Jake Daniels
Jake Daniels

Jacob Daniels
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The Jedi Order
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Sandy Blond
Home Planet
Dantella IV
Conner Daniels
Carmina Daniels
Fall Daniels
Lady Silencia


Early LifeEdit

The planet of Dantella IV, a modest, more middle class planet thrived for centuries, living off its own natural resources and the planets natural skill of working out trades and deals with nearby systems. No one with the exception of the politicians were grossly wealthy and most people survived with a modest income. Among the populace were a young married couple, Jacob and Maria Daniels. Both were well known pharmaceutical scientists who owned their own private company as well as a chain of pharmacies within Ple City. When the pair received financial independence that began to try for children. They were immediately blessed with Jake. The pregnancy was routine and very text book. At each stage Maria was where she needed to be. Jake grew healthy within her womb and as a result Maria remained healthy herself. When the birth came Maria retired from the stores to remain a stay at home mother. They offered Jake the best of what they could get. Within their home they spared no extra expense and used it to ensure the safety and continued growth of their young infant. As Daniels grew through his first year, he astonished his parents at how quickly he could walk and talk. He showed an inquisitive nature and even seemed to understand what his parents would say to him at a faster rate than most children his age. The young Jake had become the child of any parents dreams.

At Jakes second birthday, his parents had gone out to finish preparations, leaving Jake with an elderly care giver. Stefan', the Daniels neighbors had often looked over the young toddler, especially now that his mother was pregnant with their second child, a daughter they planned to name Fall. It was not until Stefan' began to act differently and night fell that Jake began to realize something was not right. The boy cried, screamed, yelled and threw things in angry fits through the night, screaming for his parents. All Stefan' could do was try and keep Jake calm. The next day Stefan' took Jake back to his home, however his parents were not there. As they entered the home, the older man knelt down to Jake and let him know that his Mommy and Daddy would no longer be coming home. He gently broke the news as simply as possible that they were involved in an accident and were now in a better place. Jake understood more than Stefan' predicted and all the boy did was hold his now legal guardian. During the rest of his second and well into his third year of life, Jake did not speak. He did not smile. He did not laugh and he hardly played. The loss of his family had taken its toll on the young boy. As the young boy struggled within, Stefan' worked vigorously to preserve the Daniels fortune. Taking the young Daniels to court time and again, he battle the board of the pharmaceutical company as well as the board to the pharmacy chain to ensure they remained the Daniels family sole possession. In what became a planetary spectacle of family rights, the Dantellian Supreme Court agreed with Stefan' and stated that for the lifetime of Jake Daniels, the pharmaceutical company and pharmacy stores would remain his. Until his eighteenth birthday, Stefan' would act as the head to both organizations. Any profits earned from the businesses would be put into two accounts. The first being an account for Stefan' so he had funds to help raise Jake, the other a savings account Jake would receive on that eighteenth birthday.

Jake remained a relatively quiet child though he began to talk once more. Stefan' put him into pre-school before kindergarten. Jakes memory was remarkable. He distinguished colors and learned the alphabet. He understood numbers and could perform basic math skills. When he entered primary school, Jake excelled to the top of his class. Math showed to be his least favorite of subject but science and history were his best. Stefan' hired a private tutor who spent two hours with Jake at the end of each school day, drilling math and science into the young boy. He knew that Jake was just like his parents and if he could keep him focused on Science and Math, he would prove to be a great leader for his companies. When Jake hit puberty, Stefan' instilled the idea of manners and how to act like a gentleman. Using the code that men in the Daniels family had used for generations, the guardian turned Jake from a hormonal teen into a near perfect young man when it came to treating ladies with respect. As Jake passed through junior high school and then high school, he continued to learn about his family history and codes through Stefan'.  Being a star on his schools speech and debate team, Daniels had several girl friends through his first year. When Stefan' learned of Jakes adventures, he scolded Jake, informing the young man the greatest respect a man could give a woman is to show he has the self-control not to try and get her into bed. Daniels took this lesson to heart. In his sophomore year, Jake developed a new relationship. One that would forever shape him.

