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"It's not what you know, it's who you do. And I do everybody." -Darbee Uleesta after fifteen drinks at the Ivory Nexu on Coruscant

A Lorrdian Spacer, Mercenary, Pilot, Brawler, and all around Scoundrel who arrived into the TGC Universe in May of 2011. Darbee is well known for his tendency to get into trouble, and to rely on sheer luck to get out. He's a chubby near-human but is considered to be surprisingly handsome and charming by many women across the Galaxy.


Born the son of a banker, Darbee had a well established love of money from a very young age. Like any young Lorrdian, he wasn't very outspoken but he was extremely gesture-ful. His parents were as normal as parents could be, but the day he learned about life beyond Lorrd, he knew that he would never be happy stuck on just one world. When he was thirteen, his decision of whether he would ever leave Lorrd or not was made for him. He arrived home one evening after a long day at school to find his mother in tears. His father had been killed in a Bank Robbery, a blaster bolt placed squarely in the center of his chest. Young and emotional, he packed a bag and made a beeline to the Lorrd City spaceport without a thought of what it would do to his mother. He spent a week sleeping on a bench outside the spaceport before he finally found a freighter captain willing to take him on as a crewmember.

It was there, aboard the Harpy's Call that he was reborn into his new life as a spacer, smuggler, pirate, bandit, and all around Scoundrel. Over the next twenty years, Darbee hopped from crew to crew, traveling the galaxy from one end to the other. After a few years he reached out to his mother to find that she was doing alright, and started sending a portion of his earnings back home to Lorrd for her. She seemed to be happy that he was back in her life, but he knew that something would always be broken between them because of the way he had abandoned her.

Darbee continues to travel the spacelanes, hopping from one place to the next, looking for good paying jobs so that he can continue to save his Credits to by his own ship.



Darbee is a no bantha-poodoo kind of guy. When he's on a job, he's all work and no play. He good at everything he puts his mind to, and takes pride in the fact that he may not be the best, but he always gives his best and thats usually enough to get the job done. When he's not working, he likes to hit up whatever bar or cantina looks the most rundown on whatever planet or moon he happens to be on at the moment, and drink himself under the table. Darbee likes to joke and have fun, and absolutely LOVES telling stories to strangers he meets while he's drinking. In general, Darbee has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. He has been called brash, rude, vulgar, and obscene... just to name a few. He is the king of inappropriate comments. Despite those things, he can be a friendly guy and a good friend. He is slow to anger, but is easily irritated. He's a risk taker who believes luck is as real a thing as the Force, and often just as helpful. A Lorrdian, he is exceptionally good at reading people's emotions and often their intentions, but most of the time he disregards the feelings of others unless it benefits him to pay them heed. He loves Credits about as much as he has loved anything in the entire universe, and puts wealth at the top of his list of things that motivate him.

Knowledge and SkillsEdit


Darbee is fluent in the unspoken language of his people, Lorrdian, but can also speak Galactic Basic, Bocce, and Huttese. He can understand a fair amount of Durese and Rodese, and bits and pieces of a dozen different languages from his decades of spacefaring.

Combat TrainingEdit

A jack-of-all-trades, Darbee can handle most weapons, including blasters and blades, and has fairly good skills with most of them. He has picked up many tips and tricks when it comes to fighting, be it hand-to-hand combat or otherwise, and had developed into a decent brawler. He wears his blaster low on his thigh, and is a decent draw and an above average shot. Darbee doesn't have any exclusive military training, but has worked as a mercenary many times and has seen a good amount of action in the field.


Though Darbee can fly a wide variety of speeders and spaceships, he feels most comfortable in smaller, fighter craft. Most of his experience in space combat has been in single-seated fighters.


As it goes with most mercenaries, Darbee is good at most everything, but outstanding at almost nothing. As such, he finds himself constantly passed up for jobs that require excellent skills in one specific area of expertise.

Assets and PossessionsEdit


Darbee carries a DL-12 blaster pistol on him at all times, and usually a concealed vibroshiv. He also owns a pair of Blastech R-20 Scatterblasters that he uses on certain jobs that need a little extra touch.


None yet, though he is in the Market.

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