Darth Flare
Sith Knight
120 lbs.
Eye Color
Skin Tone
Home Planet
Rowen Nash (Dating)
Garith Darkhold
Tyroth Nesar
Alex Krather
Samael Draclau

Flare's Mando Armor


Childhood and Early LifeEdit

Like all Twi'lek females, she was raised to become a pleasure slave. Her childhood was very small in years for she was sold at age 12 to a Hutt lord named Puggdul. However, his palace was raided three years into her enslavement and she was taken by Mandalorians. At the start of her enslavement to the Endo clan, they were in bad debt, so as a young slave, she was given over to a gladiator training facility for a week to pay off the debt of the weapons the Endo clan bought from the slavers.

The experience was too traumatic, in that she blocked all of it out on purpose. Purged her memory in a manner that she to this day does not understand. Only after Rowen bonded to her, did those memories finally surface a few decades later.

Never again was she used in the manner of a pleasure slave, because of how damaged she was that first few weeks after. The Mandalorian women cared for her and brought her back to health. Then the men trained her to maintain their weapons and eventually how to hunt and kill their primary advisories - Jedi.

Flare, as was the name she took early on as a slave, gave herself Mandalorian body tattoos of the clan Endo and took up arms against the Jedi. The Endo clan allowed her to learn to fight as a Mandalorian and taught her to use her anger and tenacity to the advantage.

As she became more and more formidable on the battlefield, the Endoalor (Chief of the Endo Clan)adopted her as his own. Her armor bore his house's colors and she became his chief lieutenant in a raid his clan was hired by the Sith to kill Jedi at. It was her scariest combat mission, for she lead her teams inside the Jedi temple, killing every Jedi the Sith were too busy to notice.

Once she realized, much later in her career, that her kills were due to a connection she might have with the Force, she sought out the Sith to help her become an even deadlier Jedi killer.


She started as warhead armer, then gradually found herself on the front lines, gunning down Jedi with her clan mates.

After a successful stint under her Master Garith Darkhold, Flare was knighted and given command of the Sith Battlecruiser Naastar. This command would house the 123rd Legion. A special forces group of fighter pilots, commandos, and general elite skilled in small unit tactics and major naval operations.

The Naastar would also house her personal fighter squadron, Ghost.



This Twi'lek wears some Mandalorian armor from time to time as an homage to her adopted clan. She has much anger inside her, though she chooses when to radiate that. Cold and calculating is her primary front.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

- Advanced Fire Arms
- Advanced Fighter Combat Tactics


- Huttesse
- Ryl
- Mandalorian (Not Quite Fluent)

The ForceEdit

- Precognition
- Core (Push/Pull/Jump/Run...)
- Battle Meld
- Medium-skilled Telepathy
- Force Heal
- Mind Trick
- Illusion (Minor Proficiency)
- Sith Rage
- Choke
- Crush/Grapple (Anything smaller than a speeder [Knight Level Range])
- Shock (A Taser-like, low variant of Lightning)[Knight Level Range]


She's got a refined Mandolorian/Sith fighting skill. Mostly she uses Djem So with and Ataru flare, thus another reason for her coveted Sith name.

Martial ArtistEdit

Mandalorian combat training is her primary form of fighting, which is geared for brutality and no mercy against any foe. Add the Sith's fighting skills of deception and precision and you have a deadly adversary to stay clear of.


She has a tendency to get distracted if she allows herself to enjoy her kills too much. Slavery is also one subject she detests on her people and will lose herself to try to correct the people harming Twi'leks.

Assets and PossessionsEdit


She has DC-24 blasters and a double-bladed lightsaber with an orange blade and a focusing lens that amplifies the amount of damage she can inflict.


TIE Defender

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