The First LoveEdit


FotoFlexer Photo

Jane Daniels

It was during High School that the first encounter between Jake and Jane though Jane was a few years old than Jake. Upon first impressions the two struck a cord with one another but due to Jane social status of being a Senior in school and Daniels only being a sophmore, she was unable to recuperate his affections.  Though the two remained friends, neither truly bonded during these young tender years.  In the second semester of Janes final year, Jake was placed into the Advanced Placement Chemistry class, the same one most Seniors took. In this class, Jake and Jane were close though not lab partners. Jane was able to see Jakes behavior, who built a reputation as a immature class clown yet he also earned the reputation as a skilled student. Placed at the top of the A.P. class, Jake was tasked as a tutor for other students, Jane included among them.

Through College the two remained close. Growing into a deeper relationship before finally holding a private wedding ceremony, which was only attended by Jakes longtime childcare provider. Now a Daniels, Jane and Jake broke the news to Janes family. Her father was unpleased and had no clue of any relationship between his daughter and Daniels. As the years passed, Jake and Jane led a simpler life. Birthing three children, the family seemed perfect.  Jane became a stay at home mom, Jake continued his families pharmaceutical company.Her father, however, made plans of driving Jake from his daughter.  On a fateful night, Janes father slinked into the Daniels home and attempted the murder of the three children. In a fight that spanned the entirity of the home, Jake managed to fend off Janes father though he warned if Jake did not leave, he would go after Jane. Daniels, knowing he would not be able to protect his family, took his children, making Jane believe them dead and fled.

Becoming a JediEdit

As the deaths of his first three children continued to haunt Jake as well as the surrounding circumstances of his departure, the young Dantellian fell into a deep depression. Every evening, nightmares resurfaced about the deals and the inadvertent role that he played in them as well as the idea that he had actually encountered a minion of the dark side. Daniels became negligent within himself, which prompted one of the men on his Pharmaceutical company's board of Directors to begin keeping a vigilant eye on the young man. When Daniels fell into alcoholism, the Director knew it was just a matter of time before Jake tried to do something against himself.  An intervention was attempted at the Company's main headquarters and it was here that it was revealed of Jakes secret family and the loss of his three children, though no one knew who the mother or his wife were nor had they any idea where Daniels had been living with them. It was finally realized that the young man had been leading a secret life, a life that those involved in the intervention would not put out in the public light.

Two weeks after the intervention, a fire ripped through the Pharmaceutical company, resulting in the deaths of the majority of the Board of Directors. Daniels, unable to coherently run the company was pushed aside and Stefan' once more looked after everything. The long time Guardian of Jake handled the situation, the investigation which was routed to a gas line break in the ground beneath the building and the subsequent legal issues.  All the while, Jake continued down his path of self-destruction. During a festival, it was noted that the only Public figure missing was Daniels and by sheer dumb luck, Jedi Knight Samara Galloway had been on the planet. Having been alerted by a long time friend of a missing person, Samara searched out Jake. The young man, meanwhile, had gone home and attempted to end his own life by slitting his wrists in the bathtub. Galloway arrived on the scene moments after the attempt and over the next several days spent every waking moment she could to ensure Jake would be alright. What Jake did not realize was that he had put a self imposed lock on his previous life, the life he had so long missed, not wanting anyone to know of his epic failure.

Training Under Samara GallowayEdit

Upon his wakening in a Dantellian hospital, Jake had a formal introduction with the woman that saved his life. A Mother and Wife, Samara and Jake immediately felt a connection born, something reminiscent of a mother-son bond which in itself made Jake uncomfortable. Samara was unable to figure out why specifically Jake tried to end his life, though she knew someone important to him died. Feeling as though she could help Daniels find an understanding of himself, to be able to come to grips with what happened to him, Samara offered Jake the chance to train as a Jedi, to be her student. Reluctantly Jake accepted. Daniels then spent the next two days under a Doctors watchful eye to ensure that he was not a continued Suicide risk before the young man was released into Samara's custody. Daniels name was splashed across all news media though Stefan' ensured the suicide attempt remained unknown. The planet was abuzz with how and why he had been in the hospital, trying to figure out what happened but when people learned that he was now headed to Naboo, the Dantellian people grew wary, uncertain if this was a good decision.  Stefan' again came to Jakes defense by stating Daniels has a chance to do something great, to help further his peoples reputation in the galaxy.

