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The Dark Sith Order

June 2, 2002
Last Admins
Darth Maleficus
Darth Cazador
Korran Halcyon
Dark Side
Home Planet
Occupied Planets
Rhen Var

The Jedi Brotherhood
The Republic

Short HistoryEdit

  • Nov 2001: The Rebel Faction forms. Countless members of The Eternal Rogue Order (ERO),including then leader Recon Klain, flee ERO and TGC Role Playing.
  • Early 2002: Under the auspices of Sky Keller, ERO rebuilds its strength.
  • May 2002: Recon Klain returns to the ERO. Conflict breaks out between the old leader and the Interim leader.
  • June 2, 2002: Original Dark Sith Order (DSO) founded by Sky Keller, populated by ERO members.

-ERO crumbles.

  • Mid-Late 2002: DSO rises to become the largest faction in the galaxy.
  • Late 2003: Skye Keller loses interest in role playing. Recon Klain rises to power.
  • Early 2004: DSO continues to lead all other sith groups until Recon Klain is banned from TGC.
  • 2004: Under Max Chaos and Spawnblade DSO experiences periodical successes, but fails to recapture the glory of old as Brotherhood of the Sith (BOTS) is born to take their place.
  • January 2005: DSO merges with BOTS and Cathedral of the Sanctimon. The group moves to a New Location where it is lead by Darth Scuro.
  • June 2006: DSO remains a part of TGC roleplaying, but is overshadowed by a newer Sith faction known as Regnum In Potestas
  • As of late 2007, DSO has joined with RIP to create a larger Sith Council on DSO's former board

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