expecially if someone disturbs something he's left 'just so'. Curt has strong dislike of spice dealers and gamblers as they remind him of his father, whom he blames for his mother's death. However, since developing an addiction to Andrenol he has been forced to mix with the people of such worlds, much to his chagrin. Also, although he is willing to partake in piracy to live, he has quite a defined sense of right and wrong, however warped it might be.



  • Blaster Pistol: Customised BlasTech DH-17 with improved range and power.
  • A-280 Blaster Rifle (Originally Borrowed from CFR)
  • Echani Vibroblade (Found in IF Casino Raid)
  • Knives (2): Cortosis weave blade, 10 total, 5 blade.


  • Two Piece Flight Suit (Shirt and Trousers)
  • Padded Flight Jacket
  • Fingerless Leather Gloves
  • Flight Boots with Hidden Knife Sheath

Other GearEdit

  • Verpine Hydrospanner
  • Self Built Wrist Scanner: Customised scanner, can perform a number of functions.
  • Tool Belt: This contains various the various tools Curt uses from day to day, as well as some more unusual components and equipment.
  • Holster

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Tech SpecialistEdit

Curt is highly talented in the use, repair, and maintenance of all things mechanical and electronic. With very little instruction he is able to devise the workings of a system, fix it if it is broken, and in many cases make improvements to it. He is a gifted slicer and able to upgrade most weapons with ease.


Curt is a better than average pilot of small vessels such as fighters and freighters, capable of executing intermediate maneuvers with skill and more than a match for the average fighter pilot in a dog fight.

Combat SkillsEdit

Curt is a good shot in a fire fight, and is able to wield his knives with skill. His own modifications to his weapons help improve his proficiency.


Curt is obscenely lucky. This quality is inconsistant and does not always appear when you would think it would, it has no correlation to any real world event, it's just that from time to time Curt gets very very lucky.

History Edit

Childhood: Curt was born on Corellia in the city of Coronet, the son of a Spice Dealer and a serving girl. His father was a chronic gambler and a pyrepenol addict, who periodically lost much of the little money their family had through his vice, as a result of which he slowly got into more and more debt with his employers. Dismissive of the odd beating due to both the feeling of invincibility the drugs gave him as well as his rapidly healing physiology, Curt's father gradually grew increasingly reckless, until he was eventually killed by a local street gang when the boy was eleven. Curt's mother took his father's death very hard and turned to drink, effectively leaving her son to look after the both of them, and this situation forced Curt to grow up very quickly in order to survive.

The boy took a job running errands for a technician at the local spaceport in order to earn a living, and it was here that he discovered his love for all things mechanical. Curt soon found he had an instinctive understanding for the workings of engines, droids, and other machines, and began to work on projects of his in his spare time, using components his boss threw away as scrap. As the boy grew so did his skills, and more and more he would find himself working freelance on the side fixing the ships around the spaceport for a price, until eventually he left his job and branched out as a mechanic in his own right. He found most things could be obtained through trade, people always needed things fixed, and he even managed to convince a few pilots to teach him the tricks of their trade in exchange for his repairs on their vessels.

Curt was sixteen when he came home to find his mother dead on the floor of their house, the woman having finally drunk herself to death, and it was a hard blow for the boy. However, with his only remaining tie to his home dead and buried the Firrerreo found himself eager to escape a place which had harboured only bad memories for him, and so he got a job with a merchant freighter and left Corellia to see the galaxy for himself.

Adult Summary: He married at twenty, but it all happened far too fast and the woman turned out to be a $*@!%, as a result Curt turned to andrenol for solice, before eventually leaving her after seven years. She chased him across the Galaxy and after another three years he got both a divorce as well as a Republic restraining order. After that Curt settled down on Telos for four years, and was good friends with a Jedi named Yituss Drizack who taught him how to handle a sword using the basics of some lightsaber forms.

After a combined Sith/Empire attack on the planet which resulted in Yituss' death, Curt left Telos disillusioned and out for revenge. For two years he wandered the galaxy, gradually sinking into less reputable circles as he smuggled and raided and even began to try his hand at piracy - anything to hurt the people who had killed his friend. Eventually found himself with a bounty on his head, and searching for somewhere to hide he began to forge a new life amongst the pirates of the Crimson Ferret's Revenge.

He hid successfully for another two years, becoming a notable figure amongst the Galactic Underworld, and even falling in love again before his past caught up with him. However, as with all things it eventually did, and he was forced to flee or bring those who hunted him down upon the people he had grown to love. Since then he has wandered the edges of the known galaxy, always on the move until eventually he was forced to confront and defeat who had hunted him all these years. Now, two years later, Curt finally returns to known space to find those he left behind so reluctantly before.