The Training itself started off typical. Samara taught Jake how to mentally lock out people from invading his thoughts. Though his technique would be of no use against a Sith Lord or Knight, Jake would be able to prevent other Apprentices from invasion. Samara even attempted to get Jake to face his former memories yet she had been unable to penetrate through the Padawans own mental defenses, her first realization that Jake was hiding something from her. As time went on, Jake developed a sense of the force, being trained to use force push and pull, enhances senses; especially that of sight and smell. Though kinks began to form in the Master-Padawan relationship. Samara presented herself continually as the superior and her stringent rules were wearing the Padawan thin. When Daniels began a relationship with Emily Garnier, Samara openly stated to her Padawan that she objected, a confrontation that Daniels found offensive and began to steadily resent his Master for. As his Master continued to butt into the relationship, making her feelings about it public, Jake continued to push closer to Emily until the Garnier fell pregnant.  At this point, Samara and Jake had very little contact and Daniels began training by himself, enhancing his skills with force push and force pull.

Invasion of KorribanEdit


Korriban - Site of the Failed Jedi Invasion

Daniels relationship with Samara self imploded within himself when Jake took part in the Hawk Hinata led invasion of the Sith Homeworld. The Padawan had stowed aboard a Jedi Drop ship with another padawan by the name of Stojan. Together, both Jedi landed on the planets surface but the depth of the Darkside and its power brought a vicious memory back to Daniels which would affect him for the rest of the battle. The power Daniels felt was the same he felt so many years ago surrounding the deaths of his children. The memory pained Jake mentally and physically as he pushed through to fight. The climax occurred for Jake when he faced off against Venge Draclau, Archaeon Fel and Malice Draclau. The fight itself had been lopsided and had it not been for the quick thinking of Jedi Healer Godalming, Daniels would have died. The Jedi Order lost the invasion and were forced to retreat. As a result of the fight, Jake grew jealous of the other Padawans whom had their Masters with him and the young Jedi could not understand why his had not come with him. Daniels decided on this day that his time as Samara's student was now officially over. In the course of the aftermath, Daniels took much longer to recover, suffering from internal bleeding from injuries resuffered, broken bones, torn ligaments and the mental toll the dark side took upon his mind.

Training Under Hawk HinataEdit

Not long after word was received of Jakes departure from Samara, the Council put Hawk Hinata and Jake together, making Daniels aware a Padawan must have a Master. What Jake first noticed was that Samara and Hawk were polar opposites. Where Samara had stringent regimes, schedules, rules the Master, Hawk Hinata, hardly had any. Daniels was more free to do as he wished, go where he wanted without having someone breathing down his next. Using the majority of his free time, Jake became known as a prankster or sorts within the Jedi Order, willing to do anything to get a laugh or to laugh at the expense of others.  This did not set well with most Jedi but many people were aware that there where things about the Padawans past which continued to shape him today that they did not know and as a result they were unaware how Jake would react to certain situations. Though Hawk was Jakes Master, the Padawan continued to train on his own as Hinata had a hectic schedule. It was not long until Jake was proven to be the top of the active Padawan class with his skills.

When Hawk Hinata took on Steph Zenima as his second active Padawan Learner, Jake began to feel a sense of jealousy. Outward hostilities towards Steph were held by Jake who did not make his feelings about his personally viewed neglect by Hawk unknown. Openly Daniels made snide comments and often hid from his Masters presence when Steph was around. Many times resorting to extended vacations back on Dantella IV where he knew no one would follow him. The turning point came when Steph herself began to feel as Jake did when Hawk took on a third Padawan, Cauis Sil. Now both experiencing the same thing, Jake and Steph came to a mutual understanding of the situation. Both Padawans began to feel as though they were not good enough for Hawk. These feelings in Jake were amplified when Cauis Sil experienced an accelerated training program in Jakes view which got him too Knighthood at a phenomenal rate. Feeling rejected by another Master, Jake took solace on Dantella IV, wanting to distance himself even further and hopefully severe ties with his Master.


When the time came and Jake decided to once more pick up his Jedi training, he returned to Naboo. Wanting to make a splash, Daniels set up camera's and an audio system in the female Jedi Showers. From a secret hotel room, Daniels hacked into the Naboo telecommunications center and began broadcasting the women in the showers throughout the city of Theed. By the time it was realized what was going on, Daniels had cleaned up and erased all traces that it was him though people seemed to figure out pretty quickly that a prank like that could have only come from Jake. With a posse' of Jedi at hand hunting him down, Daniels attempted to make his leave from Theed. This would be the last time he would ever step foot on Naboo as a Jedi.  As he attempted to escape, Sith Lord Rach Sullen attacked Gravis. In yet another lopsided fight, the Sith Mistress savagely beat Jake to near death before dragging his body aboard her personal ship. The last image Jake had of Naboo was the blood on the side of the wall and two of his teeth that still lay in the ground was the bay door closed and the ship lifted away. Rach Sullen continued to beat on Daniels, showing the Padawan Learner that his antics against the women were uncalled for and informed him that he would be a present to someone whom could have fun beating on a limp dog such as he.

Jake Daniels was on his way to Honghor.

Fall to the Dark SideEdit

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Lady Silencia - Master of Darth Gravis

At Honghor, Jake was given to Lady Silencia as a gift from Rach Sullen. One to not know when to shut his mouth, Daniels insulted both women before threatening to find Rach Sullen and to rape her for doing this to him. In turn, Sullen and Silencia had guards hold Daniels down while Silencia removed his right testicle with simple sheers. In absolute pain, Jake fell into unconsciousness before being dragged to the bowels of the Honghor Temple. Over the course of two weeks, Lady Silencia personally tortured the Jedi Padawan, gradually breaking his mental hold. Daniels attempted to hold onto the belief that the Jedi would come looking for their missing Padawan, though that faith in his comrades would soon shatter as help never arrived. Through continued physical and mental pain, Jake Daniels was broken down by Silencia and reshaped into a pupil of her fitting. Christioning him Darth Gravis, Silencia began a plot with Gravis that would show his true potential. With her training, Gravis would single handily bring the Jedi Order to its knees and subsequently show everyone from the Padawans to the Jedi High Council just how strong the Dark Side made him and what a fatal mistake it was to not come to his aid.

Rampage Against the JediEdit

Soon after his turn, Darth Gravis began training in covert arts. Lady Silencia, knowing her Apprentices' limitations with the force, turned him into a nightmare of the shadows. He was trained to be quick, precise, accurate, and deadly. Learning to think and plan before he acted.  Months of training, months of preperation and months of stalking his specific targets had finally culminated in the plan being unleashed. The goal was to show the Jedi the errors of their ways, more specifically the errors of Hawk Hinatas leadership.  It began with the death of Avarra Eslick.  It was in this dual on Dantooine, that Gravis had finally caught the attention of the Jedi Order. Master Hinata, Padawan Zenima, Knights Garnier and Starkiller arrived to deal with Gravis. Yet it was not the idea of fighitng for Jedi that had Gravis in a position of power, it was what he did to humble them. Before the Jedi could act, the Apprentice made it clear that anything they did to attack Gravis would result in Avarra's death.  Hinata, refusing to listen, approached the Padawan while shooting verbal threats towards him. In one sweeping move, Gravis ignited his blade and claimed the life of Avarra Eslick. Hinata stopped dead in his tracks as it became apparent that Darth Gravis meant business. Shocked and stunned, Gravis ensured that the Jedi gathered understood it was because of their own ignorance that she had died. Had they not attempted to attack Gravis, had they not threatened him (traits that were not the Jedi way) she would have still been alive. No, they had not listened and so Gravis taught them a valuable lesson. Though his rampage had just begun.

Over the next several years, Gravis abducted thirteen prominant Jedi. He bested two Jedi Masters, abducted one of them. He outsmarted ten Jedi Knights before abducting them and beat and abducted a Jedi Padawan. In a move that no one had anticipated, Darth Gravis let his Jedi prisoners go; a move with a hidden purpose. Upon his release, the Jedi Order cracked in half. The Hinatanite Jedi wanted to slaughter Gravis, to kill him for his crimes while a small faction within the Jedi led by Jedi Knight Jesse Ariston wanted to try a diplomatic approach. Knight Ariston understood that too deal with Gravis would require a new approach from the way the Jedi Order had been doing things. He wanted to approach Gravis, to work with Gravis on turning himself in. The Jedi Council, split itself could not come to a decision. After several more attacks on the Jedi, the Order caved and a new Council was elected, Hawk Hinata was no longer a Jedi Council Member, one of Darth Gravis' demands. The Jedi Order had taken a more peaceful approach, bringing back a balance to the force much like yin and yang. The Apprentice's dream was revealed, he had accomplished his goal. The Jedi Order had changed at the hands of a single Sith Apprentice.

Head of Sith Council SecurityEdit

With the mission against the Jedi complete, Gravis was given command of his own battalion of Sith Troopers.  Picking and choosing whom he wanted in this special unit, Gravis named them The 62nd with the code name of "The Pelicans". Using armor reminiscent of Republic Commando's, Darth Gravis ensured that his men were well equipped for their mission. In the early days of the 62nd's formation, they had been assigned as the Head of Sith Council Security, more specifically acting as the personal escorts on diplomatic missions.  Events from Korriban, to Muunilist, to Mustafar and beyond gave the eager 62nd much needed combat experience. Things began to change when a rift began to form between Gravis and his fellow Sith.  Darth Gravis began recognizing serious issues within the Sith, contradictory issues that needed to be corrected. As a result, he did not trust any other Sith around his men and reformed them with a new allegiance. To him and him alone. Any trooper who could not show their utmost loyalty to Gravis was discharged while the others were kept at secluded and secret locations. Throughout the Galaxy, Gravis created secret military installations that would allow him to leap frog unnoticed and untracked by the Sith Order.

The Holocron of GravisEdit


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Darth Gravis' Holocron - Rumored to Exist

When a lull in activity presented itself to Darth Gravis, the man sought out a way of ensuring the immortality of his teachings.  A renowned duelist whom had splintered the Jedi Order, the man perfected his holocrons construction yet he was not strong enough to fordge it in the dark side.  Not wanting his Master to find out about his current activities, a solution oresented itself in the way of Raine Marzullo, whom used her own special connection to the force to fordge the bond between Gravis and his holocron. Going into a self imposed exile, the Sith instilled everything he knew and understood of the galaxy into the singular device.  Exhausted beyond belief, when the Knight emerged to the galazy once again, he hid the holocron where no one would have ever suspected; jedi and sith alike.

Guardian of the HeirsEdit

The Yule BallEdit

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Cerusia Shamalain- A close confidant to Gravis. One of only two people Gravis has grown to trust.

When the Yule Ball was announced, Gravis only had one reason for going. Rumors swirled that one of his Jedi Targets, a Padawan Learner by the name of Si Vu Ra may be partaking in the evening. Though they were just rumors, it was something worth investigating.  When he arrived, the ball had been planned by none other than Jedi Master General Ceel.  The overweight Gungan put the festivities into motion and Gravis immediately began his search.  Though that search did not turn up his Jedi Target, it had resulted in him being noticed by one person in particular.  Cerusia Shamalain.  Unlike the countless times that Gravis had been in her presence, this has been the first time she had addressed the Apprentice in such an open manner.  Taken back by her sudden appearance, Gravis suddenly felt under dressed, wearing nothing but plain denim and a regular shirt.  In an act of absolute kindness, Cerusia took Gravis back to her ship where she loaned him a well fitting tuxedo and asked him to be her date for the eve. 

It was here that Gravis was forced to put aside his number one assignment under Lady Silencia. Instead of being Cerusia's guardian, a role he had held for over a decade, he would be upon her arm for the evening.  It had turned into an evening of relative peace as Gravis was able to do something he had not done in years, have an uneventful eve.  As fate would have it, events would shape his evening and his resolve as the Apprentice would begin to fight off bits of jealousy.  Little to his knowledge, Cerusia's adulterous husband, Immortus, would arrive.  Gravis was known amongst the Sith for his contempt of the Order and almost all within it. He had openly insulted the entirety of the Sith council, insulted nearly every night and just about every Apprentice so it came as no surprise that Gravis would openly disrespect Lord Immortus.  It was when Cerusia departed from Gravis that the Apprentices jealousy flared.  Never before had someone within the Shamalain family shown such attention to the man. Sure, they knew of him but Cerusia had been the first to actually want to know the man behind the Darth name.  For the first time he had not felt as though he was on the outside looking in, he felt... accepted.

The Alkan Prime BetrayalEdit

When war broke out on Alkan Prime, Gravis and the 62nd Sith Marine Light Infantry were sent in by Raine Marzullo as support for residing government as they were one of the largest financial supporters of the Sith Empire.  During the early stages of the conflict, Gravis and his men routed the seperatists and encased the capitol city of Thoroa in an impenetrable defensive circle.  Under the assumption that Honghorian Special Forces would be arriving to alleviate his men and offer support, the 62nd hunkered down.   When the opposition forces began a head on assault, Gravis led his men into a valiant fight, however, aerial bombardments combinded with ground artillery began to take their toll.  When word reached the Commander that the Honghorians never left their system, he understood that he had been betrayed by Lady Silencia.  Enraged, the Apprentice withdrew his men from the onslaught, saving what he could and left Alkan Prime to itself.

The Betrayals ConclusionEdit

Upon entering Honghorian Air Space, the 62nd's Capitol Ship, the Pelican came under fire from Honghorian Defence forces.  Landing on the ground with a strike team, Gravis stormed the main temple, massacring any and all whom stood in his way.  Under orders to apprehend the entire Shamalain family, the 62nd began checking any and all private rooms.  When Gravis made his way into Cerusia's private quarters, he found a single hologram disk which explained that she, under orders, had to flee with her family.  The woman explained to Gravis that nothing that occured was her doing but that of her mother and brother, however, given the choice, she chose to stay with them.  She then let Gravis know that his arrival was anticipated and Noghri hoards were on their way. Gravis enveloped the room in a chaotic mess of force energy, destroying each piece of furniture and severely damaging the wall, though he kept the disk for himself.  Heading back out to gather his men, the Sith Knight did what he did best. He slaughter the Noghri that made their way to him before heading back to the Pelican.  From Orbit, he gave command to bombard the temple, bring large portions of it down before fleeing from the regrouping Honghorian Defences.

Nightbrother on DathomirEdit

With large amounts of the 62nd either destroyed or missing in action, Daniels disbanded his unit and fled to Dathomir, where rumor dwelled that many Sith defects had gone. Abandoned by his Master and Lover and struggling to find purpose, the man began training amongst the Witches of the planet. This would be shortlived as his struggles with the force and inability to the harness any sort of spells cause a rift between him and others. It was not long until an attempted assasination by the Frenzied River Clan forced the man to flee. Struggling and alone, Daniels bounced world to world until he came across the presence of a Jedi with whom he knew little to nothing about; Jedi Knight Drexia Ju who offered Jake an ultimatum. Come with her in search of Hawk Hinata or face the Jedi Councils punishment. Not wanting to be subjected to the politics of the Jedi, Dainels accepted Drexia's offer.

Surrender to the JediEdit

Thea Hinata1

TDrexia Ju (Thea Hinata) - The Only Jedi to Approach Gravis

To be Edited.

Personality and AbilitiesEdit


To be Edited:

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